Alright alright, I know this plot has been done on the show...but it just wasn't satisfying to me. You can only go so far when Star and Raven switch I switched Robin and Raven instead.

I actually considered trashing this one completely, but I re-read it and think I might be able to spin a nice story out of it. Please tell me what you think! And, don't worry. The chapters won't be as...random as this one. I think I was high on allergy medication or something when I wrote the beginning...shrugs Just read. And review.

.:Morbid Transformation:.

The lights flickered angrily as rain poured down in chaotic torrents upon Titan's tower. Raven floated in the center of the room, peacefully reciting her alien mantra; living in a world away from the vicious summer gale. Beastboy and Cyborg, long past fighting over the remote, had muted the TV and were staring droolfully on the tired documentary they had landed on. Starfire sat reading a traditional myth of her planet; absorbed in the absurd story. Robin lay on the floor, listening to classical music blaring through his headphones.

Sighing, Starfire quietly closed her book and set it aside. "It is too silent for us…not even a mouse's chirp…"

"Peep." Raven said, not opening her eyes.

Starfire giggled. "Why do you say 'peep'"?

Shaking her head, Raven decided it was pointless to reply. Silence fell again, this time thicker than before. All was peaceful, though Raven could not help but sense an undertone of mystery hanging in the too silent air of Titan's Tower.

It wasn't long before she knew what it was. An unnatural bolt of lightning struck the tower, seeking out the five superhuman bodies that rested far below on the first floor.

"What was that?" Robin said, alarmed, sitting upright and yanking off his chrome headphones.

"Lightning." Beastboy croaked, his eyes unseeing in their state of utter boredom. Several nanoseconds past when-

"Aargh!" Screamed Raven, falling out of the air, her eyes wide with fear. There was no time for anyone to reply, for the lightning reached its destination just as Raven collapsed.

Five individual bolts branched from the singular menacing rod, lifting each of the Titans into the air and electrocuting them with the almighty power of the furious storm. They were unconscious before the lightning released them simultaneously; each of them dropping to the floor with a sickening thud.

Silence fell once more, split only by the torrential force that slapped the limp bodies as it stampeded from the clouds, through the gigantic hole left by the lightning, and to the wet floor. But as usual, silence did not last long in the tower…especially when other-dimension versions of certain teen heroes make their chibi-ish entrances. Thus, the dear friend of Larry, Ray-Ray, came exploding out of thin air.

"Ta-da!" She cried, landing on top of the now soaking couch. ♪" When there's trouble you know who to call…"♫

Leaving her idols' theme song unfinished, little Ray-Ray set to work, her pink version of Raven's costume repelling the rain quite successfully.

"Now…let's see what Mr. Meany-Lightning did to Ray-Ray's friends-gasp right after I stare lovingly into Raven's eyes!"

Giggling, Ray-ray airplaned to her other dimensional DNA buddy and proceeded to cuddle her boot. Quite like Larry, Ray-Ray followed every adventure that Raven went on, and had simply fallen to pieces when she saw what happened only moments before her arrival. Knowing Larry wouldn't mind (what was the harm?) she had jumped through reality to help her dear friends.

"Aaaaaah…." An eerie voice sounded about her. Looking up, Ray-Ray was surprised to see the transparent face of Raven staring down at her. A few looks around the room told her Raven wasn't the only one missing her soul…the phantomesque figures, or all the Titans glided around the room.

"Well! We'll just have to do something about that!" Smiling widely at her big job, Ray-Ray screwed up her eyes and screamed "Sohtnyz enoirtem htarza!"

Abruptly each of the phantasmal specters squealed loudly and flew into the bodies of the titans. Smiling brightly at herself, Ray-Ray skipped over to Raven, preparing to return herself to her own reality and be congratulated by Larry. She stopped just in time to grab a "keepsake," before vanishing into the air with a puff of pink smoke.

Raven was the first to wake up. "Ah…my head." She squinted around herself several moments, trying to remember what had happened. 'Oops…" she muttered, seeing the rubble everywhere and the rain soaking their living room.

Beastboy awoke next, confused and disoriented, followed by Starfire and Robin.

"Are you guys ok?" Robin called around the room, examining the remnants of his walkman.

"No! Dude…I'm all….peachy!" All turned wearily to Beastboy, and each gasped as the realization of what they were seeing kicked in. Beastboy looked…well…normal. He no longer had green skin or fangs, and his ears had become suspiciously human like. His hair was now a violent shade of red.

"Try to morph into something."

Beastboy tried. He concentrated on the righteous power of a lion, quick and strong. Instead of turning into the animal however, star bolts shot out of his eyes. "What the!"

"Uh-Oh" Raven said softly from where she was now sitting, cross legged, as far away from the rain as possible.


"I can't levitate."

Robin was looking perturbed. He was typically calm and collected…but at the moment he was anything but. He began pacing the length of the room, ignoring the relentless rain and becoming more and more panicked.

Suddenly, the couch exploded.

"Raven! Could you please control yourself!" Robin shouted angrily, pushing the wood frame of the emaciated couch off of his body. As he touched it, the wood shivered slightly and exploded, sending splintering fragments everywhere.

"That…wasn't me." Raven said with a noticeable undertone of anxiety in her voice.

The four looked nervously at each other, the momentary quiet disturbed when Starfire yelped as she felt the fangs that had begun to develop from her canines. It wasn't a few moments before Beastboy suddenly realized what was really wrong.