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Destined to Connect


Flight 173 for PLANTS now boarding, Flight 173 for PLANTS now boarding

He walked inside the boarding gate with his mother caridad, dolefully, he thought of all his good memories in Orb. It was hard leaving a place you love, it was hard leaving your homeland.

"Kira!" a screech echoed the hallways of the airport

He turned around, and saw no one.


"Cagalli?" a blonde girl ran towards him, he looked flabbergasted.

"Kira!" she hugged him "please, please come back okay!" she wept

" I promise, I will come back"

"come back to me.." she thought

Being the best of friends for several years, she developed feelings for him. Her bestfriend, her very first friend.

"Please don't break your promise" she whispered

"I promise.." he held her hand

Last call for flight 173 to PLANTS

"Kira lets go.." caridad said "Bye Cagalli.."she smiled

"I have to go cagalli..." he told her sadly and he kissed her cheek, the hand he once held was now released.

Wake Up Wake Up! A little rabbit alarm clock yelled
"damn.. 6 already?" cagalli yawned "why do i always have that dream!"

"what dream?" a tiny voice asked

"good morning lacus.."

"good morning cagalli.. so what dream are you talking about?" she smiled

"lacus, remember that bestfriend of mine?"

"ya.. his name was kira right?"

"yup, i dreamed about him again.."she said sadly

"dont worry cagalli, he'll come back to you.." she patted her bestfriends back

"anyways.. do you know what day it is?" she asked cagalli

"innauguration day of the president?"

"what!" lacus said "no..haha"

"umm.. valentines day?"


"then what is it?"

"its your birthday! So go take a shower now!"


"so we can celebrate your birthday!" lacus said


Cagalli went off and showered.

150-1657 lacus dialled miriallia's number

I wanna go to a place where I can stay.. that i'm all right and i'm staying there with you (nice ringback) lacus sang with the ring back " Whats stopping me? I get stuck again.. Is it really okay? It's never OK for me!"

"lacus?" miriallia asked, but she continued singing, even without the ringback. Miriallia smirked

"What's got into me? I get lost again! Is it really okay? Its never going to be... going to beeee..." she sang the high pitch part

"LACUS!" miriallia said again, lacus was now awaken by her singing trance.

"hi mir.." she said happily

"singing huh? Had fun?" she laughed

"mir! Shhh!" lacus said

"fine.. anyways.. what do you need?"

"you know cagalli's friend?" lacus asked

"ya.. kira yamato, right?

"yes.. so did you call him?"

"duh! i called him two weeks ago, so i'm pretty sure he's coming today, he sounded excited and he said he'll bring a friend" miriallia said

"oh okay.. ill invite luna.." lacus told her

"sure.. anyways.. uhmmm.. can i invite someone too?"

"who is it?"

"its a friend of mine, my best friend, actually..." she said

"go ahead! The more the merrier right?" lacus squealed

"this party is going to be the best!" miriallia said happily

"i know! I'm so exicted! Yey!" lacus said

"anyways.. i gotta go. I have to buy a present.. its on the beach right?"

"yes.. the beach house on Onogoro island"

"okay.. meet you there at 5 pm"

"okay.."miriallia placed down her phone

Miriallia strolled down the streets of Orb, and hurried to the mall. While she was walking she bumped into someone.

"Ouch" a masculine voice said

"sorry" she glanced quickly,

"its okay.. i'm the one who should be sorry.."he apologized

The only thing miriallia saw was a guy with blonde hair, she didn't get to look at his face, so she never knew how he looked like. She excused herself, and ran inside the mall.

"that chick was cute.."he thought

"Rey..please answer!" she thought

Hello, this is Rey Za Burril.. please leave a message.. beep

"Hi babe, its luna.. you haven't called me for a long time now, and i'm just asking if you're okay.. well thats all, take care. I love you." Upon saying that message, she couldn't help but cry, she didn't get any replies from her lover for about a month already.

Inside the Mall
"Hey stellar!" miriallia yelled

"Hey mir!" stellar smiled

"Lets go buy the gift already!" miriallia said

"So they allowed me to go?"

"Yup, lacus even said, the more the merrier"

"yey! Im so happy and excited! So what are we give her?"

"i'm not sure yet.. .i wanted to give her a dress, but i know that she's gonna get mad.. so i'm thinking capris?"

"lets look around" stellar said grabbing miriallia's hand

"Cagalli! Come one!" lacus beeped her car

"Coming! Coming!" cagalli yelled, lacus smiled, she was happy that her friend didn't wear the usual big shirt and baggy pants, at least she wore a red tanktop and tight pants now.

"Cagalli.."lacus smirked


"..."she smiled, and she started the car

"What the hell! Lacus! Don't mind me! Its my birthday! And I dont have any other shirt, i ran out"

"i'm just happy that you're wearing something different.."

"whatever.. so where are we going?"

"uhmm... the ice cream shop, i have to pick up a gallon of ice cream"

"for what?"

"our bestfriend beach picnic silly!"


"aren't we bestfriends?" lacus said sadly

"haha! I was just kidding lacus! Of course we are! Is miriallia coming?"

"yes she is.."lacus smiled

Inside the Ice Cream Store
"i'm here to pick up an order for lacus clyne, which is me!" she giggled

"okay wait first.."auel, the ice cream boy said

"look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collections complete.."lacus hummed

"excuse me miss.."auel said


"umm.. rau our manager, forgot to list down your order.." he said

"What!" she yelled

"i'm sorry.. could you wait for about 30 minutes? We'll prepare it.. and we're going to give it to you for free.."he smiled

"okay.."lacus replied

"hey lacus.."cagalli told her

"yes cagalli?"

"i'll just walk around okay.."she smiled

"sure.. i'll just stay here.. my foot's aching.."


Outside the store
"i wonder where kira is right now, its been 6 years since we've last met..."she thought "he didn't email or write to me, for a long time already.." she pouted

"darn, i'm old.."she said silently.. "i miss kira, i can recall that birthday of mine, 12 years ago.." she smiled

"Happy birthday.. to you..."they sang to her

"Thank you.."she laughed

"cagalli! Slice the cake!"kira said

"okay!" when she was about to slice the cake, kira scooped some icing and whacked it on her face.

"you look like santa claus"he laughed

"kira!" she screamed angrily, and she chased him.

They ended up laughing at each other.

"damn.. i miss him so much.." she wiped her tears. She continued walking without looking at the lane she was crossing.


"oh excuse me..."

"hey miss.blonde, watch were you're going!"

"oh im sorry.."

"cant you watch where you're going! geez!dumbass"


"hey i was being polite! " she yelled

"whatever whore"

anna ni issho datta no ni yuugure wa mou chigau iro

She clutched her hands, she was about to punch the annoying bastard, until...

arifureta yasashisa wa kimi wo toozakeru daketsumetaku kirisuteta kokoro wa samayou bakarisonna kakkowarusa ga ikiru to iu koto narasamuzora no shita me wo tojite iyou


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Chapter 2

Special Tears

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