Friendly Ghost

Friendly ghost.
Familiar face, hovering over me.
Watching me sleep.
Believing me unaware.

I'm good at pretending.
I see you, friendly ghost.
I see you, a misty caricature
Of my dead mother.

I am perfectly aware.
I know when you are there.
Wispy as wind, floating
Just out of my reach.

I feel you.
I feel your presence, friendly ghost.
I'm kind of comforted, knowing you care.
But I miss you, the real you.

I miss our music.
I miss coming home to you,
Coming home to a great big hug.
You can't hug a ghost.

No matter how hard you try.
You can't hug even a friendly ghost.
You can't hug a ghost even if you love them.
Like I loved you, Mother.