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Summary: Sakura was now Sasuke's girlfriend. Sasuke was contented to his life, until the one fateful day that would hurt him badly; and it was the departure of the one he loved the most. What was her reason to leave him? Will they ever get back together? SasuSaku?


" blah" – talking

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Chapter 2... The Way You Look At Me

After some minutes of dressing up, Sasuke and Sakura left the house immediately. The things that they needed, like kunais and shurikens were prepared just if they have a very dangerous mission. Now, they have to move fast because they were indeed late. H.n, Sasuke expected from Tsunade that they would receive again a deadly shout from Tsunade. But he was not worried because he was used to.

" Sasuke-kun, let's move quickly! We're late!" Sakura said on her beloved boyfriend, " Tsunade would be mad at me for the twentieth time, she told me that I always spoil you that's why we are always 'not on time'"

" Don't she always?" Sasuke said in his tone, " That old hag was always troublesome; the dobe Naruto was right. She was hopeless and impossible…"

Sakura turned to look at him directly, and soon stopped walking, " Impossible, what?"

Sasuke stopped suddenly and smirked playfully at her, " Secret," and then continued walking.

Actually, it is usual for Sasuke to make fun concerning the Hokage. The reason is because he was very annoyed when Tsunade shouting at them, and the influence of Naruto. But he respected the Hokage; he doesn't have the right to provoke her, especially she was the sensei of his girlfriend.

" What is it? You moron Sasuke-kun!" Sakura pouted and then walked about, " Hehehehe, that's the result of always going with Naruto and the others! Bad influence,"

" Influence from Naruto? Not in a million years," Sasuke said certainly.

" Hmm… okay, okay!" then they walked happily, while teasing each other.

" So I see, you're LATE again, Mr. Uchiha and Ms. Haruno," Tsunade said, emphasizing the word 'late' to Sakura and Sasuke, raising an eyebrow.

Sakura suddenly sweat dropped, " Hehehehe…gomen sensei," then she sat to the nearest chair.

"H.n." Sasuke muttered, as he leaned on the wall, cross-armed, eyes were shut.

" I will not waste anytime to scold you all over AGAIN, it's just wasting my time…"

It's good that you know Sasuke thought while smirking.

" Well, you have your new assignment, an A-rank mission," Tsunade said briefly.

" What is it, sensei?" Sakura asked.

" The mission is… you will protect a popular musician from a country," she stated. And then, the door opened, revealing a girl and a jounin. Sakura and Sasuke turned to look at the door. Suddenly, the jounin began to spoke.

" Tsunade-sama, here is the girl, Yukihina Kana, from the Snow Country," the jounin said, introducing the girl.

" Okay, you may go now," Tsunade said.

The jounin nodded and disappeared.

Tsunade started on walking towards the young lady. She was behind the lass, placing both of her hands on the girl's shoulder, " This girl was a popular musician in Snow Country, and your mission was to protect her."

" Hi, I'm Yukihina Kana, and I'm twenty years old, from the Snow country," and she smiled.

Sakura admired the lady; she was beautiful and take note… popular. She can't help but stare at her. Wow, she is gorgeous

" You have to protect her because… Orochimaru's group were after her,"

Sasuke's eyes twitched, " After her? Orochimaru?" then he looked at the girl while Yukihina stared at him back. She was surprised by the boy's appearance, and then she blushed, he's so handsome…

" Why?" Sakura suddenly asked, remembering Sasuke.

Tsunade took a glance at Sakura, " The reason: Unknown,"

" Unknown?" Sakura asked again.

" So you better not let your guard down, anytime they will haunt and attack you, but we will try our best to prevent them coming here," Tsunade said.

" Hai," the two said.

" Arigatou," and then Yukihina bowed her head.

" Well, I have rent a room for you to stay in, Sakura, Sasuke, you will live there with Ms. Kana until the mission was over."

When they got into the apartment…

Sasuke put all of their things onto the sofa. (including Yukihina's things) They went first to the rooms and check them. They have a bedroom with three beds upstairs, a kitchen and a living room downstairs and two bathrooms up and down. A simple room apartment.

Then they went to the sala to have some conversation.

" Hello Yukihina, right? I'm Sakura, Haruno Sakura," Sakura said smilingly.

" Hi, I'm Yukihina Kana, nice to meet you," she replied back. Sakura abruptly looked at Sasuke with sharp eyes.

" Uchiha Sasuke," Sasuke introduced his self with no emotion and coldly.

" Ah, I see, so you two are…kinda 'item'?" Yukihina asked if they have a relationship.

" Yeah…" Sakura said, blushing, " Ahm, Yukihina, can I call you Yuki-san?"

" I'd be glad too Sakura-san," she answered.

Night came…

" Goodnight Sakura-san, Sasuke-san," Yukihina said, ready going to sleep.

" Okay Yuki-san, sleep tight!" Sakura responded jovially.

Then, Yukihina left them alone on the sofa, going to the bedroom.

" Sasuke-kun," Sakura called, placing her head on Sasuke's shoulder, " What do you think?"

" What do you mean?" Sasuke asked, embracing Sakura.

" About…Orochimaru is after Yuki-san," she said worryingly.

" I don't know, too…" then Sasuke lifted Sakura's chin, looking directly at her anxious emerald eyes, " But I'm having thoughts that the reason was me,"

" You?" Sakura asked, her eyes filled with tears, and then it flowed down.

Sasuke wiped it away using his fingers, " But don't worry…I will not leave you behind like I did before…I will protect you, promise,"

" Promise?" Sakura asked.

" I promised," he leaned closer and kissed her tenderly, making sure he would keep his words for her.

To be continued…