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From Jump to Haven

By: Pixiegirl13

Chapter 1 How They Got There

"Titans!" Robin yelled to his team. "Move!" Those two words were like hell to villains in Jump City where the famous Teen Titans dwelled and protected.

Crime had been at a low in the city for a month or two till this one day. When the red light flooded the rooms of the Tower along with the alarm system blasting into every ear, it was no big deal to the five teens. They were kind of glad to kick some bad guy butt that day. It never crossed their minds that they were going to leave Jump City for a long time.

The teens had rushed down to the outskirts of Jump City to find some mutant animal things destroying small neighborhoods next to the forest. These weird animal creatures were different than what the teens had been used to. If they stood on their hind legs they were as tall as one of the teens. They had razor sharp teeth and claws. The main thing that stuck out was the huge glowing gem that was like the skull of the creature.

Robin smiled while taking out two bird-a-rangs and holding one in each hand. He wasted no time in throwing them at the monsters charging at his team. One cut the creature's neck and it screamed in pain, but it kept running towards him. The other weapon cut off one creature's leg and it stumbled and fell face first into the ground. The two bird-a-rangs came back to Robin, and he caught them perfectly. He gave a disgusted look as he saw black gooey blood slowly drip down both of them.

Starfire flew up into the air with her hands and eyes glowing a brilliant green. With a loud battle cry, she threw powerful starbolts at the creatures. Cries of pain sounded from the things. They were still persistent and kept on running towards the team. By now they were close, and the teens had to handle them in hand-to-hand combat.

"Take this!" Cyborg said with a sly smile. He blasted his sonic cannon at some trying to claw at him. He then started to take out a few more that got near.

"How many of these creatures do we have to defeat?" Beast Boy asked his team. "There is a whole bunch of them." He bent over while closing his eyes. He quickly morphed into a T-rex and growled dangerously at one of the monsters. It looked like it had just peed from fright and took off with a sorry look on its face. A hint of a smile came to the T-rex's lips.

"Who cares?" Robin said. He smashed one creature's head in with a strong vertical blow with his Bo Staff. "Just take them down!" He was suddenly knocked off his feet and his back was shoved up against the ground with one of the creatures on top of him. Hot saliva dripped from the thing's fangs and fell onto Robin's forehead. "Gross," he muttered while shoving his foot into the thing's stomach and made it fly into the air. He quickly got back up and noticed one of his teammates standing off to the side.

"Raven?" he called to her while making eye contact with the dark girl. "Are you okay?"

She closed her eyes and shook her head. "Something is keeping me from using my powers," she said. "It is something dark about these creatures. I'm going to have to sit this fight out."

Robin frowned in thought. He worried about her sometimes. He finally shrugged it off and got back to fighting. All the creatures were pretty much dead now. The few remaining ones finally gave up and started to retreat.

"That was easy and fun," Beast Boy said while watching the few creatures run away into the forest. He wore a proud smile along with Cyborg and Starfire.

"Quickly! Before they get away!" Robin said while running ahead and after the creatures. The others looked confused but followed faithfully after their fearless leader. Raven levitated a little behind them looking very worried about something unknown even to her. She just had a bad feeling.

"Split up," Robin demanded while slowing down to a stop. "Destroy every last one of them. They could reproduce a lot in a short amount of time. We can not take chances."

They all nodded and went their different ways without any hesitation. Before Cyborg left he lightly touched Raven's shoulder and said, "It is fine, Rae. Don't worry." But there was really something to worry about.

"Guys!" came Beast Boy's voice from all their communicators. "I found something! Come quick!"

"We will be there in a few seconds, Beast Boy," Robin said right before hanging up, as did the others. Robin raced through the forest to where Beast Boy was located. Why did Beast Boy call them all? Robin knew the teen was strong enough to take down a few of those creatures. He might not be smart enough to do build a car or even handle a bird-a-rang properly, but Robin knew Beast Boy was a good fighter.

"What is it, friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked him while gracefully flying up to the changeling. Robin and Cyborg were right behind her. "Where is friend Raven?"

"I'm right here, Starfire," Raven said with fear in her voice. She was walking up to them with her hood hiding her face. "I can't use any of my powers," she said with worry.

"Look at this, guys," Beast Boy said with his tone dead serious. He pulled away a branch carefully to show his friends what he was freaked out about. It was that one clearing where that Soto alien almost took Beast Boy away to his home planet to be his "new dog". In the battle to win Beast Boy back, the Titans made a huge bowl in the ground. No one had ever filled it back up…till now.

"What are they?" Cyborg asked in a loud whisper.

"They look like…eggs," Robin said with wonder in his voice. And that was what they were. The creatures that they fought a few minutes back were really from a different planet, and they were called Metal Heads. These were Metal Head eggs all clustered together in the bowl. They kept moving as if beating like a heart.

"We should go back!" Raven said quickly while backing away. "This does not feel good."

