Summary: Brennan Sohma lost his memory a few months ago in what Akito tells him was a car accident. Not a real Sohma, Brennan harbors a secret similar to that of the cursed family. According to Akito, this is why they adopted him. Brennan is best friends with Hatori, Shigure, and Ayame and from what little he can remember, that has always been the case. Even though they are so close, Brennan can sense that the three of them are keeping something from him, something so dark that if he found out it would tear him apart.

Author's Note: I'm kind of nervous about posting this for so many to read.This is my first Fruits Basket fic and it's not perfect, but I tried my best. I am a stickler for keeping things as canon as one can within the confines of the story, so please let me know if any of the characters are painfully off and please be gentle. Also, something to note about thehonorifics: I don't always use them and I realize thatthat can be insulting in certain contexts, but I don't mean it that way. Hatori and Brennan don't use honorifics all that much because Brennan isn't reallyJapanese and it just doesn't sound right to me withHatori.I know this may offend some of you, but please just overlook it. Ididn't want tokeep them out, but Ialso didn't want to overuse them.Please review, but no flames.

Warnings: This does contain an original character, so some plot elements might change slightly. If you don't like original character stories then please don't flame me, just don't read this one. This will not contain any Shonen Ai unless it is canon. I thought this worth mentioning just in case someone fears I am pairing Brennan up with Hatori. I promise I'm not. I'm not pairing Brennan up with any of the characters for that matter. Also this does contain spoilers.

(Major Spoiler Warning)
One more thing to note: Akito is male in this story, at least so far in my head. I know about the manga, but I didn't find out until after I started writing this. To stick with the manga would ruin what I had in mind, so please forgive me. I'm going to mix elements from both the anime and the manga. Part of it might deviate from the manga quite a bit. I'm not sure right now.

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Chapter One

Take this blindfold off of me
I'm crawling, grabbing, breathing for the way I can see. . .

. . .And I keep walking down that road
And I keep running down that road

Delirious "Blindfold"

...Rage. Pure, simple rage courses through his veins like flaming poison, burning away all humanity. Hands grip his wrists. A struggle...

...A flash of light. A hand brushes his forehead. Deep blue eyes. Sorrow. Regret. A shadow looms over them, laughing. Emptiness...

A dull throbbing pain, originating at his temples slowly brought him to wakefulness. He gripped his head, hoping that his cool palms would stop the now searing pain of yet another of his headaches. He had been having these ever since he had lost his memory in a car crash so many months ago. Why was it that every time he tried to remember his past or got a hint at it, he got these headaches?

He groaned as a loud crash resounded from below. It had become a daily routine. Who needed an alarm clock when you had Yuki and Kyo living with you? If it wasn't Kyo shouting about something, it was Yuki sending Kyo crashing to the floor. This time, though, it didn't sound like either of them. There was no shouting or cursing. Odd. Curious, he dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and left his room, descending the stairs and looking around for the source of the crash.

"Oh, Brennan? I'm sorry, did we wake you?"

He looked down. Crouching over their young housekeeper was Shigure. The writer had his hand on Tohru's shoulder. Brennan slipped his hand to his head. What was the pervert up to now?

"What happened?" Brennan asked, his voice rough from sleep.

Shigure chuckled. "Oh you know Tohru. She tripped over her feet on her way to the kitchen." Tohru blushed at this. "I was helping her up when you came down."

Brennan studied him for a moment. His head was hurting too much to deal with this.

Tohru bounced to her feet quickly and bowed low. "I'm sorry I woke you, Brennan-san. I know how you don't get to sleep until really late. How clumsy of me," she said, going through one of her usual apologetic ramblings.

Brennan sighed. This wasn't helping the throbbing in his temples. He forced a smile. "It's ok, Tohru." He now forced his aching head to allow a concerned look cross his face. "You weren't hurt were you?"

The young girl shook her head. "Oh no. I'm fine."

