Title: The Nat
Authors: The Bloodsuckers
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Mulder adn Scully don't belong to us. They
belong to CC and 1013. But, they're hours for now while we
rite, locked up in our base ment. Hehehe evil cackle
Summary: Mulder gets into trouble on Guam and its Scully to
the resque.
Author's notes: We worked really, really, really, really,
really, really hard on this fic, and we hope you love it.
Flames, pleese!!!

The Nat

One day, Directer Walt went down to Mulder's office
errly morning to yell at him for spending way to much time
at work bothering Cancer man and riting bad reports and
spending guvernment money and just being an all around pain
in the but. He made Mulder take a vacation.

Suddenly, Mulder was on a bote from Washington DC to
Guam and was about ready to stop. Mulder liked Guam. It
was grene. The beeches were sandy. Mulder liked Guam a

One day while Mulder was on the beech checking out the
chicks. Princess Jo was one of the chicks, but Mulder
didn't no that she was the princess of Guam, and so he went
up to her as she was walking by in her black and oranghe
striped flowy dress.

"Hey baby," Mulder said to her. "I seem to have lost
my number can I have yours?"

Princess Jo turned her nose up into the air and turned
away from Mulder because Mulder was an American.

"Aw, come on baby," Mulder said. "Give me a chance."

"Oh, alright," Princess Jo said in a really really
snooty tone because Mulder was still an American. "What do
you want?"

Mulder put his hand on Princess Jo's shoulder amd said
"I just want to get to know you better. My name is Fox.
What is yours?"

A tiny but little nat began to fly around Mulder's
head, stopping the conversation and bringing to a halt.
Mulder stared at the tiny nat in total grossness and swated
at it, grossed out. At last he finally hit the tiny nat.
The tiny nat was caught and squished. It died fast and
quickly. "Stupid bug,? Said Mulder, still grossed out.

Princess Jo was totally mad. "How dare you!!! Lance,
Justin, Joey, JC, Chris!!! Arrest this American at once!!"

They arrested Mulder. Mulder said "There comes a day
when I'll be the one you'll see its gonna be me!!!!"

Princess Jo finally smiled, but it wasn't a nice happy
smile, it was one of those evil mean villen smiles. She
raised her hand up in the air and said "I never want a be a
fool for you, I'm just a player in you're game for too.
You may hate me but it ain'tt no lie baby bye bye bye."

Scully was sitting in Washington in her desk.
Suddenly Directer Walt comes in and yells at her for not
knowing were Mulder was even tho she didn't know he had
gone anywhere. Directer Walt yelled at her again some more
and told her to go find Mulder before he embarased himslef
and the FBI and the United States again for the millionth
time already. He left.

Scully thought to herslef but not out loud because she
was thinking to herslfe that 'I wonder where Mulder ran off
to. Wait . . . my sycik connection with Mulder is telling
that he is in Guam and he is in trouble!!! O no!!! I have
to go save his life again for the millionth time already.
And I was looking forward to waching Gem and the Holograms
o nthe cartoon network tonight all weekend.' She said to

She stepped off of the bote in Guam on the sandy beech
and looked around to see if Mulder was nearby. But he
wasn't. So she looked harder some more, but still cound't
see Mulder anywhere on the sandy beech in Guam.

'Mulder, where the heck are you???' Scully thought out
to Mulder through there sycik conection. She got the
feeling he was in jale. So she went there.

Scully was wearing a pink frilly flowy dress that
reached her ankels with maching pink flat shoos. She
walked up to the night and batted her long dark eyelashes
at the night, who liked her pink dress and green eyes. The
night looked at the poodle with maching pink bows just like
the ones in Scully's hare and said "My name is Justin.
What can I do for you, baby?"

Scully giggled.

"Man, God must of spent a little more itme on you,"
Justin said.

Scully giggled again. "I was wondering if I could
borow the keys to one of the jale sells."

"Yeah, sure, baby," Justin handed her the key ring
that held keys.

Scully curtseyed and set the poodle down and said
thank you to the night and started looking through the sell
windows for Mulder. Scully found Mulder. She unlocked the
door. Mulder came out. He was so happy to see Scully's
butiful face and green eyes and he thought she looked
gorejus in her pink flowy frilly dress and maching flat
pink shows and pink hairbows.

"Come one, Mulder," Scully told him. "Let's go home."

So Scully picked up her matching poodle, gave the keys
back to Justin and said "Why don't you come up and see me
some time?" Mulder gave the night a jelus look and
followed Scully from jale and onto teh bote and home.

In Washington Scully and Mulder were working on a new
case when suddenly all of suddne, Directer Walt busted
through the door and yelled at the both of them together
for making Princess Jo mad, because she was an important
princess, not one of those ordinary princesses. Then he
left. Mulder and Scully looked at each other and continued
with there work.

The End