"We'll be fine," Robin said calmly to her. "We have to look into this, though." He had a cool and collective manor about him as he slowly walked out and over to the nest of eggs. He motioned for the others to follow. Starfire quickly flew over to the leader and hid behind his cape while looking at the disgusting eggs. Cyborg and Beast Boy smiled at Robin and Starfire because they knew the two liked each other. Raven hesitated before slowly walking out from behind the pine tree.

"What's that?" Beast Boy asked them while running up to a round rock with some bluish liquid in it. It looked like a well or something that went down for forever it seemed. The term "warp gate" meant nothing to the teens at the moment.

Raven came to stand by Beast Boy. She kept looking around as if the boogieman would pop out and scare her at anytime. Beast Boy tilted his head to the side with a curious look on his face. He could not see his reflection in this water stuff. He lightly placed his hand into the liquid stuff and was suddenly being sucked into it.

"Beast Boy!" Raven gasped while grabbing his ankle. She was swiftly pulled into the vortex as well with a short scream. The others were already trying to save the two being sucked into the warp gate. They were quickly pulled in with screams of alarm.

"Don't let each other go!" Robin yelled to his team. He gritted his teeth together because he was falling at tremendous speed yet he was still being pulled backwards. Cyborg hung onto his ankle as Robin held tightly onto Starfire's. All the Titans started to scream in panic as each one was forced to let go of the other.

Then there was a bright light and they all passed out.


"What happened?" he muttered to himself while finally waking up. He opened his eyes and sat up. He had been sitting on a hard table, and it had made his back all stiff.

"He lives!" someone said, and it was followed by a giggle. "Sig, the weird eared guy is alive!"

"What?" Robin asked while looking up. It looked as if he was in a saloon of some kind. A girl with blond hair was cleaning up the bar. She gave him a cute smile and then ran over to him. The first thing Robin noticed about her was her long ears. And she called his ears weird! He almost laughed at how hers looked.

"Is he okay, Tess?" asked another person with long ears. This person was older than the girl and looked as if he could knock the lights out of someone with just a small punch. He was not someone to mess with. Robin frowned and felt his own ears with confusion. It seemed as if everyone here had the same ears. He was the odd one out.

"He seems fine, Sig," Tess said while looking Robin over. She then asked him sweetly, "You okay, weird eared kid?"

"Just very confused," Robin said while rubbing the back of his neck. "I was separated from the my friends. You see, I'm the leader of the Teen Titans. My team and I got sucked into this vortex thing and I ended up here. I need to find them and then get back to Jump City."

By now Sig and Tess were looking at him strangely. "Krew!" Sig yelled while still staring at Robin. "The kid is freaking us out! He is out of his mind."

"I don't care," said someone with a creepy and gruff voice. The teen saw a big fat guy come up from behind Sig. He had only one good eye and the other was red. He was a so fat that he had to sit on a machine that floated in the air and moved the big guy around. Robin hid a grin under a gloved hand and tried his best not to laugh. The guy just so looked so funny!

"I only have one question for you," Krew said while getting into Robin's face. The teen could smell a bit of alcohol in the guy's breath, and he made a face while leaning back to get his personal space. "Do you race?" Krew asked him with a wicked smile coming to his face.


Raven's eyes flittered open and she sat up quickly with a gasp. She was in a huge guestroom with purple plush pillows and blankets all around her in a king-sized bed. She spotted her blue cape on a chair next to the giant bed, and she used her powers to levitate it toward her. She had her powers back, and that made her a little glad.

"I see that your awake," someone said while peeking through the door to the palace like room.

"Where am I?" Raven asked him quickly while holding onto the soft as silk blanket.

"You're in the Baron Praxis' palace," the guy answered. He slipped into the room, and now Raven could see him clearly. He had short red hair and deep brown eyes. He also had long ears that would have made Raven laugh if she was not thinking about her situation. "I'm Erol. And you are?"

"Raven," the Goth girl said with a nod. "How did I get here?"

He gave her a smooth smile and sat down at the end of her bed. "I'm not sure," he started while thinking back. "We found you passed out on one of the streets a day ago. We saw that your ears were different and took you in. There is a legend out there that some teens with short ears would come to our world and help save it. I don't believe in it, but the Baron is trying anything to win this war, so he has put me in charge of you."

"Oh," Raven said while looking down in her lap. "What about my friends?"

"You will have to find them somewhere the city," Erol said with a shrug.

"Where is the city?"

"How 'bout I show you," Erol said while giving her another smile that she was starting to like. He walked over to some gold drapes and pulled them back. Raven gasped as she looked out the window. They were miles above the city, and she could see everything below her. "This, Raven, is Haven City!"


She woke up to people talking off to her side. Starfire opened her eyes a little and saw two guys talking to each other around a table. A little orange animal was standing on the younger one's shoulder with a bored expression on his face. When he saw that Starfire was awake he pulled on the person's long ear and pointed her way.