His smile was genuine this time. He wasn't usually this grumpy. It's just that he wasn't a morning person and he was getting tired of these damn headaches.

Shigure was studying him. "You don't look so good. Bad night?"

Brennan brushed his hand across his face and headed for the kitchen. "Where are the trouble makers?" he shot over his shoulder.

"Yuki's still in bed and Kyo is. . ." Shigure began.

"I'm a trouble-maker am I!" a voice shouted from in front of him.

Brennan groaned. "Good morning Kyo," he muttered, reaching to open a cabinet.

Whoosh! Something flew past him. "No! No! Let me make breakfast. It's the least I can do for waking you up." It was Tohru. She grabbed the cabinet door and threw it open, pulling out various food items and shooing him to the table in the dining room.

Brennan figured that a better way to make up for waking him would be for her and Kyo to keep the noise down. He plopped down at the table and lowered his aching head into his hands. At the sound of something sliding across the table, he opened his eyes. Ibuprofen. Brennan looked up. Shigure was smiling at him with one of his know it all looks.

Brennan accepted the bottle. "Thanks," he muttered. Standing, he made his way back to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. Tohru was busy making breakfast. He had never really liked the fact that she insisted on being housekeeper. She had already done enough for them all. He patted her on the head as he left with his mug. She wouldn't have accepted anything else.

"How can you drink that bitter crap?" Kyo snapped at him, as he sat down with his coffee.

Brennan smirked at the cat, saying with out words the sarcastic remark that would have normally passed his lips. And just to make sure that Kyo got the message, Shigure chipped in. "It's simple enough, Kyo. He puts it in his mouth and swallows."

Brennan flinched as Kyo started his first one-sided shouting match of the day. He popped one of the small pills in his mouth and washed it down with his coffee. Now he just had to wait for the children to go to school and then maybe his head would stop feeling like a bass drum.

"How can you be so loud so early in the morning?" an annoyed, soft voice asked.

Brennan looked up to find Yuki standing in the doorway to the dining room looking almost as bad as Brennan felt. Kyo now turned on Yuki, but lucky for Brennan, at that very moment Tohru entered the room with breakfast and the two sat down to enjoy it.

"So, Hatsuharu and Momiji start high school today?" Tohru asked, serving Kyo some rice. "I'm so excited. It'll be nice to see them at school."

Both Kyo and Yuki groaned in unison. Brennan just shook his head and began scooping some rice into his bowl. From the moment he had moved in with Shigure, he had refused to let Tohru serve him. It was enough that she was cooking for two older men. A high school girl shouldn't have to dish out food for them too. Shigure seemed of the same mind as he was now munching on some octopus.

"I will have to go down to the school then," Shigure said, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Haa-kun and Momitchi are like little brothers to me. I just have to go by and behold their magnificence."

Everyone in the room turned a mistrustful and disgusted look in the writer's direction. Shigure didn't even flinch. He looked even more mischievous.

"I wonder what those stern, suspicious visages could possibly portend?" He faked a hurt look. "You don't think I'm going just to look at high school girls, do you?" He lifted his hands in a dramatic gesture, chopsticks included. "No, no no! Young people these days have no sense of romanticism!"

Brennan glared at him. He knew the real reason that Shigure was going up to the school and it didn't have anything to do with high school girls or Momiji and Haru. Akito was scheduled to make an appearance. The head of the family wanted to meet young Tohru. Hatori had told him yesterday. Maybe that was what had caused the horrible dream. Brennan gripped his head again and lowered it.

He didn't hate Akito, but there was definitely something about the head of the family that bothered him and he couldn't place it. Every time he did, one of his headaches would return.

". . .with me?" Shigure was asking him something.

Brennan looked up at him and raised an eyebrow, silently telling the writer that he had missed what Shigure had said.

"Are you going to come with me?" Shigure repeated, allowing a slight look of concern to cross his face. He usually hid his feelings from the others.

