Striking a Pose

Summary: Team 7 is shocked when Kakashi finds Sakura in an ad in Icha-Icha Paradise. ESPECIALLY Sakura! Not only does she have a fan club now, but someone's now stalking her, wanting to see more! SasuSaku.

Chapter 1: Discovery

It was another hot summer day… and so it had been for the past week or so. Most of the town had been spending their time at the beach as they tried to cool down. Sakura and Naruto had been down there a couple of times too, along with the ever-perverted Kakashi. And Sasuke? Who knows? Nobody ever knew where he lurked. Most people suspected that he stayed in the Uchiha manor.

But today, Sasuke was leaning against the side of the bridge as he waited for the rest of his team to arrive. The Uchiha prodigy, now seventeen, did not move until he heard the familiar voice of Haruno Sakura.

"Sasuke!" She hollered, waving to him. Sasuke's eyes lingered on the kunoichi before returning to the ground. Sakura let out a small sigh. It was like this every day, and soon, her lingering disappointment had faded away into nothing.

Sakura gave him a small smile before taking her place across from him on the bridge. As the two waited for Naruto and Kakashi, a man passed by. He glanced over to his left, where Sakura stood and grinned.

"Hey, you're Sakura, aren't you?" He said, waving at her. "You looked great!"

Sasuke gave Sakura a questioning look while the pink-haired kunoichi laughed nervously and waved it off. Once the man left, Sasuke asked,

"What was that all about?" Sakura shrugged.

"Don't know…" She replied as she scratched the back of her head. "I'm as confused as you are."

Sasuke gave her one final look of uncertainty before going back into his little world. What irked him, however, was the fact that every man that passed by kept complimenting Sakura for… whatever reason, he did not know! When did Sakura become so popular? Maybe when she went to the beach last weekend… but what could be so great at the beach that would suddenly spark everyone's interest in her?

His thoughts were soon interrupted when a flash of orange blocked his train of thought.

"Hey, guys!" Naruto said, grinning. Both remained quiet, not quite ready for Naruto's ranting just yet. The blonde's smile faded and was soon replaced by a confused look. "Yo… what's up with you two?" Although Sakura had stopped beating Naruto's skull in a long time ago, she usually had some sort of taunting remark to shoot at him, but today, she said nothing.

Letting out a sigh, Naruto got comfortable in the middle of the bridge and closed his eyes to nap. Sasuke and Sakura remained quiet as they waited for their teacher.

As they waited, two older men walking together drooled over the latest issue of Icha-Icha Paradise. Their pace slowed down as they neared the two shinobi. Whispers were passed between the two when they glanced at the pink-haired kunoichi. Sakura became uneasy and shifted in her spot.

"I'm pretty sure you have something else to do." Sasuke growled, his eyes becoming a piercing red. The two men gave him a frightened look before speeding up to make it across the bridge.

"Perverts…" The prodigy muttered under his breath. What exactly had spurred everyone's interest in Haruno Sakura? She looked like her same old self. Had she done something? No… not possible. She would've told someone about it… and somehow, the message would be passed to him.


There was a puff of smoke and Kakashi appeared before them, his trusty book held squarely in front of his nose. Nobody bothered to move. The usual 'You're late, Kakashi' routine had vanished a while ago. Naruto let out a yawn of boredom while Sakura rubbed one of her eyes. "So! Shall we get going?"

Without another word, the four ninjas started walking to their favourite training area, not really paying attention to the world around them. Once training started, they would really wake up and soon they would be battling like crazy. Naruto walked beside Sakura in the front, conversing happily with one another. Sasuke walked not too far behind, doing the usual Uchiha stuff and Kakashi was at the back, reading his perverted book.

Satisfied with the latest 'incidents' in Icha-Icha Paradise, Kakashi flipped over to the advertisements. When he looked down, he felt like the Chidori and the Rasengan had hit him in the face many, many times. He was in such a state of shock that he practically turned to stone and fell onto his back in the exact same position.

