An immence pain tugged at Yoda's heart as he thought of what Anakin Skywalker had done to the Jedi council. All of Yoda's fellow Jedi, except Obi-Wan Kenobie, were gone and Yoda and Obi-Wan were the last. He was shocked Anakin could have done such an evil act and made so many suffer and millions loose their lives. But then again he always sensed that Anakin's future was clouded and would be full of pain and suffering. He felt completely guilty about the whole situation. Let Obi-Wan train Anakin I should have not. Cause of this I am. he thought as the tips of his ears drooped with his emotion. But no matter how he felt about the situation, there was nothing he could do about it.

All he could do was hide away to escape from Darth Vader's wrath and hope that one day he could train a new Jedi who would rise up and fight for justice.

Yoda gazed out the window of the Republic ship and watched as they passed by the stars and planets on their way to the Degobah System.

Then Yoda's eye noticed something ahead. It was the planet Disenado. Suddenly something came over him. Yoda saw himself standing on a white pedistool over a enormas crowd of Helives, the weird elf like humans that lived on the planet, surrounding him. Every single one of them had their arms stretched out toward him, crying out to him in their strange tongue. Their language was hard to understand but Yoda could make out what they were saying, "TRAIN HER TO DESTROY THE EVIL!"

The crowd passed down a small light and handed it to Yoda. It glowed so brightly he had to shield his eyes. The light started to take a form but before it could finish the vision vanished.

Yoda stroked his chin thoughtfully, "Hmmm."

"Senator Bail." he called to the driver,"course change, go to Disenado I must."

"Yes Master!" he replied.

The driver did as Yoda said and in no time they landed on Disenado.

Yoda walked out cautiously, he knew many things about Disenado, he could even speak their language but he had never actually been to the planet. A thick fog covered everything, it was hard to see what was in front of him but as he walked past the fog it turned into a light mist and he could see the misery Darth Vader's men had left behind.

The houses in front of his old eyes were aflame and if they weren't on fire they were just caving in. Hundreds of corpses of the Helives were scattered everywhere, he couldn't determine all of their deaths but that didn't really matter.

He was all ready being pulled down by his shame and despair. He couldn't save anyone or anything, and this sight made him feel worse.

Yoda closed his eyes,"Why did you bring me here." he thought out loud.

When his eyes opened he noticed someone in the shadows walking up to a small Helive child that was no older than a month old. It was wandering around aimlessly around the shadowed parts of the streets. It seemed to be trying to run (which Helives children usually can do at an early age) but every time it got a few feet it fell.

When the child fell Yoda heard the click of a gun. He quickly dropped his cane and held his hand up throwing the man against a wall. When the man stood again Yoda saw him raise his gun pointing it at the toddler. With no second thoughts about it, Yoda tackled him.

Then man struggled hard, but Yoda was using the Force to pin him down.

"LET ME UP!" the man said struggling and cursing, not realizing the person pinning him down didn't even reach his knees, "WHO ARE YOU?"

The old Jedi reached for his lightsaber so the the man could see his face.

"Y-your Master Yoda!"

Yoda held the lightsaber closer to the man's head so he could see his face. To Yoda's surprise it wasn't a clone or a droid that was attacking the Helive child, it was another Helive!

"Attacking this child you were. Why?" he asked.

"So you're as strong as they say you are." the man grinned, trying to avoid the question.

Yoda used the Force to bang his head on the ground once.

"Working for Sidious, are you?" he asked.


"Revenge on the child's parents?"


"Then why?"

He said nothing and looked away.

"Answer!" the old one demanded, "Who are you?"

He looked at the Jedi angrily, "I am Maie Nova. I am her father."

Yoda was shocked for a second at the words came from the Helives mouth but the situation wasn't all that shocking. It wasn't anything he hadn't heard in his long eight hundred plus years.

Suddenly CRASH! Yoda turned to see the child had tripped and fallen into a bucket.

While he was distracted, the Helive took his chance to escape. With a good kick Yoda went flying, but as usual he flipped and landed gracefully on the ground.

The Helive ran as fast as he could to get away, but he tripped over a corpse and landed on a still lit lightsaber, one that belonged to a Jedi from the planet, and his body parts went everywhere.

Yoda put his own lightsaber away and used the Force to make his cane float to him.

His ears drooped and he shook his head sadly.

The head of the man tumbled in front of Yoda.

He noticed something. A large red shiney gem was on a rope.

He picked it up.

The jewel glowed mysteriously.

Odd. He thought.

He put it in a pocket in his robe.

Tumble, tumble tumble.

Yoda turned.

The Helive child was running franticly away from him falling over everything in its way.

Yoda made coaxing motions with his hand, "Come, come. Fear not. Come to help you I ha-"

Suddenly he hear something, something crumbling. The next second a roof right above the child was coming down .

Yoda dropped his cane again, and used both hands to keep it from falling. When he had it under control he floated it away from the child and set down.

The child peeked over a dead body.

"All right it is." he said coaxing again, "Come, come."

The child hesitantly walked, crawled, and ran stumbling to get to him.

When it was in the light of the moon he found it was a girl.

The poor thing.

Her poor little white dress was all torn up and there was dirt in her short dark blue hair.

"Here." he said extending his hand.