Brennan frowned. There would really be no point in his going. He pondered for a moment whether he should warn Tohru about Akito, but decided against it. Let the man see her in her natural state. Maybe she would be as good to him as she had been to every other Sohma she had met.

"No, I think I will stay here," Brennan said softly.

Tohru looked slightly disappointed and Brennan felt a little regretful. The last thing he needed, though, was to meet up with the head of the family and get another of his headaches. This one was just starting to go away.

"Honda-san, we should get ready for school." Trust Yuki to draw Tohru's attention off of sad things. Tohru nodded, cheerful once again and she, Yuki, and Kyo left the room to get their things for school.

"You know she wanted you to come too," Shigure said, leaning his head against his hand, a slight smile crossing his lips.

Brennan shook his head. "I know about Akito," he said, crossing his arms.

Shigure nodded. "You don't want to see him."

"No, I don't." Brennan frowned as he struggled again to place the thing he didn't like about Akito.

Shigure was studying him with yet another of his annoying know-it-all looks. "He's going to be disappointed."

Disappointed. The word echoed in his head, a different voice speaking it each time. He clenched his teeth, his eyes squeezing shut. His chest and throat tightened as disjointed memories swept over him one after the other.

"I am so disappointed in you." Dark, sinister eyes pierced into his own.


"He'll be disappointed." Sad, deep blue eyes, studied him.


Disappointed. . .

Brennan's head throbbed painfully with each memory flash. He felt his knees buckle underneath him. Not again.

"Brennan!" Shigure's voice sounded so far away. Only the pain was real. Only the red tinged shadowy images were real: the images that seemed so familiar and yet he couldn't remember why.

Brennan groaned as he collapsed onto his back. He couldn't see. He couldn't breathe. He could feel blissful darkness closing in on him. A small hand clasped his, bringing him partially back.

"Brennan-san. Hang in there." It was Tohru. She sounded panicky. He felt distantly sorry for worrying her. Tohru's grip on his hand tightened and his eyes snapped open. He could see now. The housekeeper was staring down at him in deep concern. He squeezed her hand back. Her face relaxed and she smiled.

There was still a throbbing at his temples, but Brennan was starting to feel the memory seep away with all the others he ever had. He slowly tried to sit up. The pain in his head increased slightly, but not enough to stop him. He slipped his hand to his head and felt a hand grip his shoulder.

It was Shigure. He looked worried, which was unusual for the generally laid-back writer. Brennan also noticed that the others had left. Time was acting quite strange at the moment as if parts of it were being blocked out. He couldn't remember Tohru leaving.

"Are you alright?" Shigure asked him, looking into Brennan's eyes.

"Yeah," Brennan replied softly.


Brennan nodded, probing his mind slightly, trying to remember what it was that had set it off.

Shigure looked at him with an odd expression. Brennan couldn't figure out what it meant. "It was something I said, wasn't it?" Shigure lowered his head. "I'm sorry."

Brennan slowly got to his feet. "It's ok." He shook his head. "It's not like I can remember anyway," he added bitterly.

Shigure's eyes glinted mischievously again. "Well, look at it this way: now you have a legitimate excuse to go visit Haa-san."

Without a word, Brennan bent over, grabbed the ibuprofen bottle and chucked it at the writer's head. Luckily for Shigure, the novelist had expected the attack and ducked the flying bottle. Brennan grinned at Shigure as he left the room to deposit his coffee mug in the sink. Brennan knew that Shigure had done that on purpose to get his mind off of the flashback.

"So, where did the others go?" Brennan shot over his shoulder as he headed for the kitchen, still trying to remember what had happened.

Shigure stood up and moved towards the doorway. "They went off to school." He smiled another mischievous smile. "You know Tohru wanted to stay by your side and make sure you were ok."

Brennan shook his head as he slipped his coffee mug in the sink. "She needs to be more concerned for herself," he snapped, giving Shigure a dark look.

