(Note: All Times Terran)

10:00 A.M., Pacific

Well, can't work in the lab just yet. Prime has me pulling a couple of different duties. Command center and patrol for sure. What else, I don't know, but that's what's going on so far today.

I think he wants me out of my lab for a while. He looked a bit on edge when he came and talked to me about pulling a shift in the command center and going out on patrol.

Did that explosion yesterday really shake him up?

10:30 A.M., Pacific

Humans are such interesting creatures . . . no matter how long I'm around them, they still find ways to amaze me, especially that Speed Racer. I wonder how he heals so fast . . .

11:56 A.M., Pacific

Just talked to Sparkplug . . . he says humans can't heal that fast. At least not in real life. Speed Racer is just a cartoon.

It was still interesting to watch.

12:48 P.M., Pacific

Ratchet just laughed at me and told me I had a glitch in my cranial module, especially if I thought humans could heal fast like Speed Racer.

It was a legitimate question . . .

Oh well. Break's over. Back to the command center.

1:21 P.M., Pacific

Okay, something's not right here. Not when everyone in the command center is grumpy.

I mean, I understand Ironhide being grumpy. He's always hating his shifts in the command center. Likes to be out doing something, even if it is looking for a fight. As far as I can remember, he's always been like that.

But Jazz and Prowl . . . definitely unusual. And at the same time as Ironhide.

I wonder what's going on.

2:03 P.M., Pacific

Prime just dismissed me from patrol duty. I get an extra shift in the command center.

With three grumpy Autobots.


Maybe I can think of something to improve my latest invention . . .

Now where's that datapad?