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Lorelai was standing in front of the mirror in the middle of her bedroom, which was a mess. Her clothes were lying all over the room. She just looked at her reflection, irritated at not knowing what to wear.

After 2 weeks, she and Luke were finally going on their first date. It wasn't like a normal first date, when you don't know the other person and want to find out more about him or her and see if there's a possibility. No, with Luke it was different, they had known each other almost 5 years, and they just wanted to spend some time alone, far away from the spying eyes and gossiping tongues of Stars Hollow.

'5 years' Lorelai thought. 'It took us 5 years…' She smiled to herself at the thought of Luke and that she would see him soon. She looked around her and growled in aggravation.

When Luke had finally asked Lorelai out again, he hadn't wanted to tell her where they were going. Even when she tried to coax it out of him in a very seductive Lorelai Gilmore way, Luke didn't cave. Swallowing hard, he had just pulled away from her and told her to wear something casual. "Casual..." Lorelai sighed. "Men definitely have no idea how to help a woman and give her a good clue.

She sat down heavily on the bed. "Rory!" She shouted "Oh child of mine! Come here right now please, and help your poor mother! Again!"

Rory just rolled her eyes when she heard her mother's voice for the hundredth time this evening. She smiled to herself knowing how nervous Lorelai was about seeing Luke. No, not only seeing him, but also going on a date with Luke. "Finally…" she whispered to herself at the thought of her mother and a certain flannel wearing diner man and stood up from the couch making her way up the stairs.


Luke was pacing back and forth in his little apartment. He couldn't remember the last time he had been this nervous.

"It's just Lorelai," he said, as he tried to calm himself down. 'Yeah, it IS Lorelai' the voice in his head reminded him again.

It wasn't like he had to impress her to make her interested in him. She already wanted to be in a relationship with him. He smiled to himself at the thought. He and Lorelai were together. He had doubted it would ever happen. Yet here they were, after 5 years of knowing each other. They were going on their first date. Luke hated dating, but this was different.

'This has to be a good thing,' he thought as he looked at his expression in the mirror. He could see only his upper half. 'But who needs a mirror to see their bottom half, you just need to look down.'

He was really nervous. He had planned the entire evening, but he still wasn't really confident with his plans. He would never take just any woman on this kind of "date". But then again Lorelai wasn't just any kind of a woman. She was this amazing person, with the most original personality in the world. He could only pray she wouldn't kill him.

He looked at himself once again, then around his apartment. The expansion still wasn't finished, but at least Tom and his crew made it possible to live there somewhat "normally." Luke walked over to one of his old armchairs and grabbed his leather jacket. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. 'This is it Danes' he thought as he exited the room and closed the door behind him.


Luke parked his truck in front of Lorelai's house and looked at the steering wheel, still not moving. These two weeks with Lorelai had been great. From the moment they had first kissed, it was magical. And he really wanted it to stay that way.

As he closed the door behind him and made his first steps toward the porch, Lorelai walked out of the house.

They found themselves staring at one another. Luke couldn't believe how lucky he was. Here stood before him the most beautiful woman he knew. Finally. She was wearing simple jeans-he told her he liked so much, tight, fancy, red top and dark purple leather jacket. But still it all looked perfect and casual together. Just as he wanted.

Lorelai couldn't help herself from thinking how handsome Luke looked. She always knew he was a great looking guy, but now, he looked even better -- without the flannel and baseball cap, dressed in jeans, a thin brown sweater and leather jacket as well. You didn't usually see Luke Danes like that. And it was a view worth waiting for.

"Hey, " they both said at the same time, laughing a little.

"I didn't know you'd come here... I thought…the diner," Lorelai tried to explain herself, why she had left the house. It definitely wasn't normal for the girl to wait for a guy on her own porch.

"I thought I..." Luke gestured between his truck and her house. Both of them were acting like couple of teenagers on their first date.

'Why is this so awkward?' they both thought, still glancing at each other. There was a long silence between them.

Luke cleared his throat. "Should we..." He gestured to the truck.

"Oh, yeah, right."

After a few awkward moments, they were both sitting side by side in Luke's truck.

"So…where are you taking me this early spring evening?" Lorelai asked cheerily.

Luke just glared at her. "It's a surprise. You'll see," he said, starting the engine.

Lorelai looked at him with a pouting face and hopeful eyes.

"Luke...tell me? Please? You know you want to," she tried.

He just rolled his eyes, not even looking at her, but there was a little smile forming at the corner of his mouth.

"I told you; it's a surprise. You'll see soon enough."