When Team 7 heard Kakashi's steps falter, they turned around curiously to see what was wrong. Seeing the petrified Kakashi, the three ran over to see what had happened.

"Kakashi!" Naruto cried, shaking him furiously. "Come on! WAKE UP DAMMIT!"

"Was he attacked?" Sakura asked, a hint of worry in her voice as she glanced around. Sasuke shook his head.

"No… nobody's here." He muttered.

"But all he was doing was looking at his book!" Naruto barked. "Do you think he came down with something?"

"No way, idiot! He was just fine a second ago!"

Naruto frowned at Sakura's statement. "Well, I saw this thing once about this bug… and when it bites somebody, they get petrified almost immediately, and then the swarm devours the victim alive by-" Sakura clapped a hand over his mouth.

"I don't want to hear it!" She snapped. "Besides, there's no swarm!"

"Do you think he finally snapped from seeing all that hentai?" Sasuke mused.

"It's possible…" Sakura murmured. "But what could have scared him to practically pass out?" Naruto, knowing what horrible sights lurked in the pages, scrambled away, fearing that he would see. Sakura shook her head quickly, inching further away. Sasuke had no choice. He would have to find out.

Reaching a hand out, Sasuke got a hold of Kakashi's hentai comic. Feeling the coloured pages, he let out a sigh of relief, realizing that it was just an advertisement. He was surprised to see that Kakashi's grip was still pretty firm on the book despite the fact that he had fainted.

"He really does love these books…" He growled, finally tearing the book out of his firm hold. He turned the book around and he himself nearly passed out in shock. There on the ad were photos of Haruno Sakura in her familiar pink bikini, lying down on a towel and looking over her shoulder at the camera. Her face showed a hint of surprise and her butt… OH! What a view!

"S-Sakura…?" He turned to face her, his eyes still wide in shock. "W-Why are you in a-a… porn magazine?"

Sakura's eyes bulged. "W-WHAT!" The pink-haired girl looked over his shoulder at the book and gasped.

"W-what the hell is this!" She cried, taking a step back. "I-I never… I mean…I didn't…" She stumbled a little further back, eventually colliding with Naruto, who had also seen the picture of her. The orange Shinobi placed his hands on her shoulders to support her.

"Sakura?" Naruto asked, clearly concerned. Sasuke flipped to the next ad, cursing when he found several more pictures of the young Haruno in different poses. Kakashi, who had awoken, groaned and rubbed his head.

"I swear, I will never look at that comic the same way again." He muttered. Naruto glared.

"HELLO! Your comic has PORN! NAKED PEOPLE doing REALLY NASTY THINGS! And Sakura in a bikini is a PROBLEM!"

It was true. Naruto was completely outraged. His dearest friend, Sakura had been put in a hentai comic and she didn't even know who had taken the pictures of her! Sasuke was probably more furious than the blonde boy. The pictures went on for another three pages, but what really set him off was the sentence at the bottom of the last page.

Want to see more?

Oh, god, whoever did this to her was dead!

Snapping the book shut, Sasuke turned to Naruto. "Oi, dobe! Where's Jiraiya!"

& & & & &

Jiraiya sat hunched over his desk, working on the next issue of Icha-Icha Paradise when there was a knock on the door. Letting out a sigh of frustration, he stood up and shuffled over.

"Hey! This better be the pizza I've been waiting for!" He called before grabbing the handle and jerking the door open. He couldn't help but be surprised at who his visitors were.

"Huh? What are you guys doing here?" He asked, completely taken off guard by this turn of events. Naruto stood at the front, his eyes fixated with Jiraiya's. Naruto was now just a head or so shorter than the silver-haired man, proving how much he had grown. Sasuke was still taller, of course, and Sakura, well… she was now the smallest of the trio.

"Hey! What the hell is with this issue!" The blonde cried, shoving into Jiraiya's face. The perverted Sennin gave Naruto a surprised look.

"Aren't you a little young to be reading those?" He asked.

"Kakashi passed out reading it." Sasuke said darkly. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow. "We knew that it couldn't just be the plain crap you have in it, so we had a look."

