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Something is happening to the titans...

" did this happen? Slade is frozen!" Robin said.

Something they shouldn't deal with this early in life...

"No clue man but we have another culprit..." Cyborg stated.

Now it's their turn...

"Not again..." Raven sighed.

Coming this June...

"I'm NOT CHANGING ANY DIAPERS!" Beast Boy yelled and then he was hit by a rattle...

"Beast Boy Funny!" A small baby Starfire laughed.

Dunn...Dunnn...DUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN! Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun!

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Chapter 1: Where Did We Go Wrong?

"No! I can't believe you had my child!"

"I'm sorry but I was afraid to tell you earlier..."

"Now I have a toddler on my hands!"

Beast Boy and Cyborg cried.

"You should of told Marcito earlier Margerita!" Cyborg cried.

"Now he'll leave and the child will be fatherless!" Beast Boy sobbed.

They both hugged each other. Robin and Raven came in with bags from Babys R' Us and stared at the two titans.

"Ok...why don't you two go get a room." Raven said shaking her head.

Cyborg and Beast Boy quickly seperated.

"I was giving him emotional support.." Cyborg said pointing to Beast Boy.

"No way! You were sobbing all over me!" Beast Boy agrued.

"Why is "All My Offspring of His Affair" on?" Robin asked.

"No reason!" They quickly said as they turned off the tv screen.

"So where is she?" Raven asked.

"Who?" Beast Boy asked.

"YOU LOST THE BABY?" Raven yelled her eyes turning white and black energy surrounded her.

"No...she's playing hide and seek!" Beast Boy quickly said sweatdropping.

"Nice save man." Cyborg said.

"Well then...GO LOOK FOR HER!" Robin yelled.

Beast Boy and Cyborg ran upstairs.

"Baby? Come here baby! I have a nice rattle!" Cyborg yelled.

"That's not how you call a baby!" Beast Boy said.

"Come here baby, who's a good baby? Who's a goody woody baby waby?"

"Oh yea...might as well use a baby call too.." Cyborg said.

"Waaaaaa! Waaaa! Gooo! Gooo! Gaaaaaa! Gooo!" Beast Boy yelled.

"I was sarcastic?" Cyborg said as he look in the garage.

"Found her!" Beast Boy said as he jumped in the air trying to grab a small Starfire.

"Weeee!" She cried as she flew off towards the window.

"Ah!" Beast Boy yelled and he turned into a polar bear and stood on his hind legs blocking the window.

It didn't help though. Starfire just lifted Beast Boy out the window with her and they flew into the city.

"Oooo that's not good." Cyborg said as Raven and Robin glared at him.

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