The mysterious girl then ran over to the tower and the titans gasped.

"Oh my god. Lexi! What are you doing here?" They asked.

"I brought you your scripts for this chapter, you better not screw up! Cuz I have your replacements behind this door!" She then pointed at a door.

Who was really behind the door...

Saint H stared at Starfire's replacement, Mama Slade.

"Your such a milf er-I mean very nice lady." He said.

"Who are you suppose to be replacing?" She asked.

"Robin." He said.

Mama Slade looked around and then winked at Saint H.

"Why do I have to replace Raven?" ShiningAsta13 asked.

"Why do I have to replace Cyborg?" Shipping-Slob asked.

Asta and Slob looked at each other and switched name tags, while giving each other the thumbs up.

A guy then walked in and smiled.

"Oh my god! Asthon Kutcher! Are you replacing Beast Boy?" Saint H looked up from what him and Mama Slade were doing...(twitches left eye) sick.

"No, Arnold from Hey Arnold is. I'm just here to see how Lexi's other fic is doing." He said.

"Your in the wrong fic. This is 4 titans and a baby." Mama Slade said as she finished what her and Saint H were doing...(twitches right eye) still sick...

"We should do that again some time soon." Saint H winked at Mama Slade.

"I would love to make lemonade with you again soon!" She squealed and hugged Saint H who slowly lowered his fist and quoted Napolean Dynamite.

Just then, Geezer Slade busted in through a window and clutched his side, while pointing at Saint H.

"Your...dead." Geezer Slade then died from the internal bleeding which was triggered by pointing too fast. Poor fool never stood a chance.

"Hey guys! I have some advice to give from my football shaped head!" Arnold said barging in through the door.

Back with Lexi and the titans

Lexi then high fived the mysterious girl.

"Good luck." She as she walked out the door.

"Who are you?" The titans asked.

"I am..." The girl revealed herself to be...

Michael Jackson.

"AHHHHHHH!" Cyborg screamed and ran behind Lafawnda.

"Hehe!" Michael Jackson then moonwalked over to Robin.

"I been looking forward to working with you! You and Beast Boy are my favorite titans." He said while doing a spontaneous dance move.

"Ahhhh!" Beast Boy and Robin hugged each other for protection.

Raven, who thought this was too good to be true, began to laugh really hard and things around Michael Jackson began to explode.

"HEHE!" He said as he danced away from the explosions.

Beast Boy then began to slowly move towards the door. Michael Jackson then saw him and began to moonwalk after him. Beast Boy shrieked and began to moonwalk away as fast as he can from the Peter Pan wannabe. So for about a good 5 hours they moonwalked fast around the tower. Robin, who was known for his cool utility belt, was going to grappling hook away but his belt was broken. So he walked over to the Home Depot build next door to the island to get it fixed.

Home Depot

"Welcome to Home Depot, home of the home depot, can I take your order?" Ed from Good Burger asked.

"I want to have my utility belt fixed." He said.

"One utility belt fixed." Ed said into the microphone.

"Erm, aren't you going to fix it?" Robin asked, confused.

"I don't make the food, I take the orders." Ed said.

"This is Home Depot. You don't order food here." Robin said.

"You don't?" Ed asked, soon followed Robin's fall, anime style.

Back at The Boss's HQ

"I came down here to tell you, it rains in heaven all day long. I want to find you so bad and let you know I'm miserable up here without you." The boss sang.

"Armor For Sleep sucks." Speeding Flame said.

The boss glared at him.

"Your fired." She said and Speeding Flame fell through a trap door.

"Who are you going have work for you now?" Slade asked.

"I'll find someone." Tb said and she ordered her only remaining worker to post flyers up around town.

The tower...

9 year old Starfire walked into the living room to find Robin picking hamburger parts from his belt, Lawfanda and Cyborg making out, Raven rolling her eyes and trying to push a scared Beast Boy off of her while Michael Jackson danced around them in a Peter Pan outfit. Starfire then flew over to Robin and held up the flyer she found. Robin looked up and began to read it to the other titans.

"Want to be a minion of a powerful villian in this story? Want to be included in varies schemes invovling the Teen Titans and laderhosen? Want to be a part of the villian go fish fridays at "teh secret lair"? Well then please call 1 800 minions. The Boss."

"Wow. I could finally get a job!" Lafawnda cheered. Cyborg hugged his girlfriend.

"Your a genius! We can have you go undercover!" He said.

Lafawnda then pushed Cyborg off of her.

"You think you can use me as a spy? Well it's over. I'm sorry." She then walked away.

Cyborg then began to cry and ran over to Michael Jackson for comfort, since Robin was hugging Starfire and crying because Lafawnda was the coolest person here, besides himself.

"Awww, what's wrong Cyborg?" Michael asked while stroking Cyborg's bald head.

"Everything! You! Me! The world! Bagel Bites!" He then sobbed uncontrolably until he saw a leaf float outside.

"LEAF!" He yelled and jumped out the window after it, only to end up falling into the ocean below.


Aqualad was on a hot date with Bumblebee!

"I'm on a hot date with Bumblebee!" He said as he ate seaweed with Bumblebee who rolled her eyes.

"Thanks for stating the obvious, Fishhead." She said as Cyborg floated by Aqualad's window.

"Hey wasn't that Cyborg?" She asked.

"I KNEW YOU LIKED HIM BETTER THAN ME!" He cried and ran to his room to cry.


"What is your name?" Tb asked.


"Why do want to be my minion?" Tb asked.

"Because I want to hurt Cyborg, bad." She said, tears in her eyes.

"Ok. Welcome to the team!" Tb said shaking Lafawnda's hand.

Cyborg and his song...

"Lafawnda...won't you come back to me...on the count of three...1...2...3..." Cyborg sang as he played the guitar.

Lafawnda didn't come.

"Lafawnda hates me...because I wanted her to come back...on the count of three...1...2...3... " Cyborg sang and he began to cry again.

Raven and Beast Boy...

"So I always liked you." Beast Boy said blushing.

"Really?" Raven asked blushing.

" wanna do it?" Beast Boy asked.

"I thought you never asked!" Raven said and they ran into Beast Boy's room to have hot sex.

Robin and Starfire in Robin's room which is below Raven's room...

"Robin, where is that constant banging coming from?" Starfire asked.

"Raven's room. Apparently she's doing something." Robin said.

"Or someone." Saint H coughed.

"Huh?" Robin and Starfire said.

"You haven't been reading your scripts, have you?" Saint H asked.

Robin then read through the script and went white.

"You mean?"

"Yup." Saint H nodded.

"Oh Beast Boy..." Raven moaned very loud.

"Friends Beast Boy and Raven are in trouble! We must go help them!" Starfire said as she went to fly off.

Saint H grabbed her though.

"They are see, when a half demon and a changling are in love...they ummm..." Robin began.

"I am not stupid Robin, I know they are mating, I merely wish to give friend Beast Boy the protection of the condom." Starfire said.

"Wow, I wonder who told her that." Saint H asked.

"Mas Y Menos." Starfire said as she flew out of the room, leaving the two guys in Robin's room, thinking of how Mas Y Menos came around to talking about condoms with Starfire...

Three weeks later...

"Oh god..." Raven said coming out of the bathroom.

"What?" Beast Boy asked, he then saw what was in her hand and turned the palest green could ever turn.

"Is that right?" He asked.

"Yes.." She said.

"I can't believe your..."

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