This was inspired by a storm that came through…..well the first one. And yes I played in the rain too. . my friend Neal thinks I'm addicted to rain. Pft. (so is he) But anyways this idea popped into my head and wouldn't leave me alone so I wrote it. Lol. Yeah I knoe its short but I don't care. Hope you like it tho.

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She looked out the matted doorway as the rain showered down. As she observed the others enjoying the dreary weather she thought back to her younger years.

After her sister had died, Keade had become the new miko to protect the village. She was the one who now had to give up her childhood and take on responsibilities.

She looked back at the group. They didn't seem too bothered by the rain. In fact, it was as if they welcomed the change of pace. The young kitsune was jumping in puddles along with Kagome. The two would giggle each time Inuyasha shook himself to get rid of the water clinging to him, acting so much like the canine he resembled. Miroku was being well-behaved for once. He and Sango were sitting under the overhang next to the hut with one of Kagome's umbrellas. The demon slayer, for her part, seemed to really be enjoying the company and talked enthusiastically.

Yes, despite the weather the team was having a relaxing pause amongst the chaos.

"Keade! Come join us!" Kagome called.

Said miko's eyes softened. In her younger years she wouldn't have done it. Now though, the aging priestess let her hair down. Literally. Keade took her long grey tresses out of their usual ponytail and let them fall down her back. She took off her wooden sandals and the white stockings.

A smile came to her face as she stepped out of the hut and into the rain. The smile grew wider when she spun in a circle and felt the drops of water land on her withered face.

One day she would leave this place to continue to another.

She thought back again but this time to the more recent years. Meeting Kagome and the revived Kikyo. Inuyasha's awakening. The quest of which they were all now a part. Yes, one day she would pass on and hopefully be remembered fondly. To be remembered as a good priestess. For now though, she would simply enjoy the simple pleasure of dancing in the rain.