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Chapter 13 The Rescue Team

A lone dark figure stood silently in the dimmed hallway of the Palace. Five Krimson Guards rounded the corner and skidded to a stop when seeing the silhouette of the figure. The teen stood with confidence in his stance as he sized the five Krimson Guards up. Right away the Baron's followers knew they didn't have too much of a chance with the fighter.

The hallway was filled with silence for a moment. It was like the calm before the storm. But that "calm" came to a crashing halt when the teen standing there made the first move. A loud battle yell echoed out into the hallway as the teen ran towards the five. Before any one of the Krimson Guards could aim their stunt guns, Robin was atop of them and was striking with brutal force.

The first Krimson Guard down was the leader of them all. Robin came in quickly with a punch to the Elf's throat. The guy staggered back with wide eyes of fright because he couldn't breathe. Robin left the first Elf alone as he grabbed the gun out of another Krimson Guard's hands and turned it around so it was pointed at the slow guard.

A blue spark of electricity crackled out of the stunt gun in Robin's hands as he shoved it into a Krimson Guard's chest. The Elf yelled in agony while being electrocuted. He passed out and slummed to the ground. As if he had seen the Elf come up behind him, Robin jumped high into the air. The lead Krimson Guard who had recovered and went after Robin stopped when his target was suddenly soaring over his head.

Robin bared his teeth as he rebounded off the hallway's wall and came quickly back at the Krimson Guard. He slammed into the back of the Elf and forced him to the floor. The guard landed on his chest with a yell of pain. Robin flipped off him and used that momentum to fling the Krimson Guard down the hallway. He let out a battle yell as his strength was put to the test.

The two Krimson Guards left backed up from the teen with wide eyes of fear. Their hands that held their stunt guns shook uncontrollably because of what they saw the teen could do. Their leader was down the hall and motionless. They knew that they could end up just him.

Robin didn't wait for the two to try and run away. He swiftly took out his Bo Staff and came at them. One of the guards shot his gun and blue sparks lit up the hallway. But by then Robin was already behind him with his Staff raised over his head. The pole violently collided with the Krimson Guard's neck and hit a pressure point. The Elf was out before he hit the floor.

With a loud scream of terror, the last Krimson Guard dropped his stunt gun and fled down the hallway to get away from the teen. Robin narrowed his eyes in annoyance as he put his Staff away with a twirl of his wrist. He sprinted after the Elf and it didn't take long for him catch up with the Krimson Guard. In one deft move, Robin tripped the guard and the Elf was rolling down the hallway. Robin didn't waste any more time and simply hit another pressure point to make the guy blackout.

Robin sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. He wasn't happy with himself acting that way in the beginning of his fight. He had let his anger flow through him and he might have killed one the Elves. But he put the past behind him as he quickly took off the Krimson Guard's armor and put it on himself. When he was done with his task, he looked like a newbie Krimson Guard and a bit goofy because he wasn't big or tall enough to fit into the thing. But it would get him where he wanted to go.

With his new disguise on, Robin easily made it past other Krimson Guards and out of the Palace. He smiled wickedly when hopping onto a Krimson Guard zoomer and taking off into the city at tremendous speed. He stopped at the main door to the Prison and jumped off his hovercraft. He looked grimly up at the building looming before him and wondered how he was going to find his friends in there.

"Pssst! Short eared kid! Over here!" a voice in the bushes said to him in a loud whisper. Robin frowned in confusion as he stared at the talking bush. "Stop looking like an idiot and get over here!" the bush/Daxter hissed at him impatiently. Robin leaned backwards with surprise on his face.

"Robin!" Jak whispered harshly to him through the bush. "It's us. Get over here!"

The teen furrowed his eyebrows in frustration as he silently snuck behind the bush and came face to face with Jak and Daxter. "Why are you guys here?" Robin asked them.

"We're here to team up with you, kid," Daxter answered for the both of them. "Torn saw that you didn't come back when Slade and you went out to talk. So he woke us up and told us to go and find you and Slade."

