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Lorelai had arrived soon after Lukes call, he was waiting for her outside, arms crossed, grumpy as usual. She gave him a bright smile and his expresion softened.

"Thank God youre here" Luke told her as she walked to him.

"Always" she grinned at him. Seeing him that grumpy always made her laugh. "So this is the place" she asked him.

"This is the place" Luke nodded.

"So shouldnt we go inside and see?"

"Oh yeah of course" Luke said and showed her the way.

"It's a very quiet street and the owner keeps the building up beautifully. He hasn't remodeled it at all. Plus, I bet he could be persuaded to give the floor a little spruce if you like." Mary said leading Luke and Lorelai through the hall of the spacious apartment.

"Oh yeah, we'd like a spruce." Lorelai confirmed, looking around.

"A spruce is unnecessary." Luke said immediatly, not wanting Lorelai to start her "I love painting" speech, 'cause he knew it would end with them painting together again. "Athough it wouldnt be that bad of an idea" Luke thought as he remembered their last time, when he almost…

"Hey, you never turn down a spruce." Lorelai smiled at him.

"She's right – listen to her." Mary said, looking at the banter of the couple before her. "Funny people" she thought

"Yeah, listen to me." Lorelia added

"You rarely give me a choice." Luke replied grumpy, althought he really enjoyed listening to her sometimes. "Almost always" He thought.

Lorelai pulled Luke close to her, and hugged his arm lightly.

"Come here so I can lick your face". She said. 'Woah! I did not just say that."'Lorelai thought. 'Im definitely not thinking about licking Lukes face! But he does have a nice face...'

"What?" Luke asked shocked. "What did she say? What the hell is wrong with her..? Not that you wouldnt like it Danes" The thought crossed his mind

"Now, I went over the square footage and the details of the lease with your husband this morning. Did he fill you in?" Mary interrupted them.

"HUSBAND?!" Both Luke and Lorelai thought.

"What? Oh no, we're –." Luke said immediatly, not wanting the woman thinking that they are something more than just friends, not that he would mind if they werent.

But Lorelai had other idea.

'Luke as my husband? Haha that would be funny"'

No, no, he didn't." Lorelai said hooking her arm with Lukes, so that they were even closer to each other. Luke just rolled his eyes. "But you know how men are." Lorelai continued, as Luke started to get a little more unconfortable. "The minute that ball game comes on, all the realities of life just go right out the window." Lorelai joked, as Luke only tightened his teeth.

"Don't I know it." Mary said, waving her hand.

"I mean, I could answer the door wrapped in cellophane but unless I was wearing a Yankees cap. . .ugh, he wouldn't even notice." Lorelai laughed a little thinking about the scenario.

"Jeeze," Luke sighed, rolling his eyes, thinking that she would definitely be the only thing he would concentrate on, but he didnt want to go any futher with that thought.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed Snuffy" Lorelai pouted at Luke , running her finger over his cheek. Luke just tried to make her stop; it was already enough for him.

"I'm just teasing. It'd be a Mets cap." Lorelai played along with her joke.

Luke decided then and there that it should be the end of this.

"Hey Mary, could you possibly leave me and little missus alone for just a minute?" He asked the woman hopefully.

"Why, of course." Mary smiled at them both, as Lorelai tightened her grip over Lukes arm.

"I promise we won't do anything dirty." She said. "Hmmmm, dirty with Luke..?" she thought. "Ok stop that Lorelai! Playing is fun, but this is too much! He's just your friend!"

"Oh please, if my husband and I looked anything like the two of you, we'd never get dressed." Mary joked.

"Hmmm...undressed Luke...Naked! Luke..." Lorelai thought. "Ok youre way too far my friend what is wrong with you?" Lorelai thought.

"Ok, it has to stop!" Luke thought embaressed as idea of possibility naked Lorelai flashed his mind.

"Oh, you are bad!" Lorelai exclaimed, jumping a little bit.

"Let me just leave this rental agreement with you in case you decide to fill it out." Mary said hopefully.

"Thanks." Luke took the papers from her.

"Oh, I hope you take it. It's got a great vibe for a nice couple like you two." Mary said finally and left. Immediatly after that Luke pulled away from Lorelai, and took two steps back from her.

"Oh, thirteen different shades of red!" Lorelai joked poking him with her finger, loving how embarrassed he had.

"What is wrong with you?" Luke asked a little bit angry. It wasnt that he didnt like to be that close with her. The problem was that for her it was just a little play fun and he didnt like to be her little "toy". "Dirty!" Luke thought at that thought. "You spend too much time with her Danes!"

"You make it too easy." Lorelai laughed at him.

"By standing here?" Luke pointed at himself defensively.

"Oh, relax Snuffy. Let's talk. What do you think?"

"She used the word vibe." Luke made a face.

"About the apartment." Lorelai clarified.

"I don't know." Luke said defensively. He still thought about them playing a "marriage", and thought if that could ever happend for real.

"Okay then, break it down. List your concerns." Lorelai said. They talked a little about how the apartment was perfect for him acording to her, and how it wasnt acconding to Luke.

"Luke, you need to do this." Lorelai said finally. "You and Jess will kill each other if you stay in that place of yours."

"Yeah, but who knows how long he's gonna be here." Luke said, a little disappointed in his voice.

