Chapter 10


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All the girls were running around trying to hurry to get dress. Serena remembers being awaken by her mother. Serena's mother came into her room.


"Good morning, Mrs. Chiba."

"It's my wedding day, can I skip it?" Serena's mother laughed with her.

"No, but this might help."

"Cake? It's 7 in the morning!"

"It's your wedding day." Ikuko feed her a piece.

"That is good."

"Now get up." Serena smiled and hugged her.

Serena sat in front of her mirror as the artist did her make-up and hair. Mina, the maid of honor, the girls had to draw straws and she won, came over in her gown.

"Oh, Mina, you look so beautiful!"

"I know!"

"Look, what I have." Mina opened the bag and Serena's dress was revealed. Serena smiled. Tears formed.

"OH, no, missy, I just did those eyes." Serena shook her head.


"Okay, let's get these traditions out the way," Raye said as Serena stood in the center getting her dress tied up on her. Serena's mother smiled and opened her box first.

"Your grandmother gave me these pearls for my wedding. Every daughter passes them on to the next generation." Serena bent down to allow the pearl necklace and earrings to be placed on her.

"That's your something old," Amy said. "And here is your something new." She opened her white box and it revealed a new pearl headpiece to go with the veil.

"We all chipped in and got you this," Mina said.

"Didn't we see this in London?" Serena asked. Mina nodded. Serena's dress was finished. Lita stood on a chair and puther veilon Serena with Mina. They left the honor to Serena's father to pull it over her face.

"Thank you."

"And your something borrowed." Mina pulled off her charm bracelet.

"You never take that off."

"Well, for you, I will." Serena let her put it on her wrist.

"Any finally, something blue." Serena laughed at the blue leg bracelet.

"Thank you girls!" They all hugged.

"Well, it's your wedding, of course we would go out our way to please you," Amy said.

"We only expect the same and MORE, at ours," Mina said. Serena's father came to the door.

"They are ready. Oh, Serena. Babygirl, you are beautiful."

"Thanks, Daddy." Serena's mother handed each girl their bouquets on the way out. She turned to Serena.

"You ready?" Serena nodded. Serena received 2 kisses from her mother before she left.

"Okay, baby. You ready?" Serena's father lifted the veil over her face after Serena nodded. "I have always been proud to call myself your father. In at this moment, I am blessed to have a daughter so beautiful, so wonderful." He kissed her cheeks. "I am honored to walk you down the aisle today." They hugged. The wedding march begin. Serena's father held his arm out for her. She took his hand and arm. They went out.

Darien stood there smiling as the wedding march music begin. His breath left him at the sight of Serena. The priest started as Serena and her father stopped. Darien's eyes never left hers.

"We are gathered here today to bring together this lovely, beautiful couple in holy matrimony..." The priest started reading from his bible. "God is love, and those who live in love, live in God, and God lives in them. We as a community of friends are gathered here in God's presence to celebrate and witness the marriage of Darien Chiba and Serena Tsukino, and ask God's blessing on them. They would ask for your support and encouragement today as you witness this wedding service, and in the future as you witness their continued marriage. Let us pray." Everyone's head bowed as the priest started.

Dieu est amour; ceux qui demeurent dans l'amour demeurent en Dieu et Dieu demeure en eux.En tant que communauté d'amis, nous sommes réunis en présence de Dieu pour célébrer et ê?tre tmoins au mariage d'Andria Hunter et de Marc Ouellette, et pour demander pour eux la grâce de Dieu.
Ils vous demandent votre support et votre encouragement aujourd'hui comme témoins à? leur crémonie de mariage, ainsi que tout au long de leur mariage. Prions ensemble.

"Who will give this woman to be married on this day?"

"I do." Ken kissed Serena's cheek and hand and moved aside for Darien to take the place beside Serena. They took each other's hands. He mouthed 'I love you'. Serena smiled.

"Darien, would you like to start with your vows?" Darien turned to Serena and took her other hand after she handed over her bouquet.

"Serena, as I stand here, I give myself to you to be your husband, and promise to love you for all eternity. In all my life, I never thought this day would come. Not this wedding, but finding my one true love. If someone told me this would happen, I would have laughed. But within this last month of my life, the best month of my life, I find myself here with you Serena, looking at you, looking into your eyes and I am stunned. From the first moment I met you, I knew you were special. From the first kiss, I knew no one else could come within miles of that feeling. You ignited me, and that fire has never left me. Nothing in this world compares to what I see, to what I feel..." Tears rolled down Darien's face. He paused. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Serena reached up and wiped away his tears. Darien kissed her hand. "For your love, your love.." He paused. "I think, no, I know, this is what every person searches for in life. This is the love everyone dreams of. This is love, this is what being forever in love means. And here I stand before you, open heart and body. My love for you grows each breath I take. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life in your arms. In your heart. I love you, for all eternity." Serena reached up to wipe the corner of her eye. Darien smiled.


"Oh, I had this downpack an hour ago. Then you have to go and make me cry." Everyone smiled and laughed. Darien held her face, as Serena tried not to cry but failed. Mina handed over a tissues. "Thanks. I'll just keep it short, because I might not be able to make it if I say everything I wanted to." Serena wiped her eyes.

"It's okay, take your time." Darien squeezed her hand as he wiped under her eyes. "Just take your time." Serena looked up into Darien's eyes.

"Okay." She shook her head. "I can do this. I can do this." She smiled and giggled. "Darien, I joyfully give myself to you, to be your wife...for as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of being a princess and find that prince on a white horse to take me away and marry me. But as I stand here, I find myself so lucky that I found someone better than that prince and his white horse. I didn't know myself whole until that night I saw you. You filled me. And as I stand here with all my family and best friends surrounding us, I give myself to you. Body and soul. Because I know I have yours. You are my great love. I see my future and its beside you. And you may not be a prince, but god, you make me feel like a queen. I love you with every fiber of my body. And I can't wait to be called Mrs. Chiba for all eternity. I love you."

The priest went to the unite candle and lit the each candle on the side of the center candle.

"Do you Darien Shields Chiba take this woman to be your wife, to love and honor her, to forsaken all that good times and in bad, for rich or poor, in sickness and health, for all the days of your life?"

"I do," Darien said. Darien took a deep breath.

"And Serena Tsukino do you take this man to be your husband... for all the days of your life?"

"I do."

"The rings." Andrew handed over the rings. Serena and Darien took one. "Darien, repeat after me. Serena, I give you this ring, as a symbol of our love today. And hence forth I declare myself to be your husband." Darien did and slid the ring on first. "Serena, repeat after me. Darien, I give you this ring, as a symbol of our love today. And hence forth I declare myself to be your wife." Serena smiled and did the same. "Now, I ask you two to lit this candle as a symbol of your unity." Serena and Darien each took a candle and together lit the candle. "Forasmuch as Serena and Darien have made this solemn covenant of marriage before God and all of us here, and have confirmed their commitment by the exchange of rings and lighting of this candle. I therefore declare them to be husband and wife, in the name of God and the Creator, Jesus Christ, I pronounce to you all, Mr. and Mrs. Darien Chiba. You may kiss your bride, Darien."

Darien lifted Serena's veil.

"Wow." Serena smiled. Darien cupped her face and kissed her. The crowd erupted in cheers. Serena's arms went around him tightly. Darien lifted her up as they kissed

"Mr. and Mrs. Chiba, everyone!"

the end



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