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Make My Heart Do Flips



A young dark haired man ran through the woods of his kingdom, following a bright light that was holding something dark on its side. With anger turned up to a fevered pinch while he added more speed to his running, dodging the branches that swung at him.

"Get back here you thief!" The angered male shouted as he got close enough tot he glowing being and hooked his fingers on its shoulder. He tripped and fell, dropping the dark glowing substance in his hand.

"What are you doing? Taking what belongs to me." The dark haired male shouted angrily, then stilled when he noticed a blonde boy shove him off and reach to the ball. "If I have to be a thief to teach you a lesson then I will." The being shouted as he flipped over and stood up.

"For a prince your heart is too cold." He spoke as he showed him the dark glowing substance. "At this rate your heart will stay this way, it's as if you've never loved or cherished anything in your life!" The being shouted.

The prince sneered and pointed an accusing finger to the being. "If my guards catch you, I'll have you hanged." The prince spat. "You would not dare hang a fairy!" The blonde boy shouted as the male reached for his darkened heart. "And you will not take this back either! Not until you can learn how to see the feelings of others!" He shouted.

The prince sneered. "And what is the name of the fairy that has my blackened heart captive?" The prince spat, making the fairy blush and then still for a moment. Thinking if he should tell the prince his name and then with a sigh, "Suki." The blonde boy spoke. Then straightened looking at the cold-prince defiant, "What is your name?" It asked, his voice weakening slightly.

The handsome-prince smiled, "Kirai." -

"And cut!" Shouted a female voice running out to them, "This is perfect! We can even have an outside scene! Sooo perfect!" Mikki shouted jumping up and down with the script in hand. "You two fit the characters perfectly!"

Naruto looked at his costume and blushed slightly, "Isn't this a bit too...constricting?" He asked striking a slight pose, making some of the girls giggle to it. Sasuke became a bit angry and reached to bonk him on the side of the head with his own script. "Cut that out."

Mikki giggled at the two and flipped through the pages of her script. "I like this, if we continue at this pace the kissing scene should be practiced in no time! It's a little while from now though." Mikki spoke patting Sasuke's back, her cheeks catching a pink hue.

"It was a good idea that you two read ahead. Be prepared for what might happen." Mikki spoke tipping away before Sasuke blew up on her saying the he wouldn't go through with it again, it seemed as if Mikki relied a lot on Naruto to convince him on certain things.

'Strange that he hardly resists him when Naruto-kun asks for favors.' Mikki thought in a giggle before she hopped off toward the school with a, "Rehearsals are over! Clean up and go home!" With that everyone gave out a sigh of relief, Sakura reached to Naruto and Sasuke, "You two need to get those costumes off." Sakura spoke as they smiling evilly.

Naruto gave out a, what he hoped would be, a girlish giggle. "OOoo Sakura I never knew you moved so quickly." He said in a small shrill voice. Sakura turned beet red and smacked him with her script as well, "Baka!" She shouted whacking him again and again.

Sasuke gave out a small smile to this, and then his eyes drifted to the sky. "You're a pretty good actor Sasuke." A voice behind him spoke. Sasuke blinked and turned to see Naruto smiling at him, his blue eyes deep. "Too good." Naruto chuckled as he tossed Sasuke his script.

"Makes me wonder what other things you keep hidden, which is maybe everything." Naruto said in a light tone while carrying his things while he made his way back to the school, they had gone out to a park not too far from it to practice the lines they had for the first few days; Sasuke was perfect when he first tried his lines.

But Naruto...

'I had to practice days on end to get those damn lines perfect.' Naruto thought grimly. When he noticed that he didn't receive a comment from Sasuke as he usually does about the things he says, Naruto turned to him, seeing he was right behind him now.

"Am I right?" He pressed. Sasuke turned away in a scowl, "I don't hide anything. I'm just not as crazy and hyper active as you." Sasuke snapped back at him, Sasuke noticed something about Naruto at that moment. He didn't snap back at him like he usually did before when they were younger.

Had Naruto actually grown up these past few years? He did seem more mature, his features... No can't be that, he was still that energetic, loud, and annoying person that he had met years before. He didn't change,' but maybe... maybe I didn't consider him so. Disagreeable as I did before? Was that it?'

Sasuke was suddenly brought to a halt from his thoughts as he continued to watch the blonde. He let out a chuckle, everyone froze.