"Why? Did something happen?" Lorelai asked concerned. " Luke is too great guy, he doesnt deserve to be treated that way by that punk" she thought. "Great guy...? Well he is!" A voice in her head reassured her.

"No, but you never know." Luke added.

"No, you don't, but I think his mom sending his stuff is a pretty good sign." Lorelai tried to joke to lighten the mood.

And even if he does stay, it'll be only for another year, and then he'll go off to college or Attica or whatever, and it'll just be me again." Luke knew Stars Hollow, was the last place on earth Jess would like to be.

"Yeah, but - ." Lorelai tried, but Luke cut her off.

"And stuck with a new apartment, probably with neighbors I hate who are constantly cooking really strong smelling food." Luke started to rant a little.

"I love ranting Luke..." Lorelai thought. "Well not love! Cause its to big word, I enjoy it, very much, cause were friend and the word love doesnt match here, and wont match ever cause we are friends and thats all" she bubbled in her mind.

"Okay, back up here." She said. "Yes, Jess may go off somewhere someday, but that doesn't mean you will be alone forever." 'I wonder with what kind of woman Lukes going to end?' Lorelai thought, but immediatly felt something strange inside of her.

"I am not getting a pet." Luke said immediatly, althought he knew where this was leading.

"I'm talking about a lady friend." Lorelai clarified.

"Oh." Was all Luke could say at that.

Still feeling this streange feeling inside of her Lorelai added jokingly,

"A red-hot mama." 'Joke is always good' she thought 'But not TOO hot!' a little voice in her head added.

"Okay." Luke started to feel unconfortable again. Talking about this with Lorelai wasnt the best idea, when the only one he thought about was her.

"A big, pretty dish of lovin' with a spoon made especially for you." Lorelai played along, but the feeling was still nugging her in the bottom of her stomach.

"Boy, do I not feel good now." Luke said sarcasticaly. It always helped him hide what he really thought and felt.

"Luke, Rachel's not the only woman in the world for you." Lorelai finally said sincirely. But the thought of Rachel, made her feel even sicker. 'What is wrong with me?' she thought. "You'll meet someone, someday -- probably at a Timberland store, you'll ask her out. You'll pick her up and take her on a patented Luke Danes night of romance -- juice bar followed by the batting cages -- and then you'll ask her back to your apartment." 'But I hope you dont Luke' she silently hope.

"Any amount of money if you stop right now." Luke said firmy, and inhaled deeply. He didnt want her to think about him that way. He didnt want to think about himself that way, cause the only woman he thought he might ask back to his place was the woman standing before him.

"You'll bring her back to your place, lead her upstairs to the apartment door. You pause, gaze into her eyes – the stage is set, fate is waiting." Lorelai said, imagimying Luke at this situation with The Other Woman!. "You open the door, and she sees your teeny, tiny apartment" She said with a little discussed, trying to forget about what she saw in her mind. "One room and no closet space and Jess' feet sticking up in the air 'cause you never did get rid of that body!"

"Stop, please." Luke said and grabbed her hand. He couldnt stand it. Did she really think he could be like this?

"And to make matters worse, she spots it: the single bed." Lorelai continued. 'Although it's good' she thought for a sec. 'Tiny bed, means no sex! Stop right now Lorelai, youre not trying to be jealouse right?'

"What's wrong with a single bed?" Luke become defensive, it was too much to talk about his love life and now this.

"You know what they say." Lorelai nodded.

"No, what do they say?"

"Never, ever date a guy who owns a single bed. It means he's not open to a commitment." Lorelai said confident, relife at her little discover. 'Its safe' she thought. 'What? Whats "it" to be safe?'


"It says there's no room in this life for anybody but me." Lorelai said clearly.

"No, it says there's no room in this bed for anyone but me." Luke insisted.

"Okay, see, that's not a whole lot better." Lorelai rolled her eyes.

"This discussion is now over." Luke said firmly! "And by the way, theres only one woman I could ask to my apartment after a date!" He sliped accidently

"It is?" Lorelai asked couriousely, but thought that maybe it was better if she didnt asked.

Luke was so cought in the moment that he couldnt controle everything he was saying.

"Yes there is, and i definitely havent met her at timberland store. And she knows me good enough to know why I have a single bed and that there will always be a room in my life for her" Luke finally admitted, but then caught himself saying all this to her. Almost saing too much.

"Oh" was all Lorelai could say

"I mean...I...she ...you..." Luke didnt know what to say either.

'What ?' Lorelai thought "What do you mean 'I', I mean 'you', I mean, you said 'you', but that was to me , so it means 'I'" she bubbled and didnt realise he was inches from her.

'You can do it Danes' Luke thought Lorelai straight in the eyes.

Lorelai could help herself but stare back at him. 'I never knew his eyes were that blue' she thought. They were closer and closer to one another. But then they both heard the door open and jumped away from yeach other, leaving at least 4 meters between.

"So what do you think" Mary asked when she walked in.

"You got a pen?" Luke asked Lorelai but didnt looked at her, he only wanted to end this as soon as possible, still thinking what could happend if Mary had went inside a minute later. "I'm not taking the spruce." He added smiling a little at Lorelai.

"Yes, you are." She smiled back at him, but still couldnt understand what happened between them not longer than a minute earlier.

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