My name is Akito Tenkawa. Born on Mars at the Utopia Colony. Only child of Aika and Hamato Tenkawa. Hobbies include cooking, making models of robots, and piloting real giant robots.

I'm also the boss of the Nergal Group, a powerful criminal syndicate with influence from Earth to Mars and possibly further who have their hands in virtually every aspect of daily life. Especially the Earth Military; information and equipment was their speciality. I gathered this was so because a certain silver-haired girl often said that the military were all idiots. Of course, all I ever wanted in my life was to be a great cook, the best. But such was not to be, and hasn't been for ten years.

My parents worked for Nergal for years, both running their front operations on Mars. They oversaw the daily runnings of everything: casinos, restaurants, banks, even theme parks. To achieve such an important position in the mob was a real accomplishment by any standards.

Of course, when something goes wrong, then they were the first ones to blame.

Everyone thought I was too young to remember, but I wasn't. I remember playing off in the corner of our restaurant. It was hours before anything had to be open. Then they came in. A slick-looking young man with a cocky-as-hell smirk leading a group of suits. I didn't get the details, but the gist of it was that someone was accused of embezzlement, and the easiest way to do that was apparently to be in charge of all the accounts. Like my parents were.

First they accused them, they denied it, then they worked my father over while the slick-looking man raped my mother. They insisted they tell them what had happened to the money, but my parents had no knowledge of it.

Loud gunfire, screams, and a spray of blood still haunt my nightmares.

It was right after that incident, that they found me. They would have killed me, if it wasn't for Goat. Mr Goat Hory, top sweeper for the Nergal Group. He took pity on me and was able to convince the slick-looking young man to spare my life. After that I was brought in and placed under his care. He had a psychologist do a profile on me, determining that I had amnesia due to the trauma I witnessed. (Of course, he probably figured that wasn't the case.) After that I underwent a long series of training to become a sweeper, under Mr Goat Hory.

I eventually found out that Goat got his name because he had a tendency to crew on tin cans during interrogations of rival gang members. Apparently it was so effective that the guy gave up everything that very day, allowing Nergal to increase it's power base.

I was trained in weapons, marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, piloting for various vehicles, stealth and infiltration tactics. Even a few things that Hory himself hadn't been taught, like swordsmanship. I was trained for nearly ten years in isolation. Nothing to distract from my training. My only friends at that time were some anime nutcase named Jiro Yamada, who insisted on being called Gai Diagoji, Mr Hory himself, and an attractive girl named Seelie Kazama. Whenever I wasn't training, I took up cooking as an additional hobby. Hory didn't mind, especially after tasting some of my food.

Eventually I was given my first assignment for the syndicate.

It was an assassination job, the target was a military admiral named Misamaru. The name was very familiar to me for some reason. It wasn't until later that I learned Misamaru was the family name of the beautiful and rather ditzy young girl who had a fairly irritating crush on me on Mars. It had really been annoying the way she used to follow me around day after day, calling out my name and always trying to kiss me.

And every time her father saw us, he would get irritated. Almost as if he was jealous of his daughter liking me more than him.

My assignment was to kill the admiral in such a way that it would look like suicide. Apparently he had been selling information to Nergal for years, and now he was asking for more money otherwise he would contact the authorities and use the military to attack us. Nergal immediately considered him a nuisance and potential threat, so they sent me.

Unfortunately when I got to his house he received an urgent phone call that took him back into the city. He wouldn't be back until later tonight, so I just had to wait.

While I was waiting, I decided to sneak around the house and find anything interesting that Nergal could make use of. Most of the house staff had gone home, so there was very little chance of being caught. That's what I thought, until I turned the corner and nearly ran into a gorgeous and curvy girl with long blue hair named Yurika Misamaru.

I immediately recognized her as the girl from Mars who had a huge crush on me as a kid. She stared at me for a few seconds, blinking unconsciously, as if trying to recognize me. When she finally did remember who I was, she went into this whole spiel about knowing me on Mars, saying that I was still a shy boy, bringing up old times and rekindling old feelings.

Mostly about how I was a boy who was in love with her. Of course, that's not what happened, but I decided to use her ditzy attitude and cluelessness to my advantage. She wasn't even concerned at how, after all these years, I just appeared out of nowhere, in her house, in the middle of the night. She did ask why I was there, but didn't act suspicious, just curious. I decided to play along. I told her that her dad had called me here for a job offer. She said that he was in the city, but I told her that this was the time he had said to come to his house.

Not surprising, she bought it. Especially the part about working for her family.

