Light and Dark
Chapter 4

Christmas Fireworks


Waters swayed besides the harbor docks.

Boats sailed stationary, tied up on the piers.


Warehouses stood quietly, dark on this Christmas eve.

Except one.

The one massive warehouse still had its lights on.

Its wide garage door tightly closed.

Up top on the ceiling, it had windows that spread along the side.

Thats where I sat.

Peeking down into the insides of the warehouse.

Seems like the gang is a bit busy.

I could see literally hundreds of men carrying crate after crate after crate of weaponry to the sides of the warehouse at the bottom most levels. And in the middle of the warehouse floor room was one huge Abrahms military issued tank. Men all around it prepping it up for the big how on midnight. Up on the second layer were just a series of skinny catwalks full of patrolling men, clad in black and green cameo suits with the words "Wolves" on the back. All of them were packing heat as well, with M16s and other assorted war goodies.

And in the middle of it all. Spike Wolf was no where to be found.

Jeez, there's enough firepower in this one warehouse to start a whole war.


Thats what they are doing.


I unsheathed Hina Blade.

My pitch black eyes squinted.

My fist warbled with smoke.

Time to get to work...


"Ken! The tank ready yet!.?" One wolf member yelled near the tank. A different suit then all the others. Signifying that he was an officer of this little army of theirs. Higher in rank and a lot more dangerous.

The tank cover opened to reveal another member. A mechanic.

"How many times are you going to ask me that damn question Captain. I said NO! I still need to calibrate the aiming system and load the shells in. Jeez now shut up."

"No! I will not shut up! The boss ain't goin to like the fact that were are off schedule. He's going to be here in exactly midnight and midnight is fifteen minutes away."

"Well get me some freakin help. I'll be back in the tank to actually do something."

The man retreated back in the tank.

The Captain grunted.


Everyone stopped.


"Got that right Captain!"

"Boss is going to fry our asses."

The other members then made haste. Trying to meet the requirements before the deadline.

More people ran with guns in arms.

More people started to equip their armor.

And more people started to reload their gun and switching off their safeties.

"Captain!" One man said running to the officer. "Almost everyone is in gear and ready for the party."

The officer walked over to the tank and stood on the hood of the tank.

He pumped his AK into the air.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over.

Smirks and grins.

"Fellow revolutionaries! ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW ERA!"

"YAAA"! In one huge chorus everyone yelled. Guns high up in the air.

"When Spike comes into this room we will start the beginning of the end! On this Christmas eve everyone will know our names! Say it with me people WOLF!"


The chanting spread


It grew louder.


Until the whole warehouse was now filled with blood lusting, yelling and screaming radicals armed to the teeth with machine guns and grenades.

And the one that stood above them was the officer. Crackling an evil laugh as he stood on the tank. Menacing and commanding.

That was until--


Glass shards rained down like a hailstorm as my figure bashed though one of the roof windows.



Everyone looked up to see me fall down from the ceiling and drop myself into one of the many catwalks scattered on the second floor of the warehouse. -Click-click- And in an instant, guards who were patrolling surrounded me from both sides. From the ground floor, on the tank, the Captain looked up at me, smirking.

"Well, well ,well. Who do we have here? A small little rat that came running into our cave? State your purpose here maggot."

I looked down at him. I surveyed the tank and looked back at him. Black shades glaring.

"I'm just here to keep the balance...and I believe you and your gang stepped out of the lines. So its my duty to stop you all before you go on with your massive war on this holiest of nights."

The gang members looked at each other.


And started to laugh their guts out.

The Captain looked back up at me. "Hahahah, what! You really think you can stop us! I know who you are Night Eyes. A legendary Assassin who roams the country side of Japan. Well Bull shit! You ain't so tough! And anyways look around you!"

Indeed I looked around me.

"Your only one man! You can see your already surrounded with about twenty men in both sides of the cat walk you are standing on. And by looking down here at the ground floor you can see the hundreds of men with weapons hungry for action. You have NO chance!"


The laughter roared even more.

The men around me snickered, fingers about to pull the trigger.

The captain pointed his finger at me.

"Heroes like you should just DIE! KILL HIM!"

Before they pulled the triggers I mumbled to myself: "...I'm no Hero...Just a murderer."



Gun nozzles blazed in a fury of red.

Lead flew at me from my left and from my right.

I took a deep breath, concentrated, and turned my self into a pillar of smoke, cloaking myself in an obsidian veil.

The bullets passed by my smoke figure harmlessly.



