Celebrating Kat Warrior

A/N: Hot dang, this is shorter than I wanted it to be. Don't be a jackass and flame me for the pairing. You know who the characters belong to, and it's not me.

Another battle has been won and I approach the celebrating soldiers. Drinks are being handed out, loud and hearty laughter is heard, along with some victorious hollering. But I ignore the noise and look through the crowd past many faces to just one... the whole reason I'm nearing this hyperactive group of men.

He's there with them, laughing, smiling, and having a great time with the others. His smile makes me smile, too. I don't see him do that very often, but it's an expression that nicely compliments his pale flesh, sparkling blue eyes, and sunshine-colored hair. I hear him laugh and I almost laugh, too. It's a musical sound that I wish I could record and play at any time, as it is also a rare sound. He sees me and then his smile changes. His eyes are on me now, and they have a light in them that wasn't there before. This quickens my pace and in moments I am at his side.

He sets his drink down somewhere and uses both of those strong arms to lock me in a hug. The arms than can slay men and carry powerful weapons can also be gentle and loving. As he holds me he kisses the side of my head and greets me with kind words. The others have noticed me now, of course, and have started to politely converse with me. I answer their questions and continue in the conversation, but my mind really isn't with them at all. It's with Jean as he continues to stand there with an arm around my shoulders. I can sense him looking on with pride in the fact that I am his.

When the conversation dies down a bit and the men go back to their drinking and laughing he turns to me again and leans over so his lips are near my ear.

"I'm glad you joined us, Miss Margaret."

A/N: Not what you expected, eh? Good. Yes, I do think that Jean and Margaret would make an awesome couple. Call me crazy, but I don't care. I have just as much right to that as anyone does to pair Yu and Jean up. Personally, I also think Jean would be good with Tia, as I used to have almost all of the original Japanese Spriggan manga volumes.