AN: Because the coming chapters of EfaP will more than a bit heavy, and because I don't want my lovely readers to get all depressed and hate me until the next time I update, I have included a special bonus:

The Avatar's Guide to Quickly Solving All Your Problems!

(May also be used to determine 'in character' behavior)

Uncle Iroh's quick fix: give whoever is in trouble tea and food. Tea is the cure for all medical injury and helps calm everyone down. The act of eating forces people to sit still long enough to reflect on their problems while they chew.

Zuko's quick fix: Find the Avatar. Katara's traveling with him, and nothing else is seriously important enough to worry about until after the Avatar is captured.

Zhou's quick fix: Taunt Zuko. This doesn't actually achieve anything, but it makes you feel a lot better about the situation. When in serious doubt, just kill someone.

Aang's Quick fix: Find an animal. Ride it. This act not only forces you to calm down (animals can sense fear/anger/etc) but lets you loosen up, which results in an increased ability to think. It's also a ton of fun. And in serious situations, the animal you're riding will invariably be bigger and stronger than you are, and therefore will act as more of an intimidating force. Also useful for quick getaways.

Momo's quick fix: Fix? Fix what? He's a lemur, for crying out loud! He's to smart to get into trouble like his pet humans do.

Sokka's quick fix: If there is even the most remote chance that it can be solved with violence, then act like a tough warrior and try to beat the tar out of whoever's bugging you. If there is no such chance, then leave it to Katara. She's ALWAYS got a plan. And when you aren't fighting, eat.

Katara's quick fix:...Not really a valid question, is it? Tried stealing once, though that didn't exactly work out too well. But it did set her up with Zuko...

Fire Lord Ozai's quick fix: Try to take over the world. Not exactly quick, causes more problems than it fixes, but seriously, this man is a maniac anyway. Which is why he's being kept busy by all the rabid Zuko fans with butcher knives who are shouting "off with his head!". Masako Moonshade happens to be at their head.