Gang members around me fell down on the catwalk, clutching bloody arms, legs, head and other body parts as their own bullets pelted each of them painfully.

They all dropped their guns in pain.

Men below gasped.

"What the hell was that!"

"He just disappeared and our men are down!"

"What the blazing hell is he!"

I uncloaked myself, ran down the cat walk with Hina blade raised high!

The several men on the platform didn't even gasp before I came in and -Slaasshh!- brought down Hina blade onto their bodies.

Blood showered around me. Followed by cut limbs.

I twirled and brought my leg up high.


My high kick met with each of their faces and sent them flying out of the cat walk.


"Look out!"

"Their coming our way!"


Their bodies bone crushingly fell unto the tank below.

Everyone winced.

I stopped and looked down at the Captain.

He looked at his dead men. Their arms fully severed off from my blade.

He sneered back up at me: "KILL HIM!"

The surviving men from behind me came running with knives trained.


I performed a horizontal slash right before my feet before I disappeared from their sight.

"Shit. Where did he go!"

"He turned to smoke again! Watch out for him."

"GUY! HE'S BEHIND YOU!" Yelled a guy from below.

The group of men looked behind themselves.

There I stood. Behind all of them. Hina blade on my shoulders.

I smirked. "Cat walks are dangerous can't be running on them." I then performed another horizontal slash on the cat walk right before my feet. "Now...I slashed the catwalk here...and also behind you all where you last saw me...what do you think is going to happen?"

The men thought...thought...and thought until then they went bug eyed.

I smiled. "Yes...that whole section your standing on is now an elevator."

The men didn't hesitate and ran to a more secure place on the cat walk.

"First floor coming up!" I then sheathed Hina blade.



The narrow platform section the men were standing on instantly detached from the rest of the catwalk and fell all the way down to the crowd below like a ton of bricks.

The men below screamed.

The men on it screamed more.






The section of the catwalk instantly landed on several men and killed them all, while the ones who were standing on it dropped in every direction. Landing on other people, crates, and on bare floor. Hard.

I squinted my eyes from behind my shades.

The Captain was pissed now.

"Fire on him! He can't escape from all our fire!"


Bullets flew in every direction.

With smoking feet I blurred down the Catwalk. I unsheathed Hina blade and twirled it like a fan all around me. Deflecting every life threatening bullet that came at me.


A blood shot man intervened in front of me. Shotgun in his arms.

He pulled the trigger.


I gritted my teeth, twirled Hina blade in front of me and -PING!- deflected the shotgun shells right back at him.

His face blew up in a fireworks display. Chewed by hot metal.

He fell down hot on the cat walk.

I jumped over him.

Bullets still flew beneath and around me as the men below shot at me.

This is getting me no where.

I looked over and down at the Captain on the tank.

He was still crackling his wide sadistic laugh.

Well...I found a target.

I blurred myself through out the catwalk network high above their heads. Avoiding their bullets with my superior speed. Soon I found myself right above the captain's position.

So I jumped off.

Time slowed down.

My leather coat followed me from behind as I fell head first towards the Captain. Hina blade extended so as it deflected the incoming bullets. The Captain didn't flinch. But was smiling. I didn't know why but now I knew. Because...

He had an RPG in his hands.

"I'll blow you to pieces!.!.!"


The rocket soared at my mid air figure.

I gasped, wide eyed.

I tensed my muscles, gripped Hina blade tighter and swung down hard.


I smacked the RPG with the broad side of my blade.

It spiraled out of control.


The rocket blasted it right at the center of an unexpected crowd.

Body and body parts flew in every direction.

Men screamed.

Time went back to normal.

The Captain gasped before--


I landed to his right, and sliced clean though his right arm.

The RPG along with his arm fell on top of the tank.

"AAAUUGGHH!" He screamed in pain. Clutching his bloody stub of an arm.

I stood up as I swung Hina blade again.

Let me even it out for you.


This time his left arm was sliced off.

He didn't have time to scream as I already twirl kicked him right in the chest.

His armless body flew backward, -THUD!- He slammed right into the warehouse door before sliding down on to the ground. In a sitting position.

The mechanic from inside the tank pooped out of the hatch of the tank.

"What the hell are you guys doing! Please shut UP ALL OF YOU FU--Thwack--"

Before he could finish, his head was sliced off from the sharp end of my blade.

I grabbed his headless body and threw him at the same direction where the captain landed to.

The remaining soldiers froze, looked back at their captain and their mechanic's corpse, and shivered.

