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Today's post goes out to UpLate, who writes:

I need some advice: my sister is tired of our normal schedule and she wants some change. How could we throw in some differences here and there?

Thanks for your question, UpLate, and for you I present

Moonshade's Guide to Shaking Things Up

Uncle Iroh's Super Switch: I am more than familiar with the drudgery of an unchanging routine. I have found that life is more pleasant when you make reasons to celebrate every now and then. In fact, I would be most honored if you and your sister would join me for Music Night.

Zuko's Super Switch: What are you talking about?! If you let yourself get distracted, you'll never get what you want.

Aang's Super Switch: You know, routine is overrated. Take some time off every now and then-- take a vacation and do something you enjoy. Like riding giant koi in Kyoshi island, or picking up an old hobby that you almost forgot about.

Mei's Super Switch: How do you keep from getting bored? How should I know--I've been bored all my life. Maybe you can get a boyfriend or switch sides or something. That always makes life a bit more interesting.

Sokka's Super Switch: Try a bit of humor--comedy can shake up any situation. Or maybe some anachronistic slam poetry-- that's always fun.

Momo's Super Switch: You're bored? Try hanging out with humans for a while. Those things are bizarre-- you'll be so busy trying to figure out what's going on that you won't have time to be bored.

Aunt Wu's Super Switch: Find yourself a pair of beautiful shoes, and take a new route home from school once a week. In two months and three days, you will find something rather surprising in store.

Fire Lord Ozai's Super Switch: I like to take time out of my routine to relax-- take a nice break, visit a spa, eat some exotic delicacies, get an invigorating ice massage. Ah, it's good to be Fire Lord.

Admit it, you were expecting him to tell you to take over the world for a change.