"What's so funny?" Naruto asked as he turned. Sasuke shook his head, "You do look a bit stylish in that-" This time it was Naruto's turn to throw the script at Sasuke. "SHUT UP!" he noticed giggles follow Sasuke's chuckle, it was insanely rare how Sasuke's laugh was.

'So when he did laugh about something, it was a big deal. But why was it always Naruto who made him smile? Did Sasuke even notice that?' Sakura thought about that for a moment as she reached to take Sasuke's hand, making him halt slightly.

And then coolly pull away from her as he turned to face her. He was met with a deep sea-green stare, "Sasuke I need to ask you something." Sakura spoke as she waited for the other girls to walk past them, heading to the school giving a light scowl as they walked slower in hope that they might be able to stay a little longer with the dark haired male.

"Well?" Sasuke asked as Sakura's look turned harder. "You're attracted to him aren't you?" Sakura asked suddenly. Sasuke stiffened, "What?"

"To Naruto, you like him?" Sakura asked. Sasuke thought about it for a moment, Naruto and I? Something bubbled in him slightly, and suddenly he found himself laughing. "No, I'm not attracted to him, nor do I like him." Sasuke said looking down to the blushing Sakura.

'That's the first time... I've ever seen him... loose?' Sakura's face turned sour as she tilted her face to view the blonde male that was turning the other way, stomping inside the doors of the campus. "Are you sure..?" Sakura asked her voice turning softer.

'Why is she suddenly asking me this?' Sasuke thought as he looked at her again, she wasn't blushing now. Odd thing to see from her, as if she wasn't aware that he was standing there this close to her. "You seem relaxed around him." She said quietly.

"Relaxed?" Sasuke asked, Sakura blinked, 'He responded..?'

She blushed hard seeing his confused look on her, "Relaxed, like... Naruto does something to you to loosen you up. You actions change..."She spoke making Sasuke stiffen. 'But that doesn't mean I like him, we're hanging out more because of the rehearsal, and I've always acted like that around Naruto, I don't just relax.' He thought his look on her quizzical.

She blushed and looked down, "N-never mind." She said lowering her head while Sasuke shrugged it off and turned to walk to the auditorium of the school, not noticing Sakura secretly glare at him. 'You do have a thing for Naruto; you're just too dense to see it yet Sasuke-kun.'

Naruto stretched back in his jeans and black T-shirt while he put on his sneakers. "It's so gooooood to be out of that costume." Naruto announced seeing Sasuke enter the auditorium and heading to the changing room. "Hey Prince, you wanna grab a bite to eat and look over some of the script a bit more?" Naruto asked smiling to him.

'How the heck can Haruno even suggest that I'm actually... attracted to someone like him?' Sasuke thought as he looked at him with a distasteful look, "I'm sick of ramen." He spoke and turned in the dressing room. "I can read the lines by myself just fine."

Naruto blinked, and didn't answer him till he returned fully dressed in his own clothing. "So...is that a no?" Naruto asked, Sasuke smirked. "It's a no. "

With that Naruto simply smiled, "Heh, what better things you have to do than to hang out with me?" Naruto asked. Sasuke looked at him in a glare, "Believe me there are better people out there than you." He spat coldly. Naruto's look softened in a gentler smile. "Ah."

"So it's like that..." Naruto spoke and stood up, Sasuke blinked seeing him smile brighter. "Sasuke-kuun has a date with someone." He laughed dodging one of his punches and leaned back, falling on his rump while Sasuke glared at him.

"I'm not going on a date." He said coldly, composing himself. "I just want to be alone, and away from you."

Behind his poker face he smiled proudly. Naruto smiled and shook it off, "Hai, I was just joking about the whole hanging out today." Naruto spoke as he dusted himself while walking toward the exit, grabbing his bag along the way.

'Oh great now he's...lying?' He thought seeing a show outside the door. "Ja, see you tomorrow Sasuke." Naruto spoke a blush appearing on his cheeks as he ran out of the auditorium to meet an unknown-person. "You told me to wait here, what is it?" A male voice asked as Sasuke curiously followed and eyed the person Naruto was standing in front of.

"Iruka-sensei?" Sasuke asked to himself while seeing Naruto smile brightly to him, he seemed to have an extra burst of energy when the young teacher told him that he would be able to walk with that afternoon. For some reason a tinge hit Sasuke while he fought the urge to stomp out and take him by the hook of the arm and drag him off with him.

