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.:Morbid Transformation:.

.:Chapter Two:.

It took three emotionally fortuitous hours for the Titans to pull all the rubble off of Cyborg. He was unconscious; the crystalline luminescence of his left eyes diminished. His body yielded only a few minor injuries, and Raven detected a steady pulse, but the machine part of him showed no signs of vitality what-so-ever.

"Um…this isn't good." Raven said quietly after having analyzed his condition.

"Try healing him."

"Garfield…are you forgetting something? I can't." Raven sat back on her heels and sighed exasperatedly.

"Well then-"

"I hope you're not going to ask me." Robin shot at him. A strange feeling had begun to grip his stomach; a feeling he neither trusted nor understood. The world had turned topsy turvy again, and something gave Robin the impression that it wasn't going to be easy for the 'boy wonder' to save the day this time.

"I do not think-OUCH!" Whatever Starfire 'did not think,' was cut short as she caught her lip on the piked canines she now bore.

"Careful, they're sharp." Said Beastboy.

"I think we need to move him into the hospital wing." Raven said at last, putting to a halt any further conflict.

"Dude. You can't be serious. I mean…Cyborg isn't exactly the smallest guy here…"

"Point taken. Robin?" Raven glanced at him, already knowing the answer. He shook his head crossly.

"Well, you're the only one who can lift him now, Starfire."

"Wh-oh. I had forgotten. I will try my best…" She closed her eyes and focused hard, not really knowing if it would work. Slowly, her neck began to elongate; shimmering tangerine hued fur sprouting all over her body. Her face and head began to appear strangely giraffish, and Beastboy was about to comment on the fact that such an animal was useless in their present situation, when she abruptly stopped growing. Starfire now looked like a kind of 10 ft tall giraffe girl; orange hair, long neck, two knobby legs that ended in hooves, and greatly enlarged hands.

"Uh…what is that?" Beastboy voiced the question of the other two.

"A Finflandergoon!" Said the giraffe girl with Starfire's elated voice.

There was no answer. Star's face fell. "Was this a wrong choice?"

"Er…no. No Star…it's um…very nice. Why don't we get Cyborg to the hospital wing?" Raven tried to hide the humor in her voice, as the same time feeling slightly off balance from the lack of consequences tied to her fluctuating emotions. This was turning out to be a very unusual day.


Once Cyborg had been safely transported to the hospital wing, Robin retreated wordlessly to his room. He felt so out of control…he was the leader of the Titans and yet he couldn't even think straight.

Control. Control. Control yourself Rich…Raven can do it. Raven. She deals with this every day…why do I feel like this? No. Concentrate! Can't think…too much…concentrate Robin. Robin. ROBIN!


BOOM. The radio exploded.

"Damnit!" Robin threw himself onto the floor.


"I am worried about Robin." Starfire said softly as she and Beastboy cleaned up the living room. Raven had stayed behind with Cyborg to do more tests on him, hoping to find a possible clue as to what had caused the mess.

"Why? He can take care of himself."

"But with Raven's powers…I don't know. He seemed so…"

"Distant? Isolated? Cold?" Raven entered the room, a weary look on her face.

"OH! I did not see you…" Starfire blushed crimson as she picked up pieces of couch stuffing and put them in a pile.

"I know." Raven said tonelessly, stooping to gather the remnants of Robin's desecrated walkman. "I agree with Beastboy…although…"

"Although what?" Beastboy and Starfire asked in unison, pausing in their cleaning.

"I may have been more than just our powers that were switched." Raven hefted an immense chunk of ceiling off the now ruinous X-Box and Gamecube, to which Beastboy kneeled in exaggerated mourning.

"What do you mean?" Starfire questioned her.

"It's obvious we haven't switched bodies…but whatever happened may have caused us to switch some of our personality traits. In Robin's and my case, the ability to lead." Raven paused, her face growing shadowed. "We may have even traded memories."

At this, Beastboy looked up from the wreckage of his digital friends, confusion on his face.

"How do you figure that?"

Raven blinked, and looked away. "I can't remember my father."


Robin raced through the darkness. So cold…he thought, though it was not the sort of coldness that is felt physically. His father let out a mighty roar behind him. Wait. His father roared? He couldn't stop to think about it. He had to keep running…had to get away…had to be strong…

Four scarlet eyes gleamed in the darkness, directly in front of him. Robin tried to turn, tried to run the other way as fear turned his body ice-cold. But he was as frozen stone.

"Failure." A glacial voice whispered.

"No!" Robin cried.


"NO!" He struggled to get away, tearing at his feet, digging his fingernails deep into his skin in an attempt to break free from the monster's hold.

"Please!" He begged the double pair of menacing eyes. "Please! Let me go!"

"No." The voice laughed; the eyes shaking with a demonic euphoria.

"Then please…let me die…"

"You are dead! Fool! Helpless mortal! This is Hell!"

Robin felt a cry of utter desperation bellow from the depths of his soul to the top of his lungs. Stinging, salty tears streamed down his face, feeling like acid to his skin. All around him voices began whispering and mocking him.

"HISSSSS! Foool. Stuuupid!"

"Robin…foolish name for a fooooslih basssstard boyy. That'sss what you arrre, rrright birdie?"



Robin awoke drenched in cold sweat and lying on the floor. He screamed in painful remembrance of the dream, causing the entire room to vibrate.

"Shhhh. Shhhh. It's ok…Robin…" Raven's voice cut through his fear. She was holding him, rocking him slowly back and forth. Feeling like a small child, Robin clung to her, weeping and trembling.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He said at last, resuming, or trying to resume control.

"Robin…don't apologize. I think I know what you saw. It's hard to explain, but somehow you have some of my memories…possibly all the ones that are most closely linked to my powers."

Robin sighed and shook his head in disbelief. He had never experienced anything as utterly terrifying as that dream. And to think…that was one of Raven's memories…

"Why am I so cold?" He asked at last.

"Uh…you were kind of thrashing around when you were asleep…and you ripped your shirt off." Raven showed him the tattered remnants of his shirt and he smiled in a bashful-humiliated-scared sort of way.

"Here." Raven said, whipping off her cloak and draping it around Robin's bare shoulders. It began to warm him immediately, sending waves of comfort through his body. "It's from Azarath…my mother made it."

"She was beautiful." Robin said as an image of a pretty young woman with long ebony hair and lavender eyes came into his vision.

There was a moment of deep understanding that passed between them, and then Robin looked away.

"Let me teach you how to meditate."

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