"We asked around the city and they told us that you were carried off by Slade to the Palace," Jak continued the story. "I knew that the Baron would sometime move you here, so we started to wait here till you showed up. We thought you would be with other Krimson Guards, and it was Daxter who noticed that you had short ears and called you out."

Reflexively, Robin touched a hand to his ear and frowned into his Krimson Guard helmet. "Well, I'm grateful for the extra help," he said. He started to take off the Krimson Guard armor while saying, "We don't have much time. My team has to get back to Earth soon. Raven is already on her way. I just need to get to the main chamber where the rest of my team is. Know how to get there?"

Jak smiled evilly before saying, "Of course I do. It might be hard to get there, but I was expecting this."

-A Few Minutes Later-

"Go!" Jak yelled at Robin above the gun shots. Smoke was filling up the hallway that had turned into a shoot out between two teens and a dozen of Krimson Guards. Robin nodded to Jak while getting to his feet and pulling out a gadget he had saved for a time like this. He ran out from behind the wall while throwing his gadget to the ground and it slid under a KG's feet.

Jak smiled as he heard the huge explosion in the Krimson Guard's hallway. Daxter winced as intense heat waves blew into their hallway and sent smoke into their eyes. Jak got to his feet and followed after Robin with his morph gun at the ready. They stopped at the door that led into the main cell room where most of the experiments on Elves were performed.

Robin gave a loud battle yell while kicking the locking device with one clean swipe of his leg. It sparked as parts hit the metal floor. The door opened for them and the three ran into the room. Robin skidded to a stop with his mouth agape at the new sight before him. Jak and Daxter slammed into him and once they put their head back together Jak openly said his one thought that begins with f and rhymes with truck. (a/n: Can you tell that I don't like swearing? I'm such a dork.)

"You, human, have really been a pain in the butt," the Baron said to Robin with an annoyed scowl on his face. More than a dozen other Krimson Guards stood behind him while Erol was off to his side. The Elf glared dangerously at Robin as his hand itched to grab his pistol.

Robin avoided the whole group by suddenly sprinting off to his side, heading to the deep pit of darkness. "Hold them off!" he yelled at Jak and Daxter behind his shoulder. "Keep the door open!" Everyone stared at the crazy teen with wide eyes of surprise as Robin jumped off the ledge and dived into the pit. Daxter gave a small yell with a wince.

To everyone's amazement, though, a cord shot up out of the pit as Robin silently descended. The hook at the end of Robin's gadget stuck onto the ceiling and let him stop his suicide fall. All the Krimson Guards looked over the edge of the pit and watched as Robin gracefully swung back and forth while searching the one wall with many cells for his friends' cell.

"Jeez!" Daxter grumbled to Jak as he swept off a bead of sweat from his forehead. "That kid likes to give people heart attacks. I'm just glad you don't go do crazy stuff like that, Jak." The Elf shrugged his shoulders before aiming his gun at the group, too busy staring at Robin.

"If I had a gadget like his I would," Jak told his friend before firing rapidly at the distracted Krimson Guards. Some actually fell into the pit with loud screams of terror and pain. This only made mass panic for the Krimson Guards. Jak smiled as he kept firing.

Meanwhile, Robin was still searching for his team's cell. He was worried that the cord for his grappling hook would reach its limits soon. He then finally found it with a wide grin on his face. He stopped his swinging and skillfully balanced on the cell's ledge with one hand still gripping his gadget and the other grasping one of the cell's cold bars.

"Robin!" the three Titans yelled in surprise when seeing him suddenly show up. The teen's grin widened at the sound of their delighted voices. He examined them closely to see what conditions they were in. Cyborg looked completely fine while the other two seemed a bit weak.

"Did you guys miss me?" Robin asked them playfully. He took out the security pass Slade had given him and held it up to the lock for their cell door. There was a soft click then the thing was open. Robin flung the door open while pushing off the wall with his feet. He flew out into the pit then came back to the wall right above their cell.