"Oh my god! He killed the Captain!"

"No way!"


They all looked back.

I was gone.

"Where did he go!"

"Stay alert! He's a crafty one."


One by one, Round metal objects fell form above and bounced and landed near their feet.

All of them spread out through out the warehouse.

A total of fifteen or more.

One person picked one of them up...

They were grenades...

With no pins...



Everyone went bug eyed.

Everyone took their last breaths.


A serious of grenade explosions ripped through the warehouse. The people closest to the grenades were obliterated immediately, They experienced no pain. While the others either flew back, lost limbs, or got hit by explosive shrapnel. -Thud-Thud- Bodies started to fall from the ceiling. A rain of corpses.

Where hundreds of people used to prepare in the warehouse. Now was a graveyard. Arms, legs, heads, and completely disfigured bodies made up the floor of the warehouse. No one alive in sight.


A cold wind blew in from the sea.

I stood on top of the Warehouse.

My feet firmly planted on the roof.

My hands full of grenade pins.


My cellphone rang from inside my coat.

I threw the pins out into the wind.

I took my cellphone out and answered it.

Haruka's voice was on the other line.

"This is Ms. GoldenDay. Night Eyes, we have Spike Wolf, the leader, on screen. He is coming in from the sea into the docks in an unmarked helicopter. Take him out now. Oh. Make it look pretty for our observers too. Hehehe"

I looked to my side and squinted my black eyes.

My black shades stood still like ice.

There hovered a round eye like ball. An Elyon surveillance camera. It had watched me do my dirty deed all along for the future sponsors to come. I had in fact put up a show...just a show.

I smirked and waved at the camera.

The Camera hovered up and down as if with glee.


I stopped my smile and looked out into the sea. I could faintly hear the beating of the Helicopter's rotors in the distance. And soon I could make out it's metal figure coming in closer to the docks.

I looked back down at the warehouse.

Then back up at the Helicopter.

Back down at the warehouse.

Then back up to the Helicopter...

And I grinned.

I spoke into the cellphone: "You want it pretty huh? Well, how about some fireworks..."

I hung up.

And I jumped back into the warehouse...


"This is black six. Do you read me home base? Hello?" Said the pilot of the helicopter as he flew the copter closer to the docks. "Hello? Can anyone read me?"


The pilot looked back. "Sir, I'm getting nothing on the radio. What should we do."

There at the back of the Helicopter sat Spike Wolf. His face scrunched up to a frown as he sat cross legged. The eye patch on his face staring at the pilot's face.

The pilot gulped. "Sir?"

"Shut up for a second will you..."

"Y-yes sir..."

Spike wolf rubbed his beard.

"They're all prolly to busy celebrating to hear our radio transmission."

"OH, ok."

"Keep flying over there. We'll just meet up with them."

"Right sir.."

Suddenly one of the warehouse doors started to open slowly. Then a huge brown tank came rolling outside.

"Um...sir! Our tank just came outside the warehouse."

Spike walked to the front of the helicopter and peered out. "They must be eager."

The nozzle was now aimed at them.

"Um...sir...I don't think so. Something is wrong here."


I sat inside the tank. My hands in the controls and my eyes on the screen in front of me.

I smirked and lined up the cross hairs with the Helicopter.

The screen lit up with words.






The Helicopter dashboard flashed and beeped madly like a rave concert.

"What the hell is going on!.?"

"We're being locked on to sir! And it seems its coming from the tank!"

"What are they thinking!"


"Right. Evasive action now!"



I saw the Helicopter lurch to left as to evade my tank's line of fire.

Too late!

I flipped the button cover and--


-BLOOOOOM!- The whole tank lurched backwards for a second then back to normal.



The tank shell screamed its way through the cold winter air towards the Helicopter.

The Pilot pissed himself.

Spike wolf slammed the console.




The hatch of the tank popped open and i emerged out of it.

My black shades glinted a red color as I looked at the burning ball of metal.

The Helicopter totally roasted and shattered.

It fell from the sky like a dying robin.


It dove into the cold pacific ocean.

The waves eating it up as the top half of the Helicopter still burnt in the dark night.

The only source of light in the dark ocean.

I sighed. Enjoying the bonfire in the middle of the ocean.

I jumped out of the tank.

I patted myself down.

My black trench coat with blood stains once again.

The Elyon camera hovered in front of me. Recording my every move.

I smiled and said: "Merry Christmas. Hope you enjoyed the Fireworks."

And I was gone.

--------End of chapter 4--------------