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Secretly Loving You

Iona Goldilocks

Chapter 1

Spike sat in the tree outside Buffy's window. He listened to her heartbeats, letting the chilly night wash over him. He winced slightly as he saw Riley's car driving down the street.

'That bloody Captain Cardboard'. He thought. 'If I had a woman like her… I wouldn't be out all night driving, letting some evil creature listen to every move she makes.' He smirked a little. 'Someday… 'Then his smirk faded and he felt his eyes tear up. Riley had now entered Buffy's room, and he heard Buffy's heartbeats speed up. 'You bloody poofter.' He scolded himself. 'See. She will never love you. Never' He angrily wiped away tears that had started to fall, and with a swirl of black leather, he disappeared into the night.

Buffy stared at Riley with a smile playing on her lips. "Do you really mean that?" She asked quietly.

Riley smiled back at Buffy. "Of course I do. It's a natural step. You" He pointed at Buffy "And me" He pointed at himself "living together. It will be like heaven. You'll see. It's a fresh start. We will never fight again. Okay?"

He touched her cheek and Buffy winced at his harsh touch, the bruise on her cheek was red and swollen. When Riley had come home late the night before, she had asked him where he'd been. It had been a big mistake. No, it hade been a HUGE mistake. Every time she said something wrong it would end up like that, he would hit her, but she wouldn't touch him. No, she knew she was stronger than him and she just couldn't hurt him. She was loved now, and maybe this is the way it should be. At least he could stand to be around her.

She sighed happily as she smiled at her boyfriend. "Yes, of course we can move in together!"

Buffy sat deep in thought, looking out the window, when Dawn came running into the kitchen. "Sorry, Buff. I'm going to Janice. Don't worry, Xander's driving…" She looked at Buffy's cheek "…me. Oh my god, Buffy! How did you get that? That's like the second time this week that you've gotten a bruise."

Buffy just stared at Dawn, but answered her when she came out of her stupor.

"Oh, it's nothing. I'm right as rain. Just some vamp I guess. I was a little distracted yesterday."

"Yeah, like always… Well, I'm late!" Dawn answered and ran out the door only to crash in to a very surprised Xander.

"Hello, Xan-Man, let's go!" And before Xander even noticed, he was dragged back to his car.

Buffy sat and watched the car as it drove away, the light from the streetlight giving her an angelic look. She sighed as she saw a young girl walking towards the cemetery, being followed by three vamps. "Duty time."

Buffy smirked at the vamps as she slowly approached them. "Boys, boys, don't you know that girls like it when you actually talk to them?"

Throw, kick, and punch in the nose, kick, jump, stake through the heart. Dust covered the tombstones near the panting Slayer.

Buffy saw the last vamp dissolve before her eyes when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She knew that hand. She prepared herself for the worst as she turned around with a plastered smile on her face. "Riley!" She saw the anger in his eyes. "Buffy. What are you doing here?" She laughed a little. "Silly, I'm just doing my job! Little bit of dusting, slaying this and that…"

He glared at her but just walked away. Buffy let out the breath she had been holding. She wandered the cemetery, not wanting to go home just yet.

Dawn walked down the street, mumbling to herself. "Stupid Janice, she doesn't have to overreact all the time. Now I have to walk home all by myself. Well, it's not like somebody would bite me anyway."

She heard somebody chuckle behind her and she turned around. Spike smiled at her. "I don't know, bit. You look kind of tasty to me…"

"Spike! You scared me!" She walked towards him.

"Well, that was kind of the point," he smirked.

They stood in silence and observed each-other.

"…So, How's your sister at?" Spike asked.

"Well… She's fine, I guess. She's been really distracted lately. She has been coming home with bruises and stuff."

"Yeah, how's that?"

"I guess she just has a lot to deal with right now. I mean with her moving in to Riley's place and stuff… But I guess she'll get used..." She didn't have time to finish.

"What? She's moving in with…him?" He lowered his head and muttered under his breath "Bloody Hell…"

"…Spike. I know that's hard for you. But…"

"Let's get you home now, bit. Wouldn't want your sister finding you alone with the Big Bad…" He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked away. Dawn soon joined him and they walked to Revello Drive in an uncomfortable silence.

"Uh, Spike… Well, I…"

"Let's just leave it, bit. See you around."

Dawn took a deep breath and turned around, hand on the door-knob. "…Spike…"

But he was gone.