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The park was such a nice place to relax after school. The sakura blossoms were in full bloom, and the rose bushes had a lot of blooms as well as buds. A slight breeze rustled the sakura petals carrying some of the off to mix with the peach blossoms already riding the wind.

A sakura petal landed on a red rosebud, balancing perfectly on its tip. Before it could fly away again, it was gingerly picked up. The girl looked at the petal and then put it in a small pouch tied to her sash. She sighed. She was told, and had believed so ever since, that every time a sakura petal landed on a red rosebud her older brother would be thinking of her. But now, she was starting to doubt it.

Kurama was walking down the sidewalk, heading to the park. He had felt another kitsune's presence and was anxious to find him or her. It was a younger kitsune for sure, but his fox senses were picking up slightly familiar scents and sounds. Even though he was supposed to meet Hiei elsewhere, the little fire demon could wait. Kurama made his way through the park letting his keen sense of smell lead him to the little fox demon.

There sitting on the bench was a girl younger in appearance than him. Even though her long white hair was easy to see, her white fox ears and tail were not. Kurama couldn't see her fox features, Yoko could. While Yoko and Shuichi talked, Shuichi's emerald eyes turned gold. It was this event which caught the little kitsune's attention.

"Who are you?"

Kurama's eyes reverted back to their original green color. "Minamino Shuichi."

"I'm Teku Kerusa."

Kurama sat down beside her. "Are you waiting for someone?"

Kerusa sighed. "No."

Kurama leaned in closer and whispered, "Oh, but I think you are, kitsune."

The girl pulled back. She was about to protest, but Kurama's golf eyes stopped her. "Kurama? Yoko Kurama?"

"Konnichi wa, Yoko Sakura."

"What's with the human disguise, Kurama?"

"The same thing could be asked of you."

Sakura briefly wrapped her arms around Kurama. "I've missed you, Onii-chan."

"Hn. Who's your friend, Shuichi?"

Kurama looked up. "Konnichi wa, Hiei."

"You were supposed to meet me earlier. Kitsune no baka."

"How dare you! My brother isn't stupid!"

"Sakura, it is alright. Hiei is a friend." An idea hit Kurama. He turned to the little fire demon, putting an arm around Sakura's shoulders. "You know my sister, don't you Hiei? Yoko Sakura."

"How do you know she's not some human kid playing pretend?"

Kurama's eye color switched to Yoko's gold and his voice was a little different, a bit deeper and harsher. "Believe me, Hiei. I would know."

Hiei took a little step back from the kitsune. "All right, Yoko."

Kurama's eyes changed back to their normal green color. "Hiei, there's a meeting at Kuwabara's house in a few hours. Will you be there?"

"Hn. I have other things to attend to."

"Yukina will be there."

The little fire demon's eyes widened at the mention of his younger sister. "Then, I'll join you later. Kitsune no baka."

And having said that, Hiei jumped out of sight. Sakura started pulling on her brother's arm. "C'mon, Onii-chan. I want you to meet someone or rather re-meet him."

"Re-meet who, Sakura?"

"Just follow me." Sakura pulled Kurama off the path that led through the park. The gasses grew wilder as the park grew fainter. The park faded from view, and large tees surrounded the two demons. Mountains came into view. Embedded on the mountainside were small caves. Sakura led her older brother into one of the caves located at the base of the mountain.

Inside the cave, lying on a makeshift bed made out of leaves and petals and grass clippings, was a bat demon who seemed to be resting. His wings were lying out and his hair was splayed across the petals. His left ankle was wrapped in some bandages, indicating that it either had been injured recently or badly.

"Kuronue? It cannot be." Kurama transformed into Yoko Kurama. "My old partner. I hoped we would meet again." He took off a pendant and pressed it into Kuronue's hand. "I have kept this as a reminder. It was my hope that I would be able to give this back to you."

"Yoko Kurama?" A hand tightened around the pendant and Yoko Kurama's hand.

"Kuronue." Yoko Kurama knelt down next to his old partner.

Kuronue opened his eyes. "You're a sight for sore eyes, Yoko."

"As are you."

Kuronue pulled himself into a sitting position. The raven-haired demon withdrew his hand from Yoko Kurama's and opened it, revealing his pendant. "My pendant? Where did you find this, Yoko?"

"That day when we were split after that botched raid, I had gone back in hopes of finding a way to get you back. I did not find a way, but I did find your pendant."

"You've kept it all this time when you could have forgotten me."

"I could not have forgotten you, my partner. Never."

Kuronue put his pendant where it belonged, around his neck. "Thank you, Yoko."

"Onii-chan, didn't you tell Hiei that there was a meeting later on?"

"Yes, Sakura, I did." Yoko Kurama transformed back into Shuichi. "Make your wings disappear, Kuronue. I want you to come with me."

"You want me back in your life?"
"Yes. I lost you once, and I do not want to lose you again." Kuronue smiled slightly and made his wings disappear. "Let's go." Kurama put an arm around Sakura and Kuronue and led them toward the city.