By: OtakuSailorV

She was afraid of everything; there was nothing that could frighten him.

He warned her to never be afraid; fear was for the weak. He was afraid of nothing and even the tiniest drop of youkai blood in her veins meant that she should never be frightened either, especially not by something so simple and insignificant as a human.

She promised him she would not be frightened, but it was such a hard promise to keep. Every day her world was filled with things that she was either too weak or too frightened to repel. She didn't have any strength like he did, the only thing she could do was create a barrier and hope that those threatening her would soon lose interest.

It was hard for her to hold her head up high at first, but his harsh order to be fearless like her demon ancestors kept her going.

His ruthlessness had made her stronger, and over the years she continued to become someone she was proud of. She held her head high; her eyes level with those passing, her tanned skin, silver-blue hair and purple eyes visible to the world. The world was not happy, of course, but she felt for the first time in her life like she was complete.

Standing where she was now, on top of a lonely hillock, no grass at all springing from the mud-encrusted ground, she felt tears prick at her eyes and spill down her cheeks. Her purple eyes swam in a veil of salt water.

It was true. The rumor was true. He had been struck down in battle by the inu-hanyou and his group of misfit allies just like she had always known he would be. He had fought against his creator cunningly and been in turn abandoned to his death.

She could sense it; his presence was still here. The lingering scent of his miasma would forever be embedded in the soil.

Raising her head to the sky, she closed her eyes, calling for the rains to come and wash her sorrow away. They had never done the bidding of someone such as her though, and ignored her pained request, leaving her to sob silently on the top of the hill.

It was hard loving someone, it was harder knowing that she had been too frightened to ever say anything.

Yay! My second HakudoushiShiori story, and a bit drabble-ish. Thanks to Skittlez-chan for both introducing me to this kawaii pairing and for the idea for this fanfic. I had been wanting to write something more for them for a while but could never think of anything. Thanks Skittlez-chan! Thumbs up

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