A/N: Ok, for one reason or another I found myself starting to wonder what the big deal was with Yaoi's. No sooner am I wondering this but actually opening one page up and noticed many MANY stories of my favorite anime Naruto... and a lot of them are M/M. After reading some I find that I actually like the whole... idea of them being together.

It's awkward, it's. Different... and like it or not, I think it's hot. So...why not? I started to write one of my own as well, The characters might act a bit odd because I don't really know... or have seen them react to each other in this type of... position I guess, so it might take a bit getting use to. I hope you like the story!

Make My heart do Flips

Am I...

'How long have I exactly been in love with him..?' Naruto thought tapping his pen against the notebook on his desk. He was leaning his head on his palm, watching Iruka-sensei teach his class. 'Ever since I was a young child, he's been the only one who's really cared for me.' Naruto thought hanging on every word Iruka-sensei spoke.

'I don't think I remember when I started to like him so much. When I found out the reason why I found him so fun to be with, why he always made me smile when nobody else could.'

Naruto gave out a wishful sigh as he continued to watch Iruka-sensei teach his calculus class. He had actually studies every lecture to be closer to him in any way he could; he couldn't imagine not having him not in one class at least.

"On a side note-" Iruka spoke tilting his glasses while cutting off part of the lecture he was giving. "I'm going to take part in a play one of the students wrote for the school." He spoke looking to the students.

Naruto snapped out of his daydream and looked to him curiously. "I'd like any of you interested to not be shy and try-out for it." He spoke eyeing some of the students, including Naruto.

Iruka gave directions to where the try-outs would be, of course Naruto took on of the invitations and waited till all of the students went out of the classroom.

"You wanted to speak to me Naruto?" Iruka asked while Naruto held out the paper, smiling widely. "I'd like to be in the play, Sensei." Naruto spoke while receiving a look from Iruka.

"I would have guessed that you would like to do these sorts of things. You have great talent Naruto. You're loud, shameless…and a very good actor." Iruka spoke in a smile, making Naruto smile in return.

"Act? Why Iruka I don't know what you mean, I have terrible acting-" He received a slight tab on his head with Iruka's notebook.

"You're a terrific liar, I know from all those times you fake your sulks to make me treat you to Ramen." Iruka laughed, Naruto stood there watching the older man laugh, his eyes would close, and a low sound in his throat would vibrate out from him.

His eyes shot to his lips, how long had he wondered what they would taste like? He wasn't sure. With that thought he gave a small chuckle himself, 'The only reason I lie so well on that was because I do it to spent as much time as I can with you…'

"The ramen is a plus." Naruto smiled charmingly to the taller male. Iruka caught his breath from laughing while facing him, his eyes shining with the joy that the day would bring. Iruka loved to teach very much, for reasons that Naruto would probably never understand.

"So will you think about going to try-out?" Iruka asked. Naruto nodded and held up the paper, "Of course, anything to be with you Iruka-Sensei." Naruto spoke with sugary voice that made Iruka laugh and push him back with him palm lightly.

"Off you go then, before all the good parts are taken." Iruka said shooing him out before his next class started. With a nod, Naruto stepped out of the classroom and made his way toward the stairs, heading for the auditorium.

For some reason, he came across a line of girls that wept out of the auditorium when he noticed them, glaring daggers at each other as they came by. He stopped debating whether to turn back or to stay and see if he's actually get a part tin the play. He reached a tanned hand behind him to scratch his blonde head.

'I've never seen people this eager to get into a play.' Naruto thought as he was suddenly pushed ahead, "You!" a random female spoke and continued to push him until he was in front of the auditorium doors, coming across yet another dark haired girl.

"Are you here to participate in the play?" She asked loudly, demanding. Naruto blinked and nodded clueless, handing him the flyer that he had received from Iruka-sensei. She took it and tossed it aside with a nod, then stood up and circled him.

"You seem to match Mikki-chan's vision." She spoke and reached to him, wrapping her thin fingers around his neck while pulling him down. Naruto allowed himself to blush seeing how forward the girls were, while they gazed at him from all sides.

"How badly do you want to be in the play?" The girls asked looking to him; Naruto gave out a faint smile and looked to them. "I'm doing it so I can get closer to someone."

This earned a blush from all the girls. "Really?" They asked, he nodded.

They all squealed. "Perfect!" They all cooed while one of them gave him a copy of the script. "You shall be the second main character, Kyo!" They shouted in joy while shoving him inside.

While he was thrown inside, almost tripping over random things on the floor, wires, supplies. He came in contact with a body that caught him; the frame of the male was taller barely.

Naruto pushed back thanking the person while rubbing his nose, not bothering to look up. "Shouldn't you at least look at the person while you're thanking them, Dobe?"

Naruto blinked suddenly and looked up to the person and gave out a cheeky grin, "Sasuke." Naruto said simply while patting him on the back. "It's been a while."

"Clearly not long enough." Sasuke spoke coldly while looking around, Naruto seemed to notice that Sasuke wasn't in a good mood, even if he looked like he never was in a good mood before, but now, he seemed a bit… grumpier than usual from his memories of them before.

"What's the matter Sasuke?" Naruto asked curiously following him now as he attempted to evade another flock of girls.

Before Sasuke could reply, he was pulled away from a very energetic Sakura, he smiled seeing her again, he didn't really put any thought of how much he had missed the company of having old friends again until he was in this predicament, would this mean that she is in the play too?

She stopped seeing Naruto standing there, for once, he thought with amazement. She seemed overjoyed to see him. "Naruto!" Sakura spoke and reached to him, now dragging him along with Sasuke.

"Nice seeing you too…" Naruto commented while he was roughly sat on a chair next to Sasuke. Sakura explained the story roughly, and how each character tied into it. From Naruto's understanding of it, it was basically a story about two people in a forbidden love triangle. The essentials of the story was there, but the rest became too jumbled up and confusing to comprehend.

After about roughly 2 hours and 6 coffee cups later, the people who were chosen to act out in the play were released, the try-outs weren't necessary, Naruto and the other future actors of the play had actually met the author of the story who was actually one of the many fans of Sasuke.

And for some reason or another, Naruto was starting to regret agreeing to cme to this play in the first place.

Fingers were suddenly pointed to both Naruto and Sasuke. "both of you have very important parts, so I suggest if you two are going to take this play seriously-" While she was talking, Naruto wondered why she was mostly petting Sasuke and screaming at the top of her lungs in his direction, "-you two should practice this as much as you can. At least read the script over tonight."

With that said the meeting was over, Naruto sighed getting up, stretching hi limbs as he noticed Sasuke stare at him. "Some how I don't think that you'll read the script tonight." Sasuke spoke looking at the lazy Naruto shove the 52 page script in his back-pack carelessly.

"I might I might not. Depending on how busy I am." Naruto spoke and looked to him giving a smile. "Would you like to come over and make sure I do?" Naruto asked sneakily.

Sasuke gave him an odd look while Naruto gave him a slight nudge. "Come on, I'll treat you to ramen that way we'll be well fed before we start to read over the lines for our characters." Naruto said brightly.

The offer did seem rather tempting, things always were a bit more interesting when they were done with Naruto, 'and plus, it's been a long time since I've spoken to him… a very long time…' Sasuke thought and turned to Naruto and nodded reluctantly.

"Great!" Naruto spoke clapping his hands together while patting him on the back, "I have one thing I need to do, but I'll meet you right outside the front gate!" Naruto spoke waiting for an 'O.K' from Sasuke before he ran off.

'Why do I feel strange about this?' He thought while making his way out the back; in vain attempt to get away form the mob of girls.

To Be Continued.