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Chapter: 1

The Agreement

The adrenaline pumped through his veins, tense and rapid, as he made his way almost swiftly through the woods. His breath came out in shallow rasps as his lungs burned with the fire of a thousand suns. Twigs and outstretched branches scratched at his once perfectly immaculate skin, now dripping with a mix a blood and sweat, and dirt which met with his tiny rivulets of bloody sweat and trickled down his form, leaving thin trails of a murky brown over his skin.

The rush of excitement pumping through every one of his muscles was almost too much to stand. The sting from the dozens of tiny cuts lacing through his dirt-stained skin were the only things bringing him back to reality every time his vision became slightly blurred with messy blotches of black sparks marking the images of the island.

Loud cries could be heard from behind him, angry and wild, and they were quickly catching up to him, coming closer and closer to his very presence. The disturbing wails slowly began to overwhelm him, making the fair-haired young boy lose the ability of sensible thought. He lost all self-restraint and let his fatigued form fall to the ground with an unceremonious plop.

He curled up in a fetal position and let out a long breath of air, before breathing in just as much, allowing himself to catch his breath. He lazily let his eyes wonder over to his right, were the heated shouts could still be heard from, and could see far away blurs of color about ninety yards away.

He was going to die. Just like Piggy; just like Simon; just like that poor, unsuspecting little boy. Once the chief of this miserable group of boys, he was now reduced to nothing. And he would be forgotten, along with them. Suddenly, he shook his head urgently.

No, He thought to himself. He would not let himself be killed like a helpless animal. If he died, then who would remember those who had died? Who would remember the civilized young boys they had once been? Who would bring peace back to the island?

Ralph would not die; he could not die. He was one of the last few sane people left on this retched island. More importantly, he was the only one left who would still fight for what he believed in. He would fight to the very death to restore the order that had once been, except that he would not die. He would live and make things right again. He had to. If not, the insanity would continue until Jack was the last person still standing.

Using all his might, he pushed himself up and stood on two shaky legs, slowly taking in a breath to steady himself. The maniacal cries were right in front of him, now, and abruptly, they all stopped as Jack walked up ahead, and closed in on Ralph. The red-head glared down at the younger boy, menacingly.

"Well, what do you think of yourself now, eh? Some chief you were. You never should have been chief. I was meant to lead this island! Me! I should have been chief from the very start! But you couldn't just let me take my rightful place, no. You had to make everything difficult. Well, you had your way, and now I am finally chief, as I should have been all along!" Jack's speech had started with a low voice, but had slowly increased with each sentence, ending in a loud, angry shout.

Believing that Ralph had nothing to say in response, Jack raised his spear, ready to stab through the fair-haired boy's very heart, but Ralph suddenly spoke. "No, Jack. You are wrong. Look around you. Look what you have reduced us to. We are no better than wild animals running rampant! You are a murderer, and you are teaching all the little ones that it is ok to kill each other. How long do you think it'll be before you find yourself at the end of one of their spears, begging for your life? How long?"

Jack's eyes widened slightly, in reluctant realization. He looked around to the boys standing behind them, their spears still raised, but their eyes quickly filling with a look of thoughtful consideration. "Put your spears down." Jack commanded.

The boys looked at each other in confusion, their spears still hovering high above them. "I said, put them down before I make you put them down!" Jack shouted savagely. Slowly, one by one, the boys lowered their weapons fully, waiting for their self-pronounced chief to give them their next order. But Jack did not tell them anything else. Instead, he grabbed Ralph by the arm and pulled him away from the boys and began to speak I hushed whispers, so as not to let the other boys hear.

"Then what exactly is that I should do, oh mighty god of gods?" He spat out harshly, with sarcasm lacing each and every word. But Ralph ignored this, knowing that this would be his only chance to get through to the controlling boy before him.

"Let me live. I can help you restore things back to the way they were before."

"You will not be chief. I will not let you-"

"I'm not saying that I want to be chief. It is obvious that I should be chief, with your hideous –"

"Ralph," Jack growled out angrily.

"Forget about that. Just let me be your… advisor, in a manner of words. We need to fix things. Look at what has become of us! We need to forget about what has happened and concentrate on fixing things now. The little ones, although not physically older, are now wiser through what they have seen take place on this island. We can make ourselves into a real civilization instead of these wild beasts we've all become. There's still hope, Jack."

Jack stopped for a moment to think things through. He would not look Ralph in the eye as his thoughts whizzed around wildly in his head, but when he finally spoke again, his eyes held a determined look in them. "Even if I were to agree with you, I could not simply let you go so easily. It will make the others question my authority. You know that."

Ralph was silent.

"I will let you be my advisor," Jack began. "But not immediately. First, I will allow you a few days rest to heal some of your wounds. Then, as punishment, I will have to beat you in front of the others, so that their loyalty to me will not dwindle."

"What!" Jack shouted, incredulously.

"Or if you'd prefer, I could kill you right now," Jack said, pushing his spear into Ralph's stomach for added effect. Ralph said nothing, but a defiant glare remained prominent on his face as the red-head continued. "Then, you will pledge your loyalty to me and-" Jack let out a slight growl as Ralph opened his mouth to protest, immediately making the fragile boy close his mouth with a defiant pout."-and then…I will deem you worthy of a second chance. Your are to weak and wimpy to be a hunter, but you cannot simply stand around uselessly while everyone else does work, so I will appoint you as my advisor."

Ralph did not like this idea at all. He wished he could simply agree to this plan now, and then run away late at night, but this was no his home back in London. There was no where to run to. There was only the island, and the terrifying ocean that held Piggy's dead corpse, and hundreds, if not thousands of hungry, vicious sharks.

But he would not give up. He wouldn't. He would go along with Jack's sick little plan for now, but he would find a way out sooner or later. He would not become another one of Jack's mindless little minions. Perhaps he would secretly recruit some supporters for himself, and then they would overturn Jack's authority. But wouldn't that start the entire battle all over again? Ralph gave an inward sigh, before deciding to just agree with Jack for now, and think of something later. After all, Jack had said he would have several days of healing, which would be perfect for time to think.

"Fine," Ralph agreed, eliciting a superior-looking smirk from Jack.

"Good. You made the right decision." And with that Jack gave Ralph a rough shove in the back and pushed him forward, towards the group of silently waiting boys.

Ralph felt the pain course through his muscles at Jack's shove, and forced himself to push away the pain. He would not show weakness in front of his once admiring tribe. No matter what Jack said, Ralph would always remain chief.

Perhaps he was giving up just a little but of himself today, but he would regain it. He would come up with a plan and make sure Jack paid for what he had done. Jack would be the one punished in the end.

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