"Hey, are you okay?" the teen asked her while walking over to the bed she was on. "You were out for a whole day. We were going to take you to a doctor, but we were told not to."

"I am fine, friend," Starfire said while sitting up. "But I am confused. Where are my friends from Earth? I am very worried about them."

"Have no idea, sweetheart," the orange animal said while giving her a smile from where he was sitting on the guy's shoulder. "When Jak and I found you, you were alone."

"EEP!" Starfire screamed while backing away from them. "The orange fuzzy animal talks!"

"Yeah," the other person there said with a sly smile. "He tends to do that…a lot." Jak hid a smile under a hand while the animal glared at the other person.

"I'm Daxter," the animal said while ignoring the other guy. "This here is Jak," he said while pointing to the guy he was sitting on. "That is Torn, but be thankful that you never knew him before," he whispered to Starfire. Torn heard him and rolled his eyes with a sigh. "And you are?"

"My name is Starfire," she said with a smile. "I am very glad to meet you, Daxter," she said while shaking his paw. She blushed a little while saying, "And I'm very glad to meet you too, Jak." She shook his hand and Jak smiled at her. She was a sweet person and very likable. "I am overjoyed to meet all of you," she said.

"Same here, sweetheart," Daxter said while jumping over to her shoulder with a wide grin on his face. Jak shook his head at his friend.

"But my name is Starfire," she said with confusion. "I do not understand. Who is this 'sweetheart' you speak of?"

"No, Starfire, it is a nickname," Daxter said to defend himself. "I call you sweetheart and you can call me…"

"Little orange fuzzy animal that can talk," Starfire said with her eyes lighting up with joy. "I am so happy I have such good friends here! I like this new nickname thing."

Daxter's ears dropped as he heard his new "nickname". Torn gave a small chuckle while going back to work. "Um…I was going along the lines of Orange Lightning."

"Or fuzz butt," Torn muttered while keeping his eyes on his map of Haven City. Jak laughed at the confusion on Starfire's face and the glare Daxter gave Torn for that small comment.

"How 'bout we just sick with calling each other by their real names?" Jak asked them.


"I did it!" a girl said off in the distance. Cyborg finally came fully awake and sat up. The only person around the small room was a girl with green hair and long elf ears that were even bigger than Beast Boy's. She had a cute body and looked to be a mechanic because she had oil stains all over her face and clothes.

"Who are you?" he asked while rubbing his head.

"I'm Keira," she said with a smile. "I hope you feel okay. I found you outside the stadium and saw that your power cell was burnt out. It was really weird power cell too, so I had to make a new one. It should only be strong enough to keep you awake and move around."

"Thanks," Cyborg said while still looking very confused.

"No problem," she said while going back to work on something else in the garage they were in. "Working on it was fun. Now, I'm sure you have somewhere to be right now."

"Yeah, about that," he said with a nervous smile.

-Beast Boy-

He woke up with a headache that seemed as if it would never go away. Maybe that was what he deserved for sticking his hand into that vortex thing. Beast Boy knew that one of the other Titans would have done the same thing. He had just been the first to do it.

"Hello?" someone asked him with a Spanish accent in his voice.

Beast Boy's eyes flew open, and he was face to face with a half monkey and half parrot thing staring at him. The teen gave a loud scream while sitting up and backing away. "AH! Who are you? How did I get here? AH! Where am I? And where is the nearest rest room? I got to go pee!"

The talking animal thing stared at him for a few seconds. It was at this time that Beast Boy looked around and took in his surroundings. He was in a tent with different old odds and ends stacked everywhere. An old lady sat cross-legged on a carpet with a bowl on her head. She also had only white eyes. It was starting to freak Beast Boy out.

Suddenly the old lady started to make different shapes with her hands and blue sparkles flew into the air to where she moved her fingers. It was like she was painting something on an invisible canvas. Beast Boy just stared at her with confusion and wonderment in his eyes.

"Omen says that she is very glad to finally meet you," the animal thing said while flying into the air with a sharp flap of his wings. "I personally don't like you, but I don't like most people, so this is not new."

"Can you just answer my questions?" Beast Boy asked him. "And please skip to the last one and answer that one first because this is very important."

"You must not know the legend if you're not taking this seriously," the monkey/parrot thing said while landing in the bowl on top of Omen's head. She did not seem to notice him there, though.

"I don't care about some stupid legend, dude!" Beast Boy said. "I just care about taking nature's call peacefully at the moment. I might listen up later, but I really got to go!"

The thing gave a frustrated sigh while pointing outside the tent with a colorful wing. "Public restrooms are to your right," he muttered while rolling his eyes.

"Thanks, dude!" Beast Boy said while rushing out the door. "I'll be back in a sec!"

"What do you see in him?" the animal named Pecker asked Omen after Beast Boy left the tent. "He is a complete idiot!" Omen made different signs in the air as her way of talking to her furry friend. Pecker nodded with another sigh. It had always been difficult to change her mind.

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