He knew that Akito and Shigure were using Tohru. He also knew that Akito was going to the school to investigate this girl who had wrestled away "his" Yuki. Brennan didn't like it one bit. Sometimes he felt like Tohru was too good for all of them. He agreed with Hatori. It was their job to protect her and the younger Sohmas. Even though Brennan couldn't remember what his link to the family was, he felt deep down inside a connection to them that couldn't be broken by his amnesia.

"Well, I must get ready Brei-san," Shigure called from the hallway. "I'll see you later."

"Good luck with Akito," Brennan called, smiling and trying to communicate to Shigure that he wasn't mad at the writer.

Shigure smiled back and then disappeared from sight. Brennan leaned back against the counter. It was true that he had planned on visiting Hatori even before his attack, but now it was required of him by the head of the house and that didn't make him too happy. He just prayed that he wouldn't run into Akito while he was there.

Shrugging to himself, Brennan pushed away from the counter and headed upstairs for his room. He wanted to take a shower before he left in hopes of clearing away the remaining fog left over from his flashback. Grabbing a towel, a pair of khakis and a black t-shirt from his room, he headed towards the bathroom.

Showered and dressed, Brennan crossed the hall back to his room. Inside, he stepped over to his chest of drawers and slid a chain off the top. Attached to the chain were dog tags. He couldn't remember where he had got them or from whom. The name Anne Ravencloud was pressed into them. He had no idea who this woman was only that she couldn't be Japanese. Akito had told him that they had no clue how he had gotten the dog tags only that he had been found with them.

Shrugging, Brennan threw the chain over his head and grabbed his long-sleeved white shirt off his desk chair. Pulling it on, he left the room and descended the stairs. Shigure was no where to be found. Brennan walked over to the front door and slipped on some black hiking boots and left.

It was a beautiful, sunny day outside. A nice breeze swept through his shoulder-length black hair. Brennan smiled. The day was starting to look up. It was a perfect day for a motorcycle ride. He looked around for his bike and found it left of the house.

Approaching it, he couldn't help but remember the first time that Shigure showed it to him after he had lost his memory. At the time he couldn't believe that he had ever ridden a motorbike. The moment he got on it, though, he understood what his past self must have understood. The thrill of the wind in his face as he flew down the road was a good enough reason to him to ride it.

Brennan climbed onto the bike. Akito and Hatori would chastise him for not wearing a helmet, but he didn't care. He loved the thrill of the danger. Revving up the bike, he rode it out onto the street, going as fast as the bike could. There were no police in the area. The faster he went the quicker his worries about the past would vanish.

The wind whipped his hair back, massaging his aching temples. He truly felt alive. There was no feeling quite like it. The scenery flew past in a blur. Then an image flashed inside his head: a smiling Haru, riding behind him. He knew that he had never done that before, at least since he had lost his memory. If he hadn't been riding the bike, he would have stopped to think about it, but going at the speed that he was going, he didn't risk losing any concentration. He would have to ask someone about it later.

As Brennan neared the Sohma house, he slowed his bike down. He didn't need to risk getting Hatori or Akito angry. He could almost hear them telling him off for going at the speed he was going without a helmet. He pulled in right in front of the gate that led into the Sohma compound. Dismounting his bike, he approached the gate, pushed it open and entered, taking in the beauty of the compound.

It was always beautiful in the spring at the Sohma household. All the flowers and trees were in bloom and the breeze carried the loose petals down to the ground. It was almost like sweet scented snow. The soft chirp of a bird nearby caused Brennan to look up in the branches of a nearby tree. A tiny, white bird was studying him. Brennan flinched. That was one of Akito's birds. He just hoped that the head of the family wasn't here.

Turning away from the tree, Brennan looked around for Hatori's office. Finding it, he followed the brick walkway to the left until he came to the sliding front doors of the doctor's work place. Brennan rapped his knuckles on the wooden frame of the door and waited. No answer. He tried again. Again, no answer.

