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Destined to Connect

Chapter 6

Unforeseen Destiny

""lacus! wait!" he said

She stopped running.

"why did you run off!"

"kira.. i.." she started to cry

"lacus?" he approach her

"cagalli... i love your hair and your amazing eyes..." he moved his lips closer to hers


He started closing his eyes.



"lacus.. whats wrong?"

"kira.." she said while trembling


"you what lacus?"

Athruns lips went near Cagallis. She started closing her eyes

Their lips went closer.

"got ya.."he whispered

She opened her eyes quickly "you.."

"you what? You love me?" he did a smooch

"bastard!" she kicked him

"hahaa! I cant believe you were about to kiss me! Ahahaa" athrun laughed



"you tried to kiss me!"she pointed

"no.. well fine.. i did.. but that was only a trick."


"i?" athrun mocked

"Fuck off!" she ran with away with anger and embarassment

"I am such an ass!" he laughed

"So I'll see you later Mir"

"Ya you too yzak, wait!"

"huh?" before he hung the phone

"Are you gonna pick me up?"

"Ya sure.. ill pick you up at 5 pm k?"



"Yes Rey!" she said happily

"Umm.. well I.."


"Son of a bitch." he thought

"Did someone just screech your name?"

"I dont think so" he turned around and saw a girl with brown hair and blue eyes

"Crap! And that must be Meer Campbell"

"Hey Rey.." she said sadly "Did you find out anything:

"My Dad's vice president of the Zala Corporation!" he smiled

"Is that it?" she said

"Well.. I'm.. sorta.." he gulped

"Rey Za Burrel there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Meers boobs jiggled as she pointed at him.

"Rey who the hell is she!" Luna wept

"My fiancee.." he looked away

"What!" her eyes widened

"Hi!" meer winked

"Luna! I swear! I just found out about her today! I don't even know..." he was cut off

"We haven't seen each other for weeks now, and you came back betrothed to some other woman!" she cried

"Luna!" he started crying "My dad told me.."

"Enough Explanations Rey!" she stared at him "We are through."

"Luna! please..please!"

Luna ran fast without looking back.

"Hey rey.. i'm your new fiancee! C'mon lets talk about the wedding.." meer said

"luna.."he thought "i have to figure something out!"


"you what lacus?"

"kira.. I..."

"UGGHHH!" a screech was heard

"What was that?" Kira and Lacus said in Unison

"Cagalli!" they did it again

"That bastard!" she said angrily

"Whos the bastard?" Kira said


"Why Cagalli?" lacus asked

"Ya.. why Cagalli?" the dark blue haired emerald eyes asked

"Speak of the devil" she said

"Well.. he.." she told everyone

"He what cagalli?" Kira asked

"Ya I what?"

"He tried to kiss me!" she pointed at him

"Ha ha ha!" athrun started laughing "I tried to kiss you?"

"That's not really funny athrun.." Lacus said, Kira nodded

"Why should I try to kiss her anyway! She's not my type!" He laughed

Cagalli blushed with embarrassment

"See you guys tomorrow!" she yelled as she ran towards her room.

"Athrun.. Why'd you do that?" kira said

"You hurt cagalli's feeling, if I didn't hold my anger, I could have punched you." he said

"I'm going now.. lets go lacus.. i'll drop you home..." kira said

Athrun was left there bewildered. "I found it funny..."

"That jerk!" she wept in her room "Just you wait tomorrow Athrun Zala.." she smirked

Athrun left the Attha mansion and he went back to his own mansion.

"Hey lacus what were you gonna tell me?" Kira said

"No-nothing! Hehe.." she laughed

"Okay then.."

"Stellar!" shinn smiled, he popped out of her bedroom window

"Oh Hi Shinn! You scared me!" she hugged him "What are you doing here?"

"Well.. Stellar, If I hid something from you would you get mad?"

"Well.. Yes and No.." she said

"Yes and No?"

"Well... Yes because you're hiding something from your girlfriend!" she sceamed, he gulped

"No... Cause I respect your privacy.." she smiled

"So.. If i hid something from you.. you wont get mad?"

"No Shinn, i wouldn't.. Why? Care to share some secrets?" she asked


"You're keeping secrets!" she yelled

"Hey privacy remember!" he winked

"Oh fine.." she said "Good night Shinn.. See ya in school.." she kissed him

"Good night my little star..." he kissed her back and he left.

"Shit.. he's keeping something from me!" she fiddled with her fingers "I need to know!"


"Yzak, you're finally here"

"Yep.. lets go"

Yzaks House

"Hi Mrs Joule" she kissed her

"My Dear Miriallia.. sit sit, and you too Yzak.."

"Hi Dears.." Mrs. Haww said

"Mom?" miriallia said

"What are you doing here?" she asked

"Well.. Me and your mom were talking and we decided to..." Ezrael said

"To?" Mir said

anna ni issho datta no ni yuugure wa mou chigau iro

"To?" Yzak looked flabbergasted, what the heck was his mom up to.

"To..." Ezrael said

"Mom! what the hell! to what!" yzak screamed

"To get you guys engaged!" Mrs Haww Said Happily.

arifureta yasashisa wa kimi wo toozakeru daketsumetaku kirisuteta kokoro wa samayou bakarisonna kakkowarusa ga ikiru to iu koto narasamuzora no shita me wo tojite iyou

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Chapter 7

Spurious Feelings

Her heart was embedded with thick fog, sealing her one and only love in heart. None of her friends knew about it. Not even her. But this unexpected someone did.

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