'Where did he get off on asking for something when he already had plans?' Sasuke thought angry as he started to think about it slightly, 'could it be that Naruto knew me too well?...Or... that he was willing to cancel if I had said yes?' He thought to himself as he watched Naruto skip off behind Iruka.

Sasuke felt his chest tighten, and something inside him spike up. 'I'm not jealous.' He snapped at something that nagged at him, 'I don't like him.' He thought while he turned and snatched his bag angrily and swung it over his shoulder.

'But why can't I get this stupid feeling off of me.' He thought as he heard foot steps disappearing. "Ramen Naruto? Don't you ever get tired of that, I mean ever since you were a small child-?"

"Raaamen!" Naruto persisted making his sensei laugh. "Ramen it is."

'-.- screw it.' He thought as he turned after them to follow. 'But what the hell am I doing?'

"So how do you like the play so far Naruto? You seem to be enjoying yourself." Iruka spoke while running his finger through his hair. Naruto's breath stilled in his lungs as he watched the wind play with his loose strands. Naruto bit his lip lightly as he turned to look ahead, his arms behind him, holding up his book-bag.

"Besides the costume, I actually like it. I never thought being social would be this entertaining." Naruto spoke closing his eyes, feeling the wind play over his features. Sasuke was watching him from one of the open windows of the school as they continued their way down the street, when their forms seemed to grow smaller and smaller. Sasuke jumped out of the window, landing on a branch and flipped down onto the ground, running after them to keep up.

'Why does he keep looking at that damn Iruka like that?' Sasuke thought his eyes turning darker. It was windy outside, he thought it was going to rain soon-'and that idiot Naruto didn't even bring an umbrella.' He thought as continued his paced jog to the two as they made their turn. Noticing he got too close he saw Naruto still, thinking fast, Sasuke silently jumped into a nearby bush.

"What about your lover in the play, I thought you two didn't get along so well." Iruka spoke looking at him with a gentle expression making Naruto turn back to his teacher. He blushed and smiled to him, scratching his head slightly, "Well I guess I grew up a little. Enough to see him as something more than a rival." he laughed.

Sasuke's face heated, 'More than a...rival?' He thought, strange images starting to---

'FRIENDS STUPID!' He scolded himself trying to keep his breathing low, 'How the hell did that come up?' He thought again in alarm. He mentally cursed Sakura, 'It's your fault! You got me thinking like this!' He thought and noticed that everything was too silent. He popped his head out of the bush and noticed the gone.

"Crap!" He cursed and jumped out of bush directly into a thick tree branch, climbing one by one until he reached the top, camouflaged by the thick leaves as he scanned the area for them. 'That's what I get for thinking stupid things-..This IS stupid!' He scolded himself again as his thoughts left him when he noticed both of them crossing the street; they were almost to their destination.

Noticing them walk into the Ramen Shop, they sat in a place near a window. 'YES!' He thought as he noticed a bench right under them. If he could somehow get there without being noticed he'd be able to listen in on what they were saying.

'This is stupid, this is sooo stupid.'

"So Naruto what would you like to order?"Iruka asked, "This is... on you right?" Naruto asked innocently.

With a laugh Iruka nodded. Naruto slapped down his hand on the table, "Combo Miso soup please!" He declared.

Sasuke who had crossed the street, tripping over a random wrapper that was on the floor. Landed rough on the bench under the window. With a light perspiration falling over his temple he settled down receiving many stares from blushing women, they've never seen such a young beautiful boy so flustered. No sooner than him sitting down slurps began to invade his ears, the scent of ramen coming to Sasuke's nose.

'I don't like him, I can't like him. A loud, obnoxious-'

"Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked suddenly making Sasuke stop thinking. "Hai, Naruto?"

"Do you like anyone currently?" He asked casually between slurps, Sasuke felt a small tinge in his gut. 'What?' "Depends on what type of affection you mean, Naruto." Iruka replied. Sasuke heard Naruto set his chopsticks down, meaning he was finished. "Like... love.. Sort of affection." Naruto said his voice going low. Iruka laughed, "Yes I do. I'm planning on asking this person soon." Iruka spoke making both Naruto and Sasuke perk up.

"You know Iruka-sensei.. I joined the play because of you." Naruto said bashfully. "Oh?"

"To be closer to you-"

"WHAT?" Sasuke covered his mouth hard, and then froze when both of them stopped talking. 'Shit, shit, shit, shit!'


To Be Continued.