The child reached out and grabbed his hand.

A surge pulsed through him the instant he touched her, a familar one. Could it be? Yes it was! The Force was with this girl.

The old Jedi Master looked around once more feeling no life except for her's and his own.

He shook his head sadly then they walked hand in hand back into the ship. Master Yoda stared out the window again as they lifted from the planet and a few seconds later they were in space planet exploded.

Yoda quickly turned the child's head so she wouldn't see her planet blow up right in front of her.

"Are you sure there were no survivors?" Bail asked concerned.

"Hmmm.." Yoda thought, "Felt no life there. Sure of this, I am."

"What do you suggest we should do with the girl?"

Master Yoda glanced at the little baby as her purple eyes curiously looked around.

"After I drop you off I could take her to Tatoonie, I'm sure Luke's family wouldn't mind."

Yoda thought about it.

It was positive they would give her a nice home, but she really didn't look anything like them. Sure she looked like any month old human baby but her blue hair and pointy ears, that were similar to Yoda's, would give her away. What would they tell her when she was older? That she was Luke's sister? No, no, that would not do. Besides, having two infants with such a strong Force could be dangerous. Who knows what kind of creature from the dark side would prance along and feel the strong vibes from the house.

"No, take her with me I will."

Bail looked back at him eyebrows raised as high as they could go, "Are you serious, Master? But you've never had a baby!"

Yoda was surprised at his answer himself. But it wasn't him talking the Force talked through him. But even so, he was offended that Bail thought he couldn't handle a tiny little baby! He was good with children! If he can handle a lightsaber, falling rocks, and armies of clones he was sure he could handle a little baby. Besides, she was different than human babies. She could already walk a little at an early age.

"Take care of her I will!" he insisted.

Bail wasn't about to argue with the oldest Jedi he knew, "All right."

An hour or so later they entered the Degobah system and landed.

"Are you sure about this?" Bail asked following him out of the ship.

"Sure, I am." he replied, "In ten years, come back for her, take her to Obi-Wan you will."

Bail bowed politely, "Yes, Master. May the Force be with you." then he got back into his ship and took off.

Yoda started to take in his new surroundings.

"Build shelter, I must." he said.

Yoda started to walk but found himself weighed down. When he looked the Helive was clamped to his ankles.

"Hmmm, name you I should."

The Master closed his eyes feeling into the Force for a name. It spoke to him.

"Starlette, what I shall call you that is. Starlette."

The old Jedi reached down and unfastened her tiny little fingers.

She held one of his fingers tightly.

Another surge of the Force pulsed through him like lightning. The Force was strong with her.

Everything was quiet and peaceful in Yoda's new swamp home. It was like being in a small green heaven away from the war and treachory in the world. But he wasn't there to be in peace.

He was there exiling himself for failing the Republic. But peace wouldn't matter long. This was his new home. Who knows what kind of creature lived on this strange planet.

But peace, monsters and anything else that this planet had to offer wouldn't matter when he found his new duty wasn't all it was cracked up to.

In his new swamp environment made house, in which he was rather pleased on how it turned out, he was struggling to find what the baby wanted.

Maybe hungry she is.

The first thing that came to Yoda's mind was milk!

Yes! Milk I shall give her!

Then it dawned on him. There isn't any milk in a swamp!

Starlette continued to cry as Yoda looked around franticly at the food he had gathered from outside. Most of the food Yoda liked was disgusting to a human and most aliens too.

Green slime, animal fat, tails and organs seemed to be his favorites but he really liked gumbo the best, which unfortunally for him, he didn't have.

Yoda took out one of the animals he had caught and began to grind it up. Then he put in a clay bowl and started to feed it to her.

Then baby started to eat it but once she got a taste of it she spat it out.

He tried it again.

She spat it.


Spat it on his face.

Yoda brought a hand up wiping the mush from his face. He moaned frustrated.

Since that didn't seem to be working he grinded something else, some kind of fruit.

He fed it to her.

She liked it.

The Master sighed in relief.


After he finished feeding her she yawned.

Tired she is...

Yoda took the infant to small bed he had made from swamp palms and laid her down.


He began to walk away.

She cried.

"What is wrong?"

She cried.

Yoda walked over to her and picked her up and rocked her gently, humming softly to her.

After a few minutes she fell asleep.

His eyes gazed down at her gentle, happy, but sad.

This young girl was the last of her kind. All her family was gone. And the family of her's that he knew of, seemed to hate her.

The Force was strong in her. It surrounded her, and made her glow in a spiritual sense. A hope lit in his ancient hazel green eyes, a hope for this dry, dying galaxy which was tumbling into darkness. A hope that someday this Helive girl would restore peace and unity to the galaxy.

"Train you, I will, Youngling," he said quietly, putting the jewel he had found around the child's neck, "Great Jedi you will be someday."

His voice trailed off, "Someday.."

He meditated in the Force as it showed him a glimse of her future.

"Painfull your future is, much pain, much loss, much suffering. Anger, hate, despair. Much suffering... Much suffering..." he stroaked her soft, chubby, little face, "But over come it you can."

He hadn't found this girl by accident, she had a purpose, no, a destiny! If this girl in the future chose light over darkness, she would make a difference, a difference that would change the world forever.

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