Intriguing Creatures

So hard to find.
No one will say so,
But we are on the very edge of extinction.

My days are so dull.
Are j'our days as dull?
J'ou, with j'our amazing ship and plentiful water?
(If Lyric is right)

They cannot be.
J'ou control that big craft!
J'ou have plenty to drink and eat.
I imagine j'ou live a story.

I live no story.
I work at the fields, planting or harvesting.
Sometimes I may have time observe things.
Unless I must work those soil toxicity calculations.

The yield, the yield!
That is my life, my 'story.'
I have no special ship.
I cannot drink until I am not thirsty.

Am I jealous?
But I suppose it could be a blessing
To watch such intriguing creatures.