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Summary: Sakura was now Sasuke's girlfriend. Sasuke was contented to his life, until the one faithful day that would hurt him badly; and it was the departure of the one he loved the most. What was her reason to leave him? Will they ever get back together? SasuSaku?


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Chapter 1… Introduction of the End

Did you experience being in love? Or having a partner that you thought will love you forever? Like most of the fairy tales; have a happy ending? If yes, I was one of you. You're asking that me, Uchiha Sasuke? The one who labeled as the 'cold-hearted bastard' have feelings? Yeah, you're right; 'coz someone changed the whole me.

When I was young, my family and I live happily until the one faithful day. I know you know what happened to my clan… they were killed. And the worst of all, my own brother who did the crime. After that day, I promised to get revenge. So I trained very hard, ignoring the people around me. And one of them was my teammate named Sakura. I thought she was annoying because every time I pushed her away, she comes back and back. And I thought she was only after my looks like my fan girls did. But I proved wrong. Then, when I'm going to leave the Konoha, she spotted and told me about her feelings. But I never cared. Even I have to hurt her feelings, just for my revenge.

When I came back along with Naruto and the others, I was surprised to what I saw. There's fireworks, parades, people clapping their hands, girls squealing an ' I love you Sasuke-kun' or ' You're so handsome Sasuke-kun!' and a welcome back from the Hokage. I just can't believe, after I betrayed the Konoha, they still their for me? I felt like…I was loved. And then we moved about until Ino, TenTen and Hinata came. They greeted me, and turned their attentions on their beloved boyfriends. Yeah, I knew that when the Dobe told me. Naruto was with Hinata; Neji was with TenTen, and Shikamaru was with Ino. But wait…someone was missing. Just when I thought of that, Ino began to spoke, saying that they have a 'welcome back' party for me. I wanted to refuse, but they pushed me so that I cannot say no. Damn troublesome.

When we came where the party was held, I saw some jounins drinking beers and alcohol in a one big table. There I saw my former sensei, sitting on one chair and of course, he's reading the perverted book of his. Then we moved about to share with them.

After some conversations, Sir Gai raised his bottle of beer suddenly and shouted an: ' 'CHEERS FOR THE POWER OF YOUTH!' the others began laughing and me, I can only smirk. Then the Dobe raised his glass just like Sir Gai and say an: 'CHHEESEEEEEE!' We all laugh, even me. I only realize that the Dobe hasn't change at all!

Then the night came, almost all of them were still drinking, cracking jokes specially Naruto. I stood up and walked away, raising a hand saying goodbye. They didn't even notice me because of drunkenness. H.n. Idiots. Then I decided to go to the bridge were my former team usually meets. So I walk, until I found a presence of a figure sat on one rail of the bridge; and she was a girl. I figured it out that she was a girl because of her long hair swaying in the air. My feet started to move towards to her. I can't stop myself from moving. My heart started beating faster going crazy. Why? Why am I feeling like this?

I stopped. Now I know who she is.

I thought she felt me, so she faced me. Then her expression was like a surprised one.

And simple. We stared at each other…

Wait… is this the reality? Or did I just saw an angel? She was not the 12-year-old girl I've known. She now looked…perfect.

" S-Sasuke-kun?" she stuttered. She slowly stood up, and then began walking. Her reactions didn't change, still shocked. " S-S-Sasuke-kun, is really that you?"

I just wanted to say yes, but I can't. I find it hard to speak. I can't move either. Then, I suddenly muttered an 'Sakura'.

Tears forming to her eyes. She began running towards me. She hugged me, her face buried down to my chest. And now it was my turn to be surprised. She cried and cried, sniffing heavily. And me, instead of pushing her away, I hugged her back. I didn't even know what I did that. I suddenly put my arms around her waist, my chin on top of her head.

Then she turned to face me, tears still flowing from her eyes. I put my arms back to my side, looking directly at her. What was the surprising for me is that she stepped back, curled her fist then she punched me. I only flinch a bit, but then I faced her.

" Welcome back…bastard Sasuke-kun," she said smirking at me. So it was a welcome back. Hn. Women today…so damn mysterious. But I admit, she punched hard today, not like before.

" Sasuke-kun, wake up," a 20-year-old Haruno Sakura said, as she sat down to Sasuke-s bed. Sakura was now one of the greatest medical-nin in the Konoha. She was respected by anyone. She grew matured over the years. And believe it or not, she was considered as the most beautiful kunoichi in the konoha, even on the outside. The people in there liked Sakura, not because of her angelic face, but because of her good manners. And most of them were men. And speaking of men, she has many fans club, consist of almost the male population of the Konoha. Before, almost all of them would usually chase Sakura. Of course, Sakura would run away. But today, hn. they were lessened, because they don't want to be killed by Sakura's very possessive boyfriend. Name? Uchiha Sasuke.

" Not yet," said by a 21-year-old Anbu member named Uchiha Sasuke. The one who left the Konoha for the sake of his revenge. But he was back, years ago. He was more handsome today. And about his manners, don't worry; he changed a little. And he has now a girlfriend named Sakura. So Sasuke-kun was the lucky man.

" It's already nine o'clock! We're late to our mission!" Sakura said, throwing a pillow on Sasuke's face.

Sasuke removed the pillow on his face. He slowly sat up, slightly rubbing his eyes, " What's your problem, woman?"

Sakura throw another pillow to Sasuke, but he dodge it easily, " You lazy dumbass! Don't call me like that!"

Sasuke moved closer to Sakura, their faces is an inch apart, " Okay, Ms. Sexy,"

Sakura giggled, as she playfully slap Sasuke's cheek, " So get up now, sweetheart," she said then she placed a chaste kiss on his lips. After that, she stood up and smirked at him. She prepared to leave, " You should be faster, 'coz Tsunade-sensei would be mad at us if we are late, again,"

Sasuke smirked, " When did that old hag didn't get mad at us?"

" You idiot, not 'us', you only!"

" Whatever," then Sakura walked out of the room.

Sasuke only sighed. He turned to look at the window. Trees swaying slowly in the air; birds chirping happily. It was a fine day in the Uchiha mansion. Yeah, he was at his own house. Four years ago, he decided to live there, but at first, he didn't like the idea. Thanks to the help of his girlfriend. Then, Sasuke asked Sakura if she would like to live with him, meaning they would live together. But Sakura, of course, she didn't like his plan. Her reason was: It was early for that, and she can't leave her two brothers since her parents are in the other country. Sasuke know that, so it was okay for him. So sometimes, Sasuke will call Sakura if he was bored, and sometimes Sakura will sleep at his house, like today.

So he was contented at his life.

But he was not contented at the kiss that Sakura gave him earlier.

And then he changed his mind.

He wanted to sure that Sakura was completely his.

So that he would be happier to his life.

All he has to do was to Ask Sakura Haruno To Marry Uchiha Sasuke.

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