"Hatori?" Brennan called out, sliding the door slowly to the side.

After taking his shoes off, Brennan hesitantly entered the office and looked around. There was no one there. He groaned. That meant that Akito was probably still there. Brennan turned back around and shut the door. Well, he was just going to wait here. He didn't want to see the head of the house today and Akito was too busy anyway.

Turning away from the door, Brennan padded further into the room. His eyes fell on a bookshelf on the right side of the room. On the middle shelf was a picture of a beautiful woman. Brennan had seen this picture many times, but every time he looked at it, it gave him a weird feeling. Hatori had told him the story of Kana. Brennan could remember the day the doctor had told him as if it were yesterday, but there was something about the picture that went deeper than a mere memory of a story. It was as if he had met her before, as if he had been there as the events that ruined Hatori's life transpired.

Before he knew what he was doing, Brennan grabbed the picture off the shelf and took it over to a couch in the back left corner of the room. Sitting down, Brennan stared at the photograph. He might as well try to remember even if he did get the headaches again. The day had already been full of them anyway. But try as he might, he couldn't get the picture to tell him what his mind was blocked from. He soon found himself drifting off to sleep, the photo in his hand coming to rest on his lap.

The feeling that a presence was looming over him, caused Brennan's eyes to snap open. Standing over him was Hatori. It looked as if the doctor had been reaching down to retrieve the photograph. Both of them jumped at the same time and Brennan thought he saw a smirk flit across Hatori's face.

Brennan picked up the picture from his lap and held it out to Hatori. "Sorry. I was just trying to remember."

Hatori's deep blue eyes studied his grey ones and then he accepted the picture. Blue eyes! Brennan felt his heart leap up into his throat. The dream from that morning. Was it Hatori? Brennan was about to ask, until he saw the expression on Hatori's face. The doctor was staring down at the picture, his eyes softening as he studied the photo.

"Tohru reminds you of her, doesn't she?" Brennan asked softly, studying Hatori.

Instantly the mask went back up and Hatori turned his back on him, walking over to the bookshelf to put the photo back on the shelf. Brennan regretted speaking now. He was about to apologize when Hatori faced him. There was a bitter sweet smile on his face.

"Yes she does," he said, crossing the room to his desk and sitting down. "Such warmth in her heart."

Brennan nodded. His gaze drifted over to the large window near Hatori's desk.

When snow melts, what do you think it becomes?

Huh?, well...hmm. It becomes spring!

Brennan gasped. Tohru? Kana? Who was it that spoke? What was this about? Brennan gripped his head as a searing headache tore into him. Damn it! Not again.

The sound of a chair scraping the wooden floor brought him back slowly. He looked up to see the blurry figure of Hatori approaching him. Shaking his head to try to clear it, Brennan tried to bring his vision into focus, but was having trouble. Hatori had a twin as he knelt down near Brennan. Brennan closed his eyes trying to calm his racing heart and ease the pain in his aching head. He prayed that the next time he opened his eyes he would see normally again.

"Brennan?" Hatori's deep, quiet voice eased him back from the precipice of unconsciousness.

He slowly opened his eyes and was relieved to see only one Hatori studying him in concern. Rubbing his hand over his face, he smiled at Hatori to let him know he was ok. The doctor backed away and went back to the chair at his desk.

"How many have you had today?" Hatori asked, leaning back in the chair, looking pensive.

Brennan hesitated. He had a feeling he was about to get told off for not getting enough sleep, but damn it, it wasn't his fault. "Counting this one? Two. . .no. . .three."

Hatori raised an eyebrow. "Three?"

Brennan nodded. "I didn't get a chance to tell you. As I was riding over here, I had a short flashback, this one without a headache."

Hatori was almost successful at hiding the shocked look that crossed his face, but Brennan caught it anyway. "What is it?" he asked, leaning his head back against the couch to stare up at the ceiling. At least it was almost guaranteed he wouldn't have another flashback by studying the roof.