Naruto opened to the advertisement showing Sakura in her bikini. Jiraiya's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Oh my god…" He said, clearly shocked. "Look at those cur- OW!"

"Ignore the feminine body for just one second!" The blonde barked. Jiraiya fell silent, waiting for Naruto to speak. "The problem with this magazine is Sakura never had anyone take pictures of her! What's the deal!"

Jiraiya glanced over at Sakura, who looked down at her feet in embarrassment. "To tell you the truth, you three, I have no clue. I'm not the one who puts pictures in here. I just draw the hentai." He said, scratching the back of his head. "You'd have to talk to the editor of it for any info. I'm clueless."

"And how do you suppose we get in there, huh?" This time it was Sakura who spoke. "I mean, three underage kids who come to complain about a porn book! Don't you think there's something wrong with that!"

Jiraiya scratched his chin thoughtfully. "You have a point there, missy…" He muttered. "And this is a pretty big problem… so I'll come with you guys! What do you say?"

"You're the porn expert." Naruto growled, stepping aside to let the Sennin out of his home.

& & & & &

"Hello there, Jiraiya-San!" A lady hollered from her desk. The Silver-haired man nodded to her.

"Hey, Yumi. Could you tell me where the publisher is right now?" He asked. Yumi nodded.

"Yes! He's in his office." She replied. It was then that she noticed the three teens standing behind him, the female looking strangely pale. "Are these three with you?" She asked curiously. Jiraiya nodded.

"Yeah, I have to get some… issues straightened out. Alright?"

With that, Jiraiya started walking through the many crowded halls, the three students of Kakashi's following him closely. Sasuke kept stealing sideward glances at the now shaking Haruno and let out a sigh.

She didn't deserve this… she never deserved this.

"Here we are!"

Jiraiya stopped in front of a door that was a good deal away from the crowd. With a quick knock, he opened the door and stepped inside. There sat a small, lanky man looking at several letters from aspiring fans of certain comics. Glancing up at the doorway, a smile brightened his thin face as he welcomed the famous cartoonist.

"Jiraiya!" He exclaimed. "Come in, come in!"

Once Jiraiya moved out of the way, the man saw the three shinobi whose faces had grim expressions on them.

"Hey! I know you!" He gasped, pointing at Naruto. "You're that Uzumaki kid! Weren't you training with Jiraiya a while back?" Naruto couldn't help but admire the fact that he was being recognized and nodded. The man's gaze then turned to the other boy. "And you're Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke looked away, not thoroughly happy being in this situation. "And you're Sakura!" He finished. "Weren't you the model in our last issue?"

"That, Tohru… would be the problem." Jiraiya said, cutting in. "Our young Sakura never signed up, not to mention she's underage."

Tohru's eyes widened in horror. "Oh, my god…" the paperwork in his hands slipped through his fingers and onto the desk. "I am so sorry, miss! I swear to god I didn't know! The registration form says you're nineteen and-"

"Registration?" Jiraiya raised an eyebrow. "May I see it?"

Tohru mumbled a reply before going through a pile of paperwork and pulling out a form. Sakura looked over this and shook her head.

"This isn't me." She said sternly. "Not my handwriting… NO, orange is not my favourite colour! And being a model is NOT my dream career!" Her face was beet red, and Naruto had to hold her back before she killed the manager.

"Who was the one that did this?" Sasuke asked. Tohru bit his lip, trying to think back.

"I'm not sure." He replied. Usually the models go to a studio to get pictures taken. The photos are then sent to me along with the registration forms." He let out a sigh. "In other words, I have no idea.

Before any more questions could be asked by team 7, Jiraiya thanked the thin man and ushered them out.

"We'll continue this investigation further." The silver-haired man said quietly. "But for now, you guys should get some rest. I'm sure this is stressful for all three of you."

Knowing that it was pointless to argue, the three students turned and left the building, each of them brooding over the incident.

Something wasn't right… and they intended to find out.


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