Ranma ½

Chapter 1


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I remember how this all started. I was spending some time with an aunt outside of Nerima. While providing for my family through my usual means, I made some enemies I shouldn't have. Nothing serious like Yakuza or such. But they were tough enough for my father to worry.

There was one immediate benefit. You see, my father hasn't taught since my mother…passed away. As such, it was up to me—by default, mind you—to keep us afloat with what money her health insurance left us. I had hidden the policy from Father to make sure in his grief and Mother's sickness that he didn't do something stupid; mother's idea actually.

It was a good thing I did. When she had to be hospitalized near the end, he went looking for it. It didn't take a genius to see it was for drinking money. Would have ended up as such had Mother not had the foresight.

Anyway, I did what I could to make myself a middleman, make certain anyone who needed anything had to go through me, an impressive feet for a seven-year-old.

But with me having to temporarily move away while they chased down a father of a student who didn't like the fact I had exposed his son's dishonorable behavior—he had fathered a child and then tried to make it look like he never knew the girl—he was forced to grow up and return to providing for the dojo.

The father made several death threats if I didn't say I was lying about his son; all of which I got on tape and gave to the police, as well as the poor girl's family. The judge issued a warrant for the father and ordered the son to give an immediate DNA sample. The test confirmed him as the father and the old man was caught and sentences a few months later.

Oddly enough, he was caught by the man who saved me, the man I fell in love with.

You see, the old man traced me to my new residence. The man chased me into an alley and knocked me to the ground with a quick and vicious punch. He said since I wanted to be a "lying little bitch", then he would treat me as such. The sick bastard didn't want to accept reality. He reminded me of Kuno-baby that way.

But I was saved by Ranma, who returned my pain a hundred fold onto the jackass. We handed him over to the cops, and Ranma received a huge reward, which he spent taking me out on dates.

He seemed shocked at how I acted on dates, and even when I pointed out flaws in his father's teachings. I think Ranma enjoyed the fact that I challenged him in some sort of warped Martial Arts Mental Games, or at least that was what I called it to keep his attention.

Sometimes you just have to know the right way to get through to a person.

Anyway, my little Prince Charming got to me, and I'm not talking about the fact he saved me, or the fact he looked so damn hunky. But the fact he doted over me, never once asking for anything. He was the first person I had met there with no preconceptions of me. Of course, considering he never carried that part of the human brain that filtered out things you probably shouldn't say to someone, or the fact he couldn't lie to save his life, didn't hurt him either. He was a guy you always knew where you stood with, and he got so flustered when I showed him any affection in public.

Private was another matter.

The damn guy made me feel like I was the center of all of creation, almost like a goddess. Sure, he had one friend, some Lost Boy named Ryoga, but he acted differently around me. If I had a problem with how he acted, I was smart enough to get him to see my way of thinking.

But he wasn't without his demons. True, none of us are without those, but his had demons of their own.

The Nekoken: the proof in my opinion Genma Saotome should have his balls removed with a dull, rusty spoon to prevent further reproduction and his eyes gouged out so as to keep him from moving about to injure someone.

Anyway, I had known him for little over two weeks, when he came bounding over my aunt's backyard wall. I had been outback, trying to get some sun. I was shocked when he started meowing, acting like a complete cat. I figured it was some joke, and played around with him like a real cat. I'm still to this day unsure of how he was able to purr like that.

But then he knocked me into my lounge chair and jumped on my lap, surprisingly light for what I expected him to weigh. But that was when I saw it: his eyes didn't show the Ranma I had grown to know. They were clear, filled with something I couldn't understand. And then he kissed me.

I wish it could be called a hot-n-heavy make-out session, but it wasn't. He kissed me for a few moments, licked my nose, nibbled on the side of my neck, and soon fell asleep on my lap.

I sat there petting him, listening to him purr. I had never thought Ranma would make the first move like that. I should have been upset, or even slightly annoyed. I was always in control.

But not with him, with him, I never knew what would come next.

I guess that is what I loved so much about him.

He woke up about fifteen minutes later, no idea where he was. He tried to squirm out of explaining what had just happened, but I told him if he was a coward, he could run away from this.

Heh, do I know how to manipulate him or what.

So then Ranma explained the Nekoken, and how when it was triggered, he would seek out the person he felt most comfortable with. From what I could patiently gather—after all, I'm not like Akane and belt him after I get a partial clue—I figured some more of it out. He seemed surprised when I told him his Neko-self was basically him without any ego. The cat reacted to anything with the true feelings of Ranma. That was why it never liked his father, the truth was Ranma didn't trust Genma and knew Genma would always betray it.

Then it hit me how Ranma's neko actions would be perceived.

He…loved me.

