A Darien and Serena Story

Chapter 1

Crimson Star Bar and Restaurant

Darien and Andrew walked into the bar. It was a normal night outing on Thursday. The bar was packed as usual. Andrew pointed to the bar and saw a beautiful woman sitting between 2 empty seats. Andrew smiled at the woman.
"It's the only open spots." Darien nodded and followed him. "Hi."
"Hi," the woman said.
"Do you mind?"
"Oh, no." She picked up her light blue boucle wrap and moved a seat over. Andrew sat beside her with Darien on the end. The waiter delivered a Sonora Sunset infront of the girl.
"What can I get you fellows tonight?"
"One brandy."
"Normal," Darien said.
"Hi, I'm Andrew." The waiter placed the 2 drinks in front of them.
"Serena." They shook hands.
"My friend Darien." Darien nodded. "Come here often?"
"Uh, not really." Serena ran her orange around her glass. Andrew watched that. He took a sip and looked over to see Darien run his orange piece along his glass before taking a sip.
"So, what do you do, Serena?"
"Andrew, leave the pretty lady alone."
"I'm a graphic designer."
"Business manager." Serena looked over at Darien.
"And you?"
"Darien just a spoiled billionaire."
"Wow. Spoiled?"
"Over-exaggerated." They ended up talking the evening away. Andrew could see the sparks forming. He excused himself to the make a phone call. Darien laughed as Serena talked about her college days.
"I swear I know you from somewhere?"
"Yea, me too," Darien said. "Where do you work?"
"Chiba Inc." Darien smiled. "You?"
"Just this small company. Another drink?"
"I think that was my fourth."
"I'll make sure you get home okay."
"Yea." She took the new glass and cheered him. Darien raised his glass to hers.
"Okay, Mr. Shields."
"Just Darien."
Andrew decided to use the bathroom after his long phone call. He looked over to the bar and saw the couple missing.
"They were just there," he muttered going into the bathroom. He heard groans and moans from a stall and smiled. "Some people." Andrew went to use the bathroom. Darien was holding Serena up against the stall, as he drove inside her. Her black lace-up dress undid as he suckled on her breasts. Andrew recognized the 'oh god' and 'yes, yes, right there'. He quickly finished up and went to the stall. He could see through the slits and gasped. He stumbled back holding his mouth. Serena cried out Darien's name, as he thrust a few more times into her, before coming just as hard. They fixed their clothes and came out.
"Andrew!" Darien said as he opened the stall.
"Well, well. You two really hit off."
"How long were you standing there?" Serena reached down after holding Darien's upper arm as she fixed black macrame espadrilles.
"Long enough. So, is this a one time thing?"
"Andrew, go."
"Fine! She's really beautiful, Dar." Serena blushed. "Hurt him for me." Darien glared at him. Andrew held up his hands as he left.
"I have an asshole for a best friend."
"Yea. Look, umm, Darien, I.." Darien held her shoulders.
"I have never done that before."
"Me too."
"I just.."
"Yea. Look I understand if you don't.."
"Come back to my place."
"Excuse me?"
"So we can talk." Serena thought.
"okay." They went out. Andrew was about to pay when Darien handed money to the waiter, and then they left together.
"I'll see you tomorrow," Andrew said holding up his hand for a cab. A cab appeared.
"I can drop you off."
"Nah, cab is fine. Goodnight, Serena. It's too bad." They were shaking hands.
"What?" Andrew kissed her hand, then cheek.
"Darien got you first." Darien shoved Andrew into the cab.
"My car is around here." Serena followed closing her blue wrap.

Chiba Park Ave Condo

They arrived to Darien's building as Darien pulled into the garage.
"This is where you live?"
"Yea, top floor."
"You really are a spoiled billionaire, huh?"
"No." They walked to the elevator. As soon as the doors opened to Darien's apartment, Serena gasped.
"This can't all be yours!"
"Yea. Why don't I make us some drinks." Darien took her wrap.
"I think I drank enough."
"So, you wanted to talk?"
"We can talk later." Darien said pulling her to him as they kissed. "Much later." They slowly made it up his stairs with all the kissing and tearing at the one another's clothes. Serena fell to Darien's bed in just her black espadrilles and black lace tanga. Darien kicked off his shoes and socks. Serena got up on her knees and unzipped his pants, allowing them to fall to the ground. She came up and kissed him. Slowly falling to the bed kissing, only thing that followed was a constant creak of the bed, moans and groans. Darien laid awake, as Serena was sleeping on his chest. Never has he experienced such a fire and passion from a woman in all of his 26 years of life.