She did everything to make me feel right at home, flirting like a lust-crazed school girl. It hadn't been a hour since her father had left for the city that I found myself furiously fucking this beautiful and clueless girl into orgasmic ecstacy. I'd say we did it for about three hours, and she hadn't resisted in the slightest. All I did was lean in to kiss her, then started undressing her. She didn't put up a fight. I carried her to her fathers room and did her right there. Against the wall, on the floor, on the bed, just about every position I could think of as well as various techniques I learned thanks to all the hentai anime that Gai had in his collection.

(His favorite was something called Gekibanger 3, a show about three guys who took turns banging some slut named Nanako as they tried to save the world from aliens. They also screwed the aliens.)

I learned two things about her that night. 1-She was a screamer. A real loud one. And 2-she was a virgin. I found that rather difficult to believe, until I had plowed through her maidenhead.

Eventually her father came back from the city around two in the morning, so I made my move. Using his daughter, naked and asleep and in his own bed, was easy for a distraction. He first went into the bathroom in order to get some 'special equipment', a wicked grin on his face.

The perverted dolt.

I caught him in the bathroom and was able to hang him in the shower. He was a bit heavy though.

The investigation wasn't very long, and everyone agreed that the Admiral had committed suicide. No one was even surprised that Yurika wasn't very upset. Obviously her reputation as being totally clueless was well known to all. When she was questioned if she had noticed anything unusual in the behavior of her father, she said no. They asked her if anything else suspicious had happened around her house, again saying no. She didn't mention my presence in the house, something that would have been extremely suspicious, but she probably felt her own intimacy was no one elses business.

I got back to Nergal HQ and delivered my report. I also mentioned to Mr Hory about running into Yurika and boning her senseless. I assured him that she wouldn't mention my being there, since she probably wouldn't want her sex-life brought up in the public eye. He was convinced, especially from what he had heard about the Admiral's ditzy daughter.

I handled a few more jobs for Nergal, eventually coming to the attention of their current boss-Nagare Akatsuki. I immediately recognized him as the man responsible for personally killing my parents. I hid my anger remarkably well. He didn't suspect who I was at the time. Walking into the Nergal conference room behind Goat I noticed two other people with Akatsuki.

One was an older man who just screamed 'accountant'. This was Mr Prospector, in charge of all the groups financial concerns. The second was a sexy slightly younger woman with short coal black hair and a mean glare in her eye. This was Erina Kinjo Won, Akatsuki's personal assistant. I was told she was also a skilled fighter, and looked like she hadn't been laid in years. I suspected this by the way she kept eyeing me while Akatsuki did most of the talking. Mostly it was about my handling the Admiral exactly as he had wanted.

Eventually Kazama joined me as my partner. I was comfortable with this because I knew she was competent and could be trusted. We worked together for a couple months before we were joined by Gai. If he wasn't such a skilled pilot I would have totally said 'No way'.

My skills grew and ultimately I became the go-to guy for special assassination assignments. I was rewarded for one particular assignment, by Goat, with a sword that he said was made by a master craftsman named Hattori Hanzo. I had heard the name, but also heard that all his super tough and super sharp swords had inexplicably disappeared decades ago. I was impressed, nearly two hundred years and the sword looked as good as new.

I suddenly had a new hobby. It was collecting Hattori Hanzo swords. The one I had been given was supposedly his greatest creation, so collecting the others was of little worry.

It had been a full year since I had received my first Hattori Hanzo sword and my collection was still growing. I had been able to track down seventeen of the swords he had made, of which he had made about twenty-five. Of course I had to kill several people to get the swords, stealing a couple from a museum and some private collectors. I even received one as payment for a special job from a client.

I still kept cooking, most of my time spent training. There was a reason for it all, and it drove me to become the best I could.

My skills became legendary, my name becoming synonymous with death. Little did anyone suspect that I had also developed my own unique style of fighting. I called it the Gun Katas: a combination of Eastern discipline of the body and Western firepower. It had been so effective in earning me my legendary assassin reputation that I was actually getting paid better too.

Then, on my twentieth birthday I was called to Akatsuki's office for a very special meeting. Goat had said that all of Akatsuki's top people were being brought in, his specialists and professionals. Most of them I had never met or even heard of, so I knew this was big.

I holstered my Blademaster guns, hidden up my sleeves, sheathed my Hattori Hanzo sword, strapping it to my back, and headed down to the car that Goat had waiting for me. Kazama was waiting too.

This was definitely going to be interesting.