The ride definitely wasn't quiet with Lorelai's complaining that Luke was holding out on her, not telling her about their destination. He just laughed at her babbling trying to stay focused on the road.

Still rambling and begging him to tell her, Lorelai didn't even realize Luke had stopped the truck and was opening the door to get out. She suddenly stopped talking as he opened the door on her side and helped her out of the truck.

Lorelai looked around at where they were, and when she saw the sign on the little building in front of her, her jaw dropped.

'He wouldn't!' she thought, but then felt Luke taking her hand in his. She was still in a little bit of shock when he pulled her closer to him. Just as he was leaning forward, Lorelai burst into laughter. She couldn't stop herself.

Luke just rolled his eyes, glad that at least he had made her happy. Soon enough he joined her and they were both laughing.

"I..I..I...can't..." Lorelai tried to say thought her laughter. "I can't believe... Luke Danes has a sense of humor," she slapped his chest playfully, trying to catch her breath again.

"Oh you funny, funny man..." she whispered and leaned forward.

They met in a soft, slow kiss. Lorelai wrapped her arms around his neck bringing him closer. For the first time they could kiss and really not worry that they would be caught by anyone.

Soon their mouths opened and their tongues met, massaging one another. A soft moan escaped Lorelai's throat as Luke's hand found its way under her jacket. After a few moments they broke away, panting heavily, resting their foreheads against each other's.

"Let's go," Luke said and pulled Lorelai with him in the direction of Boot's Juice Bar.


"I can't believe you took me here," Lorelai said as they took a seat in the corner.

"Well, you were the one who suggested it, so I thought 'Why not? You're... just you," Luke said and blushed a little. "I just thought that you..." he tried to say.

"I get it," Lorelai cut him off. " But I still can't believe it," she smirked. The waiter came over to them to take their orders.

"So what do you want?" Luke asked as Lorelai was still reading the menu.

"You're kidding me. There's absolutely nothing here," Lorelai said. Both Luke and the waiter just looked at her, but Luke grinned, knowing Lorelai. "There is one chocolate smoothie," he told her, pointing at the menu.

"Oh yeah!" she smiled. But then her smile faded. "There is banana and low fat milk in it," she pouted, then leaned to Luke and whispered, "How people can drink that stuff?"

Luke just rolled his eyes.

"And how people can eat all the junk food you eat?" he replied and then looked at the waiting waiter.

"We will take one King William Chocolate, but without banana and with whole milk if its possible?" Luke asked, and Lorelais mouth lifted in a small smile.

'He knows me so well' she thought.

"Of course sir," the boy replied.

"Good, and I'll take the All Berry Bang."

"Is that all?"

Luke nodded and saw Lorelai smiling at him. Just as the waiter was about to leave, Luke stopped him and said:

" And if you could put double chocolate into the lady's drink...?"

The boy just looked wide-eyed at the couple but after a second just nodded and left them alone. Lorelai's eyes were sparkling and her smile was wider than ever. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Luke's lips.

"Thank you," she whispered pulling back.

"Any time," he whispered back.

Luke and Lorelai talked briefly about the inn, the diner, Lorelai's school, and Rory as they had their drinks. Lorelai tried desperately to make Luke try some of her "Special Lorelai Smoothie" as she called it, but in return he offered her his, which quickly halted her efforts. She was reminded once again of the time when Luke had bid on her basket and they had a similar conversation about fries and carrots.

When they had finished and were about to leave, Lorelai asked: "So where now burger boy?" She smiled and ran her hand down his back.

"We're going to dinner, but we have one little stop first," he informed her as they left the juice bar and made their way back to his truck.

On the way, Lorelai couldn't stop thinking about how good she felt being close to Luke. He took her to a place she would never, ever go by herself, but still it was great. Lorelai couldn't believe that hidden under all that flannel and gruffness there was a great sense of humor even greater man.

As she was thinking just how much he wanted to make her happy by bringing her on "Patented Luke Danes Date" as she called it, it hit her. 'It couldn't be! Could it? No, impossible!' she thought. Luke stopped his truck once again and turned to look at her and her even more stunned expression.

She looked at him, out the window, and then back at him again. Luke just smiled.

"You can let out the breath you're holding Lorelai" he said. "I'm not actually planning on dragging you in there." She was still looking at him, eyes wide mouth slightly open.

"You okay?" He asked just before starting the engine, but Lorelai stopped him.

"Yeah I'm fine," she paused. "Lets go," she said pointing her finger at the brightly lit field.

"What?" Luke asked, now he was looking shocked at her. "You really want to go?