Serena and Darien laid in bed the next day, tangled sheets around them. Anytime they tried to get out of bed, one touch, one kiss would lead them right back to the bed and making love. Between making love there was slight talking, short naps mixed in as well. Andrew called around 2pm to kid around, only to be cursed out by Darien.
"Are you missing work?"
"Nah, I got this Friday off, that why I was drinking last night."
"Did something happen?"
"Stupid co-workers." Serena went to tell him her week. "And to make matters worst, boss was so happy with the results, and David got all credit. And if I say something, it might seem like I am, well, I'm just not like that."
"Tell your boss. I'll bet he'll understand and correct it."
"My boss is a joke, he's an arrogant pompous millionaire asshole, who probably wouldn't know his ass from his dick."
"Wow." What Serena didn't know what the Darien was the company CEO. "I guess he really did rub you wrong."
"I mean, its one thing to criticize, I understand that my taste and ideas is not for all. But to send down his assistant to tell me what a lousy job and artist I am. He can go fuck himself." Darien laughed.
"I'm sorry."
"Thanks for listening. So, tell me about your job."
"It's nothing."
"To own this place, it has to be big."
"It's nothing, why don't I order food. You like Chinese?"
"Uh, sure." Darien reached over and dialed 2.
"Yea, could you bring up food, Roger. Chinese, I'm thinking 2 number 8s, a 10, oh, 4, and 13. Thanks." He hung up his phone. Serena looked at him. "I memorized the menu."
"You're not allergic to anything."
"Mushrooms and pecans." Darien dialed back Roger.
"Roger, no mushrooms or pecans in anything. Oh, and dessert of the day is fine with vanilla...
"Chocolate ice cream. Thanks." Once they found themselves feed and fill, they resumed round 6, or 7. Darien woke up to find the sun had set. Serena asleep, her back to his chest. Darien quietly pulled away from her and went to the bathroom. He returned to find her on her stomach. Darien kissed her bare back, running his lips down her spine. Serena smiled. She slowly turned to her back with Darien towering over her.
"Hungry?" She shook her head. "Thirsty? More wine?" She shook her head.
"I want you." Darien kissed her. They made love, watched some tv, ate, made love, talked, made love and went to sleep.

Next morning, Saturday, Serena woke to find Darien, still naked, carry in a tray of breakfast.
"Glad to see you awake. Thought I wore you out."
"ha ha. What is this?"
"Breakfast. Cinnamon buns, bagels, juice, fruit."
"Yummy." He fed her a grape. They ate, showered, only to fall back in bed making love again.
"I kind of lied to you."
"It's a little bad."
"Are you sure you want to tell me this in bed?"
"Yea. Look, I don't work for a small company. I kind of own it."
"Figures, I mean, look at this place."
"That's not all."
"My full name, not just Darien Shields. It's Darien Shields Chiba." Serena looked at him and turned her head.
"Oh." She sat up, holding the sheet to her chest. "Oh my, god." She went to get up.
"Wait, where are you going?"
"I slept with my boss."
"Technically, yes."
"Technically yes! Do you realize how...oh my, god." Serena reached down and found her boucle wrap.
"Don't go, look, it's okay." Darien held her shoulders. Serena pulled away. She put on her wrap.
"It's okay! It's okay! It is NOT fucking okay! I slept with you! I have to go."
"Wait, please, Sere," Darien tried to stop her. Serena picked up his black sweat pants after sliding on her underwear.
"No, don't Sere me! You lying bastard! How could you keep that from me! I practically talked shit about you and you just laid there..oh my, god!" Serena quickly put on her shoes and grabbed her dress.
"Serena, look, I didn't want to..."
"Please, don't. Goodbye Darien, I mean, Mr. Chiba, whatever!" Serena stumbled out the room and ran.

Tsukino Gold Condo

Serena arrived to her apartment to find her answering machine flashing 13. She clicked the button. Her best friends screaming at her. Serena picked up her phone.
"Finally! Where have you been?" Tears formed in Serena's eyes
"I slept with my boss." Serena started crying.
"What!" Serena cried, but was able to get out what happening.
"I need to shower and think and..I don't know."
"Okay, girl. We'll all stop by later."
"No, I'll come by for lunch or something." She hung up and went to the bathroom. She put on her rebel tee with jeans and black thongs. Serena ended up going by Mina, Amy and Lita's place within a few hours. She cried on their shoulders with tons of pizza and cookie dough ice cream to cheer her up. Serena went back to her place. She put on her berry satin slip with matching kimono wrap. Around 7pm, the door bell rung.
"Mina! I told you all I wanted to do was sleep!" She flung the door open and saw Darien. She gasped. "What are you doing here?"
"Can I come in?"
"Serena, please." He stopped the door.
"Mr. Chiba, please." Serena went to move his hand, but Darien grabbed her wrist. They stared at one another. Darien leaned down and they kissed.
"Call me Darien." She smiled at him. "Just Darien."
"okay, Darien." They went inside and made love. Darien laid on Serena's bare chest, as she rubbed his head.
"What are you thinking about now?"
"Liar, talk to me."
"I, I work for you."
"What if someone..."
"No one will find out."
"And Andrew?"
"He works for me, if I tell him not to tell a soul, trust me, he knows, I'll kill him if he does. This will work out, okay." He reached up and kissed her. "Trust me."