Details and Author's Note

Challenge: 13

Set somewhere after Spike finds out he loves Buffy. Doesn't really matter. And though its a key element in the BtVS seriously try not to include Glory cause she takes angsty to a whole new level and I like Joyce waaaaaaaaaay to much so she CANNOT die. Buffy and Riley move in with each other much to Spike's dismay but not everything is Christmas and puppies. Spike finds out about Buffy and Riley's relationship - which is abusive - and really ,really bad; Riley's always hitting and hurting Buffy. When Spike confronts Buffy about it after seeing bruises that even slayer healing can't heal quick enough she begs Spike not to say anything. Buffy, meanwhile, is screwed up in the head thinking that since Riley is a human maybe this is normal and that this is the way normal people have a relationship. I really hate Riley make him mean and nasty. Spike ends up nursing Buffy's wounds when Riley just gets rougher. Buffy falls in love but is afraid and Spike has to show her that being loved doesn't mean getting hurt (both mentally and physically).

Must Haves:

Angst lots of it (make me cry!)

Spike taking Buffy out on a secret date and Riley or one of the Scoobies finding out about it

Cheese Flavored Yogurt

Bitey Goodness (YAY!)

Riley going on and on about him being Buffy's savour and stuff

Rite Aid Bandages

True Match Foundation


Can Haves:

Shy Buffy

Dark Xander

Angelus (though I don't know how you would but you can!)

A Teddy Bear

Dawn ...your choice if you want her or not...

Kittens (but not for gambling)

Can't have:

No Character Deaths (except Riley, Riley can die lots and lots of times if you want)

Shy Spike

Instant romance between Spike and Buffy



Giles going all Ripper (again, unless its on Riley)

Hi! I just wanted to thank all of you that have been reading, and reviewing, this fic.

It means a lot to me that you liked it, since it's my first Spuffy fic, ever!

I think I've only gotten like one or two bad reviews… The first one was really helpful and it contained constructive criticism. The other one was just plain, 'I don't like this fic, blah, blah'. I didn't make anyone read it, so that's kind of unfair to write that you just don't like it… If you don't like it, just don't read it.

Well anyway, that was just like two people who thought that…

All my love to you who read my fic and I hope you'll read my other fics in the future.

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