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Blood Bond

Prologue: Midnight Rider

The night sky looked like a blanket of ebony blue interwoven with the glitter of a million stars, to many to count. The moon was high in the sky offering a little light to the otherwise pitch-black bare landscape below it.

The gates of the Gryffindor Kingdom opened and a single horse rode out into the barren wasteland beyond the safety of the city. The black horse charged on its rider low head down against the horse's mane in an attempt to go faster.

He looked back his unruly black hair falling over his forehead and into his eyes. He had almost sighed in relief when the doors swung open again and four riders on white horses flew out at full gallop.

The rider cursed and whispered in his native elven tongue, urging his faithful friend ever faster. She whistled in return and threw herself forward. He had to run. He had to get away. He wasn't even sure why it was so important. The raiders had come and Gryffindor had locked down.

That wasn't unusual. Raiders had descended on the City. It was a common occurrence. Gryffindor was the only Kingdom in the Realm that had not fallen to the new regime.

But this time it had been different. The Wards on the city had been breached and the Raiders had fallen on the City like a plague.

Gryffindor was the City of bravery and truth and it had one of the best armies in the realm but this time Harry wasn't sure even their mighty army was enough.

Damn it! He felt like screaming only he didn't have the breath. He had to keep running. He glanced behind him. The Riders were still on his tail. But he was not going to be caught.

He should be fighting! Where was his pride? He should be fighting with his people. But he was leaving the city that had been his home for all of the eighteen years of his life and he didn't even know why.

He had lived in the palace of Gryffindor for as long as he could remember. His parents had been killed in a raid when he was baby. He had become the adoptive son of Albus Dumbledore the High King's advisor.

But since the death of the king and queen when Harry was little Dumbledore had all but been ruling the country. The Country had done well under its rule. It had stayed true to the principles of its founder Godric Gryffindor. Gryffindor had flourished and all those within its walls had nursed a huge sense of pride.

Harry himself had grown up among the nobles and been friends with the children.

His best friend Ron Weasley was slightly older than him, by a year, but despite his young age he was now the General of the Gryffindor Army. Harry had too wanted to train in the army and had trained for hours with his friends.

But he had also sent countless hours with his adoptive father. He was elven, as many were in the Gryffindor Kingdom but Harry was different. His magical signature was stronger than any elves and as a result his father had helped him harness his power.

When the raid had started instead of going to join Ron and his friends readying the army, as he done before in previous raids despite his father's wish that he did not, Dumbledore had smuggled Harry out of the castle. Harry had been confused.

Raids had happened before. In fact they common. Harry knew the dangers of protecting the kingdom just as everyone else did. But he chose to.

But the worry in his father's voice had stopped Harry in his tracks. "This raid is different Harry." His father had told him gravely. "The forces of the Dark have gathered strength. You are too important to this kingdom. More than you could ever know. You cannot stay here."

"Father!" Harry gasped. "I have to fight!" "No, Harry." At that moment there was a crash and Dumbledore spun round and whipped out his wand. He yelled an incantation and magic hummed in the air.

Harry blinked. He had never known his father had control of such powerful magic. He seemed to be alive with it. Then Harry realised that the reason the castle hummed with his father's magic was that the castle had been breeched!

Now he was ready to listen to his father. Though why he should be running and everyone else was fighting for their homes he could not fathom.

"Harry listen to me, you must go. The Raiders have entered the castle and if they find you here then all is lost. Go!"

"Father," Harry said desperately. How could he leave when everyone he loved was in such danger? "I don't understand." "I know. You will in time I promise. You are the only hope this kingdom has of survival Harry. You must leave. Go now. Go to Hogwarts and find Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They will know what to do."

At that moment the doors burst open and Dumbledore pushed Harry into the hidden passage way and closed the compartment.

Harry heard the screams clearly now. The Wards had been breeched! Harry ran blindly in the dark and kicked the door open. It lead to the stables. Harry had broken through only to be over come with smoke.

It was burning! He had looked around blindly. He could hear Spirit calling for him. He ran to the stable blocks freeing the horses and then at last ran to his own. He freed her and with no time to saddle her he jumped on her back and rode out the stables.

The City was in ruins. Harry could feel the despair of the City threatening to drown him and almost as if she knew Spirit kicked up and threw herself towards the gate.

The guards saw Harry racing through the streets. He was the only being in all of Gryffindor to own a black horse, as they saw him leave, almost as they knew they opened the gates and he charged out into the night.

Now he was plagued by the guilt. He should have stayed behind no matter what Dumbledore had said. He should have stayed. But now all he could do was ride hard and hope to god that he made it out.

He heard the wind whistle in his ears and the unmistakable drumming of horse's hooves.

They were gaining on him!

Harry knew that Spirit could outrun them. She was part of the Elven heritage. She responded best to Elven handlers. But out running them just wasn't good enough.

Harry needed to make sure they could never return and report his escape. He didn't even know why it was so important but he knew that this was what was needed.

He spun in the saddle abruptly and unslung is bow. Elves were known to be the most notorious with a bow and arrow. Harry was no exception. He had been taught and trained by the Gryffindor Army horning his born gift into something infinitely more powerful.

Harry was the pride of the Gryffindor Archers and now, not for the first time, the raiders were going to feel the power of his arrows.

He pulled his first arrow back and let it fly. The air whistled behind it and within seconds two more were flying along with it. They hit their targets with a startled cry and Harry, knowing he was free turned in his saddle and rode hard and fast into the hills around Gryffindor city.

Once he was sure he was safe he turned and looked down on the kingdom from above. He swallowed a wave of tears. The castle and the city were burning!

Fire leapt up from the buildings and thick black smoke clouded everything. Harry could taste it on the wind and it made him gag. He could hear the distant sounds of screaming.

He felt disgusted with himself he had run when all of his friends and the only family he had, had rallied to fight the raiders. Even if Albus had told him he needed to run he felt sick.

Everything in him screamed to return to help those he loved but a voice in his head stopped him no Harry, run. You must not return here. We will see you again. But not yet. Not yet.

Harry chocked back tears as he heard his father's voice inside his head. His father had been an immensely powerful wizard. It was true he had only been his adoptive father, but he was the only father figure he had ever known.

He watched the city burn and then with a heart as heavy as he had ever known he leant forward in his saddle and soothed Spirit. Then he led her through the mountain range.

The Green Ash Pass was the quickest way to get out towards the coast and Harry knew that was where he needed to go.

His father had often gone to meetings held in neutral ground in the City of Hogwarts out towards the east. That was where Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were. That was where Harry would go.

He did not know why it was so important that he leave the place of his birth or leave Gryffindor in its hour of need. But Harry knew that if her was to find any answers at all he needed to leave.

He did not know if any of his friends or his father had survived but he knew that he had to get help to bring any justice at all.

He rode through the Pass not stopping through the night until he was clear of the boarder to Gryffindor's Kingdom. He crossed the boarder into Hogwarts territory and knew that even though he was two days ride away from the City he was as safe as he had once been inside the castle walls.

He looked back across the mountains and whispered, "I will return. I will not let you down father. I'll come back for you Ron." Then without a backward glance he road towards the coast.

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