A/N: Do you know how hard it is for me to -not- write fluff? So I caved in. And I have so many more ideas that I could've done. This also fits for "look over here" as well, but I want to do seperate theme for that.

Dialouge only.

For 30 kisses challenges 8, "our own world" and 15, "perfect blue"

Pairing: Haru x Yuki

Warnings: Fluff. Yes, fluff.

Disclaimer: Furuba is not mine.


"Yuki, look!"


"That cloud, over there."

"Ah... what about it?"

"It looks like a butterfly."

"Haru... we're too old to be doing this."

"What's wrong with deciding what clouds look like? We used to do it all the time. And besides, there's no one watching us right now anyway."

"Used to. And I still say we're too old for this."

"That one looks like an ice cream cone."

"Haru, are you ignoring me?"

"No, I heard you. I just chose not to reply."

"So you ignored what I said."

"No, I didn't. It doesn't matter anyway. Lighten up, Yuki. At this rate, you'll be old before you're old!"

"And we rarely spend time together anymore. If you keep it up, I'll end up becoming old with you."

"Anyway, that one, it looks like a cow, doesn't it?"

"...what's that strange lump coming out of its back then?"

"Oh that? It's carrying a mouse on its back, of course."

"Doesn't the cow mind?"

"Not at all. Why?"

"Well, the mouse is using the cow, but the cow doesn't really benefit from it."

"Maybe the cow wanted to help the mouse?"


"After all, no one ever asked what the cow thought. They only assumed the mouse used the cow. If they'd only bothered to get what the cow thought, maybe they wouldn't think it was so stupid after all."

"Haru... thank you."

"...for what?"

"N-nothing. Never mind."

"Anyway, look at that one!"

"Which one?"

"That one, over there."

"I don't see it..."

"The one in between the butterfly and ice cream cone."

"Oh... what about it? I can't think of anything it would look like."

"Really? I think it looks like a kiss."

"A kiss?"

"Yeah, a kiss."

"Um... Haru, what exactly does a kiss look like?"

"Really? I'm not sure."

"Then how do you know it looks like a kiss?"

"Because... well..."


"That's the feeling I get every time I kiss you."


A/N: It's actually long for something that has so little words. There were too many "..." but it's hard to avoid those in speech without anything other than dialouge. I'm very proud of this, though I hope they weren't too OOC.