Chapter 87 Epilogue

I lied, there had to be an epilogue, I couldn't have left you hanging otherwise.:) My darlings welcome to the very last official chapter of that madly entertaining load of tripe A Mirror Between Worlds

There were two cloaked silhouettes standing atop Apollo's Lyre as Paris' pale moon shone down on the empty streets below.

"It has been too long since I have gazed on this view," the tall one murmured, long hands shoved deep in his pockets.

"Six months at least," his companion answered.

"Closer to seven I would say, it took nearly a month to tear you away from the ruins in Ireland."

A laugh answered him, "Just wait till you take me down under, then try and drag me away from it all."

"Heaven help me." The man muttered, his fingers closed around a long snakelike object in his pocket. He stepped around behind her, unraveling the gleaming string from around his fingers "I have a gift for you."

"Oh really?" A hand raised out of his pocket and lowered the present in front of her eyes, hovering down towards her neck. An emerald pendant on a silver chain glinted in the moonlight, the pale light reflecting off the many facets and sinking into the envious depths below.

"Oh Erik…" Adriana breathed, behind her, the Phantom smiled,

"A two year anniversary should not go unmarked," he murmured, draping the chain over her skin. The pure green stone pulled at the silver, drawing it down into a smooth arc around her neck. Adriana looked at her hands, still marked with the same two rings she always wore, "Strange," she whispered teasingly, "I don't recall owning a white dress."

"Two years since you first strode into that little hell hole I'd been hiding in and demanded I dance with you."

"Oh you mean that anniversary."


"Two years," Adriana murmured, "My God has it truly been that long?"

They both heard the crash and shatter of a tray of empty champagne glasses dropped by a member of the cleaning staff, tidying up after the annual opening season ball. Odile had performed Salevare brilliantly.

"Taxi." Adriana called in a singsong voice.

"Sh." Erik hushed her, she went back to fingering her emerald necklace.

"Two years, I can't get over it. So little,"

"Yet so long,"

Adriana pouted slightly in disappointment, "I never thought to get you anything."

"I know," Erik replied, "But you've already given me a greater gift."

"I have? She asked in puzzlement, "What?"

One long arm curved around her waist, holding her against him. Erik reached the other hand up to his face and removed his mask. "You have me the power to do this."

With a sharp movement the white porcelain went sailing across the sky to shatter against the roof tiles of a building close to the Opera House.

Adriana smiled in satisfaction and pleasure. "I love you, you know,"

"I do, and I love you as well,"

She rested her head against the curve of his shoulder, running light fingers up and down the arm encircling her waist.

"Come, my dear," Erik offered, "The night awaits," Adriana accepted his hand and was lifted down from Apollo's Lyre and into Erik's embrace. They kissed with the ardour of newlyweds, everything the last two years had taught them enforcing the bonds that held them together. At last, drawing his lips back from those of his heart, Erik's malign face smiled. "Ready?" he whispered.

"Whenever you are."

With twin swirls of dark cloaks, the Phantom and his Wraith turned and disappeared into the shadows of Paris.

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