You want to go to the batting cages?" He hadn't planned this part; he just thought it would be funny for Lorelai to just see the place. Her request to actually go in surprised him.

"Oh come on Luke, I want to see how you hit the ball. And what would a "Patented Luke Danes Date" be without batting cages?" she asked raising her eyebrows at him already pulling him out of the truck with her.

Who he was to complain, Luke thought, letting Lorelai drag him through the entrance.


It was already dark outside, but the ball field's bright lights made everything very easy to see as Luke and Lorelai stood in the middle of their cage. There were some other people there too, but Luke and Lorelai were in the farthest cage and still had some privacy.

Lorelai had no intention of batting; she just wanted to see Luke doing it and see how his muscles tensed under his tight sweater during the process. She had to admit it was a view she was really enjoying. After Luke had hit a few balls he stopped the machine and walked over to Lorelai.

"Ok, now it's your turn," he said handing her the bat.

Lorelais eyes widened. "Oh no, no, no, no, no… I'm not going to do this. We Gilmores don't have any athletic ability. We have a tendency to hurt ourselves and the people around us, and you really don't want that to happen, do you?" she asked playfully.

"Come on, come on," Luke said pulling her up from the bench. "You were the one who wanted this, so you will have to bat a little too, " he said and showed Lorelai where she should stand.

He put the helmet on her head as she looked at him, not knowing what to do. Luke walked over to the machine.

"Just watch the ball, do not close your eyes, and relax," he said as he started the machine.

Just as the ball got closer and closer to Lorelai, she closed her eyes tightly, dropped the bat and took a step back.

"AAAHH!" she screamed. When Lorelai opened her eyes again, she looked at Luke who was shaking his head, trying not to laugh.

"Okay, we started this all wrong," he said walking up to her. "I think you need some more help here."

"Okay," Lorelai said as Luke bent down to pick up the bat from the ground and handed it to her again. Then he walked around her and stood behind her. Lorelai was a little confused at first but then felt Luke's arms around her. His hands rested just above hers on the bat.

"We'll do it together," he whispered into her ear. Chills ran down Lorelai's spine as she felt his warm breath against her neck. She closed her eyes at the sensation and breathed slowly. The warmth of Luke's body around hers was intoxicating. Luke wasn't doing much better as he felt Lorelai's body pressed against his. He inhaled the scent of her hair as they practiced swinging the bat.

Just as the ball was within reach, Lorelai closed her eyes again and Luke was so overwhelmed by the closeness of their bodies that they hadn't even tried to hit the ball. They stood there together not moving, both breathing heavily.

"Let's try again," Luke offered, his voice a little shaky. Lorelai didn't say anything; she just nodded slightly.

This time both of them were determined to hit the ball, concentrating as it came closer. They swung the bat together and hit the ball soundly. Lorelai started to shriek happily, jumping up and down. She lost her grip on the bat and turned around, throwing her arms around Luke's neck.

As she jumped, the too large helmet had fallen over her eyes a bit. Lorelai started to put the helmet back in place, but instead found Luke's hand pulling the helmet off her head altogether. He simply put it down and looked back at her as they smiled at one another.

"We did it" Lorelai whispered, her lips not far than a few inches from his.

"Yeah, we did," Luke whispered back, closing the space between them and kissing her deeply. They both opened their mouths immediately, allowing their tongues to dance around the others. Lorelai's arms went around Luke's waist as she tried to get closer to him. His hands roamed Lorelai's back, pressing her body even tighter against his own. They pulled away from each other, panting.

"I think we should go now…" Luke started, still trying to catch his breath. "We've spent a lot of time here, and there is still dinner."

Lorelai smiled at Luke and placed one last small peck on his lips. "You're right; let's go," she said, pulling away from their embrace.

They gathered their things and headed back to Luke's truck, both smiling at the other as Lorelai laced her fingers with Luke's.

"It was fun," Lorelai admitted when they were back in his truck.

"Yeah it was," Luke smiled. He still could feel the sensation of Lorelai's body against his and her lips on his.

As if hearing Luke's thoughts Lorelai spoke. "I'm not hungry," she stated simply and looked over to him.

Luke just looked at her, confused. "What?"

"I'm not hungry at all. But I was thinking about coffee."

"We can order you coffee," Luke said, simply not getting what Lorelai tried to tell him.

"Well, I meant Luke's coffee."

"Luke's? But…" and then he understood. Luke swallowed hard looking at Lorelai, avoiding her eyes. "You don't want to go to dinner?" he asked, just to be sure.

"Right," Lorelai confirmed.

"You want to go to the diner for coffee?"

"Right," she replied again and flashed him a shy smile.