That was the only thing that made sense. He had feelings for me because of the kissing, the licking of my nose for affection. The bites…they meant something larger entirely.

He could never say it. He just wasn't the comfortable yet expressing himself, but I knew it. The cat had proven it.

So I did what I thought was best. I sat on his lap, wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a first kiss he could remember. When he asked why, I told him just because he could only show his true self as the cat, didn't mean I didn't think that his normal self didn't deserve the memories as well.

Things changed for us after that. He was still somewhat nervous about public displays of affection, but he didn't mind the hugs or the hand-holding. A few of my classmates that saw us jokes I was robbing the cradle.

Ranma, in his usual naivety, said that I never stole anything.

Hey, I thought it was cute!

So we progressed. I even met Ryoga, but I didn't like him too much. I mean what kind of idiot starts a fight over bread? I mean, the kid wasn't hurting for meals. And Ranma was sparring with the kid, trying to be his friend, even leading him to and from school.

But I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt.

But then a big day came. Ranma told me his father was planning on leaving at the end of the week for China, and was taking him along. I asked Ranma if he trusted his father enough to do this. Let's face it; his father was a few slices shy of a full loaf when it came to intelligence. Hell, the bread bag was empty. None of Genma's ideas were nothing but forcing Ranma to do things the man had never proven he could. Did Genma run with Ranma behind the train? Did Genma learn the Nekoken? Did Genma ever stay behind and work in the restaurant?

No, he did shit to Ranma, claiming it was for the Art and if he didn't do it, he was a weak girl. Now while I may have broken Ranma of seeing that thing as an insult—to which required him to see a video of girls giving birth—he had to admit he didn't know what else to do. Apparently he had gone on this journey after his mom died, and his father kept harping about how important it was to finish it, to make his mom proud of him.

What could I tell him? Should I have said don't go and stay with me?

I wanted to, Kami-sama how I wanted to.

But he felt he needed to do this for his mother. I could understand that. Mom had asked me and Kasumi to look after our family until they didn't need us. The problem was dad had always acted like he was dead too. But that was a benefit of this, besides meeting Ranma.

So two days before his final match with Ryoga, we…did it.

I know what you're thinking: it was one of those we'll never see each other again so we may as well have one last hoorah!

Nope, before I even made the first move—did you really think he would—he told me that when he returned, he would find my old home and come for me. He finally admitted that he loved me, and said he could be happy spending the rest of his life with me.

He can't lie. He meant every word of it. It was in his eyes.

So after that day, I waited with him at the field, brought him some food his worthless father tried to steal. I told him he could have some if he was so weak that he couldn't find or make some on his own.

Like father, like son: attack the ego and you have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

On the fourth day, I arrived to find Ranma gone. Nothing compares to how truly scared I was that day, not even when that bastard attacked me. I didn't need to be an expert to tell what happened. The blood and the drag marks told me everything I needed to know.

Genma had attacked his son and dragged him off.

We had at least had a few more days, a few more moments together.

Then Ryoga finally showed up, spouting about how Ranma was a coward.

I couldn't take it anymore, my anger for Genma needed to be vented, and a stupid boy was the best target.

I slapped him in the face as hard as I could. I yelled at him how he was at fault for not being here on time, how he was to blame for his own failings. Ranma had waited three days, and that was two days, twenty-three hours, and fifty-nine minutes more than I would have waited for him. He tried to blame his curse, and I shot it down by informing him that I had witnessed Ranma offering to escort him here. I stormed off towards home, but said one thing before I left.

"I don't know why Ranma thought of you as a friend. Your attitude makes you almost as self-conceited as his father. You want to know the real reason why you're all alone. It isn't your damn curse; it's your damn attitude! Who wants to hang around someone who blames everyone else for their own shortcomings?"

So I returned home as the school year ended. Without the jackass threatening me, I had no reason to stay.

And then a few weeks later, my period never arrived.

My father was furious, bemoaning how stupid I was. Kasumi tried to calm him down, but he was off on a tirade.

But I just sat there, occasionally listening as he went off on some spew about honor and how I would be impure when a future husband might be looking for me.

When he had tired himself out, I finally decided to speak?

"Are you done yet, or would you like to yell at me for a few more hours before I get to speak?"

He nearly went off again before I started speaking.

"I was with someone I loved, who loved me beyond words. He protected me when the best my father could do was send me off someplace and hope for the best. He showed me more attention in three months than you did in the last three years. He promised me when he came back from his training journey to make his mother proud of him in the afterlife, that he would find me. He was honest with me, Father; which is more than you ever were these last few years. If he had the ability to ask me to marry him, I would have done it that moment. Trust me, Father, if Ranma Saotome asked me to leave with him right now, I would do so. At least he's smart enough to hear my side before judging me. I just wish you were. But I guess I expected too much from the man who should have helped raise me after mom passed."