"Nothing," Hatori said softly. "This is good. Maybe someday you will regain your memory and the headaches will stop."

Brennan's head snapped up. He winced as his head throbbed for a second. "Do you really think so?" He kept his tone neutral, not allowing any hint of the excitement mixed with dread that he felt at the moment to leak through.

Hatori nodded. His expression grew dark and Brennan knew the lecture was coming. "However, you need to make sure that you get enough sleep. I can't stress this enough. It is true that when you don't sleep you get more flashbacks, but these are much more dangerous. If you get one powerful enough it could kill you."

Brennan leaned his head back against the couch again. He had heard this a thousand times. And every time he heard it, he couldn't help but wonder what the point of living was if he couldn't remember who he was. His eyes drifted over to look at Hatori. He did have his new life with his friends in this family, but he couldn't help feeling that they were keeping something from him.

At the sound of the floor creaking, Brennan lifted his head to see Hatori walking towards the door.

"I will be right back," Hatori said, facing him. He tossed something at him.

A hard-bound book landed on Brennan's lap. He picked it up and studied it. Side-effects of Amnesia. Brennan looked up at Hatori.

"Read it," the doctor said, leaving the room.

Brennan opened the book and scanned the table of contents. It was one of Hatori's western books. A chapter on memory recovery caught his eye. He quickly turned to the correct page and poured over the text there. It basically reiterated the warning that Hatori had just given him. He glared at the door the doctor had just left through. He nursed the idea of throwing the book at Hatori the moment he stepped through the door, but upon turning the page something else caught his eyes. It was a heading entitled How to Get Around The Headaches. Brennan devoured the text following it.

There are only a few ways to get around the headaches that many amnesiacs suffer during flashbacks. Getting plenty of rest is one of the ways. If the mind is rested then it can handle the overflow of memories much better. Another way to avoid the headaches completely is not really in the control of the patient. It is to have a flashback while adrenaline is pumping through their veins. . .

Brennan gasped. So that was what had happened earlier. Why hadn't Hatori told him about this earlier?

"I just found that book the other day. I thought it might be useful."

Brennan jumped. He hadn't heard Hatori enter. The doctor had a steaming mug of something in his hands. He walked over to Brennan and held the mug out to him. "You can borrow the book, but for now I want you to drink this and get some sleep."

Brennan set the book on an end table near the couch and then accepted the mug. "What is this?" he asked, sniffing at the contents of the mug. It smelled of mint.

"Tea," Hatori replied, setting a pillow against one of the armrests of the couch. "It will help you sleep."

Brennan frowned. "It doesn't have sleeping pills in it, does it?" Hatori had tried that on him before and he hated the hangover they gave him.

Hatori smirked. "No. It's herbal. It will fight away any dreams that might disturb your rest."

Brennan studied the doctor for a minute and then sipped the tea. It didn't taste bad and after a few sips of it, he felt a calm soothing feeling wash over him. As he drained the last bits of the tea, he set the mug next to the book on the end table and lay down on the couch. The second his head touched the pillow he was out.

"I see you finally got Brei-san to get some sleep."

It took all of Brennan's will not to open his eyes. It was kind of ironic that he would wake to those words.

A chair creaked as if the person in it was shifting their weight. "It really didn't take a lot."

Shigure's voice sounded worried now. "The flashback from this morning was the worse I have ever seen."

"Do you know what caused it?"

Shigure gave an uncomfortable sort of laugh. "Actually, I think it was something I said."

The chair slid back and the soft pad of footsteps crossed the floor to what Brennan imagined was the window. "A word triggered it? He really isn't getting enough sleep."

"Don't glare at me! Blame Kyo and Yuki. You know how the two of them fight."

"There's something more to it than that." Hatori sounded pensive. "He's having dreams again."

Brennan flinched. It was starting to sound like Hatori was going to prescribe the damn sleeping pills again.

"What can we do about that?"