"Okay," was all he said as he turned around and started driving back to Stars Hollow.


Luke parked in front of the diner and helped Lorelai out of the truck. Just as the door closed behind them, their arms were around each other and their lips met in a soft kiss that soon became more heated. Although normally they would have been able to be seen by everyone passing by, the darkness of the diner saved them as they frantically made their way to the stairs bumping into a few chairs and a table in the process.

Their lips never parted during this little "trip," and their tongues were slowly exploring each other mouths. At the bottom of the stairs Luke pressed Lorelai against the wall, running his hand down her shoulder, her arm, her waist. They both could feel the heat rising between them. Lorelai moaned as she felt Luke's knee between her legs. They pulled from each other for a second to catch their breath. Panting, they looked at each other and both smiled at each other's sighs, knowing the effect they had over one another.

They made their way up the stairs quickly. They stood before the door that was leading to Luke's apartment, arm wrapped around each other still kissing. Finally Lorelai pulled away slightly and looked deep into Luke 's eyes.

'...The stage is set, fate is waiting...' They both thought smiling at one another, remembering their conversation from the apartment Luke wanted to rent, that one moment which led them to this place.

Luke slowly opened the door and guided Lorelai inside.

Just as he closed the door behind them, he wanted to wrap his arms back around Lorelai. She pulled away and started walking around the center of Luke's apartment.

At first Luke thought she wanted to look around just to see what had changed, but then she started to look under the table, around the sofa.

Luke just looked at her as she was frantically running around his apartment.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked finally.

She just looked up and made a face at him as if to say "duh!"

"What do you think? I'm looking for the body," she said matter-of-factly.

"Wha...what body?" Luke asked, thinking that she had lost her mind, but then he saw a smile on her face and reminded himself the rest of their conversation that afternoon. "He's not here, Lorelai," Luke informed her. "Jess is in New York."

"What?" Lorelai looked at him.

"Jess. He's in New York visiting his mother. I talked to her and convinced her to take Jess for a few days, hopefully." Just as the words came out of his mouth, he regretted what he said when he saw a smile forming on Lorelai's lips.

"Oh, so you planned all this, Mr. Danes" she said playfully, walking back to him.

"Oh, jeez. It's not like that. I..." He tried to defend himself. "I really..." He was stopped by Lorelai's finger on his lips.

"Shh…its okay," she said gazing up at him. "I'm glad it all turned out this way," she said in a low, seductive voice.

She put her hand on his strong chest. Feeling his heart beating fast, she pulled him closer to her by his sweater. Arms around each, they kissed hungrily as Lorelai tried to pull Luke's leather jacket off. Quickly pulling the rest of their clothes off of each other, they made their way to Luke's bed.

As Lorelai pushed Luke on the bed, she paused to look at it.

It wasn't Luke's tiny twin bed she knew and mocked every time she could. It was a big king size bed.

'A bed. Luke bought a bed' she thought. Lost in her thought, Lorelai didn't see Luke smiling up at her, hoping that she got the meaning of this.

"Luke," she whispered, looking back at him. "Does this…" she gestured to the bed. "Does this mean...?"

"It means that there's room for more than one person," he replied and pulled her down to him.


Later they were lying together on Luke's huge new bed, their bodies tangled together. Luke was running his hand up and down Lorelais side as she rested one of her hands on his chest.

They met in a slow and lazy, but passionate kiss. After they pulled away Lorelai grinned even wider at him.

"So, you bought a king size bed?" she questioned, raising her eyebrows.

"Oh you know, Jess needed a bed, so I gave him mine and needed to buy a new one for myself. And you know…" He paused. " I work hard, and the old bed wasn't good for my back." He smirked as Lorelai hit his chest playfully. He caught her wrist and pulled her closer to him for another deep kiss.

After they parted Lorelai asked:

"So where are you taking me for our second date? The Timberland store? " She smirked, but Luke just rolled his eyes at her.

"Well, since the "Patented Luke Danes Night of Romance" is working so well, who knows?" Lorelai started to laugh and Luke had to join her. He loved her like this, knowing he had made her that happy, making him even happier. "And..." he added after a moment. "Who said there would be a second date?"

"What?" Lorelai asked shocked. " So now that you think you've got me -- possessed my body, dragged me to your new bed -- you think you don't have to try anymore? " she said, trying to act offended.

"Well, of course," he played along.

"Don't think I'm that easy mister," she said, resting her head in the crook of his arm.

"Oh you're definitely not easy," He confirmed. "It took us five years..."

"Five years," she repeated and they kissed again, soon forgetting about the world around them.

the end

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