I turned around and headed upstairs to cry.

It was later Kasumi came into the room. She told me that I had missed father's sudden shock and change in attitude. But it hadn't come after my last statement. It had come when I mentioned the man's name—and make no mistake, in my eyes Ranma was a man—that father seemed to lose all anger. All Kasumi would say was that he kept muttering something about the schools finally being joined.

Kasumi had to stop me from banging my head into the desk. I should have seen it before when he told me the name of his school, but I was still high on endorphins from the attack.

Of course our fathers had to know each other. What are the odds that two people in charge of Anything Goes didn't know each other?

And if Daddy's statement could be taken at face value, then he had probably engaged one of us to him.

Well, looks like I won the prize by default, and I didn't even know I was playing the game.

So I returned to Furinkan with Akane. With Father now working the Dojo, harder than before Mom passed on, we weren't hurting for money. In fact, some kids signed up to try and ask Akane out. Somebody named Gos seemed to be the most persistent. Tatewaki even tried to sign up, and then make some stupid proclamation that anyone who defeated Akane in class would get to date her.

Both my younger sister and Father put a stop to that, informing him in no uncertain terms—at least for the rest of us sane people—that he had no standing to make such a contest and that if he ever did it again, they would make certain his family would force him to commit seppuku to reclaim lost honor.

Now I know what you're thinking: Akane using rational thought? With things back and running, my sister had to grow up when I left. She had to put away that childish temper of hers, and act responsible, especially since I wasn't around to bail her out. Three months of detention didn't hurt either.

But before my pregnancy got too far along, I had one thing left to do: I had to find where Ranma's mother was buried. I still had some contacts left from when I was still the Ice Queen, so I used them, hoping to find a grave to visit my child's grandmother.

Imagine my shock when I found her still alive.

I went to her place; oddly enough not that far from our district in Nerima, and met her.

She was so glad to have fresh news of her son, and loved the few pictures I had of him. She hung on every word, every story I told her. I swear she was actually glowing when I told her of the Nekoken, Ranma's attitude towards women when I initially met him, the way he was forced to go, and even his father's treatment of him.

I wasn't too shocked to hear she planned to seek divorce the next morning.

Of course, her attitude changed when she learned I was pregnant. I had never seen anyone so happy, let alone pull several victory fans out of the air and do "The Grandchildren Dance".

The woman all but moved into our home, spending time with me, helping me with some light exercises to keep myself from gaining too much pregnancy weight. It was a joy to have her around. Hell, I think her being there was one of the reasons Kasumi finally went to that medical school. She still lived at home and commuted, but still, she was finally trying to live a life of her own. All though, business at the Tofu clinic where she was interning was down for the first month, with the doctor dancing off every time he entered the waiting room, but "Mother" Masaki—she returned to her maiden name—helped break him of that habit.

Then little Kimiko was born. I think that was the only time I have ever had anger towards Ranma, true anger. Pushing a human out a hole not usually that size can make a person say a lot of things in the heat of the moment.

So that takes us to today. I am helping little Kimiko work on her words. The girl has my brains, but Ranma's ability to grow quickly from whatever she's exposed to.

But even she senses my fear. You see, a few months ago, I had a dream of Ranma and his father arriving at some place with hundreds of little pools with bamboo poles sticking out of them. I saw his father leapt onto them, saying something, probably trying to goad Ranma into joining him.

I was proud to see Ranma refuse, looking like he was yelling at his father. He turned around to leave.

But Genma would not be denied, and attacked Ranma, tossing him into the grounds. I watched as Ranma tried to get away from the grounds, tried to get away from whatever stupidity his father was trying now. He had succeeded somewhat by knocking his father into one of the pools, only to make it barely five meters before I giant panda hopped out and began attacking him again.

Then Ranma was knocked into one of the pools.

I screamed as loud as I could in the dream, flying over to where Ranma had disappeared.

I witnessed a red-headed girl emerge. I would have thought someone had snuck in when I wasn't looking, had they not been wearing Ranma's gi or had their hair in a pigtail, tied by a piece of lace I had given him to remember me by. I then saw Ranma scream, and woke up myself. Kimiko was crying, saying how Mommy was sad, Mommy was scared. She slept in my bed for the next few nights.

I got to go, though. Daddy says he has something important to tell me, and even Ms. Masaki seems excited. It has been two years.


Even little Kimiko can sense something is up. I just smile. My prince is coming home.

Who knows, maybe we can even get married.

But I won't stretch my hopes too far. I just want him back with me. After that nightmare, I just want him to be safe, and remember me.

Kami-sama, I just want him to still love me!

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