"How are we to get back up?" Starfire asked Robin as they all looked up to where a battle was forming.

"Can you still fly, Star?" Robin asked her.

"Sometimes," she said quietly.

"What about now?" he asked. "Focus everything on just flying. Take Cyborg with you. I'll take Beast Boy with me if he can't transform."

"Thanks, dude," Beast Boy said while grabbing Robin's outstretched hand. "Just…don't go so FAST!" The changeling screamed loudly as Robin pressed a button on his grappling hook and sent them zipping upward at tremendous speed. Robin let himself smile when hearing Cyborg laugh at Beast Boy. Robin swung Beast Boy to the platform Jak and the rest were on before releasing the gadget and rebounding off the ceiling. He landed behind Cyborg in a crouch.

"Robin!" Jak yelled the teen above the gun fire. "We need to go! I can't hold them off any longer!"

"Right!" Robin yelled back with a nod. "That way!" he said while pointing to the door behind them. They all ran to the door and at the last second it closed. Jak swore loudly while seeing this behind his shoulder. The Krimson Guards advanced on them while still shooting. The group was forced into a corner. All too quickly, Jak's ammo ran out and they were defenseless because they didn't have any powers.

"Cease fire!" Baron Praxis commanded the Krimson Guards. He and Erol made their way to the front of line of Krimson Guards pinning the teens into the corner. "It seems like I have all the Humans except for the two who somehow got away. But they are most likely already on Earth now. But at least I have you four."

"Just let us go!" Robin yelled angrily at Praxis as he stepped away from the group. "All we want is to go back home. We don't want anything to do with this place!

The Baron suddenly grabbed Robin by the neck with brutal strength. The teens in the corner started to go after their leader but had to back off when the Krimson Guards held up their guns to them. They watched as Praxis held Robin up off the group by his neck. Robin winced in pain while trying desperately to kick the man away.

"I'm not afraid that you guys will try to endanger my position as Baron," Praxis scoffed at the leader in his hand. "You four hanged outside my prison will do a good job of telling my city's inhabitants that if they do any kind of protesting they will end up like you guys. The prophecy will come true after that because the people will be too afraid to go against me."

The Baron then cruelly threw Robin to the floor with a wicked smile. Robin gasped for air on his back while rubbing his neck. He sat up with a death glare aimed dangerously at the Baron. The Elf only laughed at his pitiful state, which only made the teen madder than a hornet. Out of pure rage, the teen took out the pistol Tess had made for him and aimed it at the group in front of him.

All at once the mood switched. Jak's eyes lit up with amazement along with Daxter's. Erol took a step backwards while muttering, "That's a manmade anti gravity gun. We could be suspended for days if he shoots that thing!"

"Sweet!" Beast Boy yelled with a smile. "How did you get one of those, Robin?"

"Doesn't matter," Robin said while getting to his feet. "Now," he said darkly to the Baron. "Let us go or I'll shoot. And tell all your other Krimson Guards to back off. We are going home."

There was silence in the big chamber as the Baron thought this over. Erol glanced to him like he was crazy for even contemplating the situation. Finally Praxis motioned for his Krimson Guards to back off. The team slipped out of the door that suddenly became unlocked. Robin slowly backed up into the doorway after they were out.

Suddenly the teen smiled wickedly while muttering to himself, "This kind of revenge won't hurt anyone expect bruise their pride." The Baron and Erol swore at him as they heard this. Robin waved goodbye before pulling the trigger and shooting out a wide light blue light into the room. Suddenly everyone in the chamber started to float into the air with yells of surprise.

"I think you had enough fun for one day, short eared kid," Daxter said to him with a laugh.

"Yeah," Cyborg said. "Let's get out of here."

"Yes," Starfire said with a nod. "I wish to go home."

"Sorry to say, Star," Robin told her. "But that was the easy part."

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