The sound of footsteps grew closer. A scraping noise just above his head, nearly caused Brennan to jump. It sounded like Hatori had just picked up his mug. "There's a tea that he can take before going to bed that will help that."

"Will it lessen the number of flashbacks he has?" Shigure had an odd tone in his voice.

Brennan shifted his weight a little. It would look suspicious if he just lay there stiffly. That was his mistake.

"Let's take this outside," Hatori said in a whisper.

Shigure must have agreed because the sound of two pairs of footsteps crossed the room and the door slid shut behind them. Brennan's eyes popped open.

The tea idea didn't sound too bad. It didn't feel like it had any bad side effects like the sleeping pills. All it did was calm him down and keep away the dreams. But did he really want the dreams to stop? Sometimes he could remember them and they gave him hints about his past.

He sat up and lowered his head into his hand. It would most likely get rid of the headaches, though. There were other ways that he could remember his past and one of these he could do with out the headaches. He would have to read that book Hatori had given him.

He stood, grabbing the book and headed for the front door. He slid it open softly. Shigure and Hatori were sitting on the porch talking. Shigure was leaning his head on his hand and Hatori had a cigarette in his hand. Brennan silently walked out onto the porch and leaned back against the wall, pulling the book open to the page he had been reading earlier.

They hadn't even noticed him enter or at least Shigure didn't. "If you lock someone up in a dark room for a long, long time and mentally torture them. . .it leaves indelible scars," Shigure said, an odd tone in his voice.

Brennan frowned. Who were they talking about? He had a feeling it had something to do with Akito. Shigure usually reserved that tone of voice for the head of the family. But was he the one being tortured or was he the torturer?

Hatori pulled out a lighter. "But Akito doesn't understand." He lit the cigarette in his hand. "If someone can cause those scars there is sure to be someone who can heal them."

Shigure looked over at Hatori. "That fact gives me more than a little courage," he said, his voice sounding quite lighter than it had earlier. "And about what he said--Tohru-kun is cute. She's adorable."

Hatori blew out the smoke from his cigarette. "Coming from you, that sounds criminal."

"That's for sure," Brennan added, causing Shigure to nearly leap off the porch. Hatori just looked at him.

"Brei-san!" Shigure exclaimed, turning slightly so that he could get a better look at Brennan.

Hatori was studying him with his indecipherable blue eyes. "We didn't wake you, did we?"

Brennan shook his head. "I don't think a typhoon could have woke me." He lowered his head. "That tea you gave me really helped," he said softly. "Thanks."

Hatori nodded still looking at him with his piercing eyes. "I have a packet of it for you. You need to take it before you go to bed every night," he said, taking another puff from his cigarette.

Brennan didn't say anything. He just looked out over the compound, staring at the flowering trees. It was true that he liked spring, but some part of him preferred winter. Maybe it was his cynical nature, but the quiet, lonely atmosphere of winter seemed more appropriate to him than any other season. It matched the emptiness he felt inside due to his memory loss. He suddenly found himself longing for a strong drink. He didn't usually like to drink, but every once in a while he found that mixing alcohol with his coffee helped him get through the day.


He let his eyes focus and meet Shigure's brown ones. The writer tossed a bottle at him.

"I brought that for you. I figured it could be of some help," Shigure said, winking.

Brennan looked down at the bottle. It was scotch. Hatori looked at both of them sternly. Brennan ignored him, going back inside to pour himself a cup of coffee. Back outside, he poured some of the alcohol into his coffee and then slid the bottle back to Shigure.

"Thanks," he said softly, taking a sip of the drink and sighing as the soothing effects of the alcohol washed over him. He leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes.

"Look at that sunset," Shigure exclaimed.

Brennan opened his eyes and found himself agreeing with the writer. The perfect ending to a not so perfect day. Brennan looked over at Hatori and saw the doctor smiling one of his rare smiles. Maybe having friends like these was enough even for someone with no memory of their past.

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