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First Published: March 15, 2004

First Completed: September 16, 2004

Summary: One graduation night long ago, after getting drunk, Hermione wakes up with no recollection of what happened the night before. A few weeks after, she's pregnant with someone's child who she knows not. Now 18 years later with a son just entering his 17th birthday, an unexpected visitor arrives and she is forced to go back to the place that she has not gone to for the most part of her Hogwarts. And this very place might hold the answers to the very questions that plague both her mind and her son's. The unexpected truth finally comes to the surface along with a string of other events and conspiracies that mother and son must unveil with the help of someone she never would have thought twice of talking to...the Dragon.

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The Lioness's Son

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Chapter One: Identity

Hermione was a witch. Not just any witch but a powerful one who had helped the famous Harry Potter defeat the Dark Lord Voldermort. Her last name wasn't Granger anymore, but it was Salyther. The Salythers were a pureblood wizard family dating back to the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Hermione's great ancestors were hanged many times during that time, but soon afterwards wizard technology allowing the presence of magic to hide developed and they had founded the school Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Salythers came from a long line of both good and dark wizards. Most of the early Salythers were good wizards and witches with exceptional wit and talent. However their growing wealth and fame had corrupted them and turned them in to sly and clever folk. For the exception of Hermione's father and grandparents, the whole Salyther family were as evil and wealthy as the Malfoys.

Hermione's mother, Harriet Cobraphillious, blinded by the theory that pureblooded wizards were superior to muggles and mudbloods, had followed Voldermort's way and became a Death Eater. Her father, Roy Salyther, had tried to stop her, but her Dark side took over her and he couldn't get her back. Harriet left her husband soon after giving birth to Hermione. Roy, being the smart man he was, removed Harriet's memory of giving birth to her child.

Years later, when Hermione wanted to find out what had happened to her mother and how she had reacted, Roy replied, "When she had asked me, I snapped at her and said, 'All the evil inside you killed your unborn child!' She remained in shock for a few minutes until she regained her composure. Then her face darkened and she got out of bed and told me, 'Good. I never wanted to have your filthy child in the first place! Your relations with the muggles have fouled your name and made you weak, Roy.' That was the last thing she told me until she apparated to the Dark Lord and never came back. She never knew you were alive and I was afraid that she would find out and take you to be one them, so I put you up for adoption in a muggle orphanage where the Grangers took you in. I always kept tabs on you to see if you were being treated o.k. In order for no one to find out, I have placed a enchantment on you to hide you."

And indeed that was what Roy Salyther had done, because the Salythers were known for their sleek, black hair and sapphire eyes, and throughout 16 years of her life she had none of these. Her clever wit was still there, but instead of making her sly and cunning, her enchantment had made her bookworm-ish. In addition, instead of making her go to Slytherin, she had become sorted into Gryfindor. Thus no one, not even Voldermort or Harriet herself was able to tell. And even Dumbledore was clueless.

At Hermione's 16th birthday, her hair began to straighten out and the frizziness had ended.

That morning, she wondered why the change occurred so drastically and her question was answered that night. Her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Granger came into her room before she gone to bed and told her a secret they've been harboring for 16 years.

"Hermione, dear, we have something very important to tell you," Mrs. Granger began.

"Yes, you're mother's right, Hermione, we have to tell you something."

Hermione was taken aback by her parent's tone but nodded her head and told them, "Go on, I'm listening."

"Well, do you promise that you will hear us out first and not interrupt?"

"I promise," she told them, anxious to know what made her parent's so sad and concerned.

"Well you see Hermione, we've been keeping a secret form you for a long time. I don't know if you'll forgive us after this, but what we did was for your own good."

Hermione nodded her head motioning for them to continue.

"You see, Hermione, you mother and I aren't really your parents." They noticed Hermione's shook, but still continued. "I know this is a shock for you, dear, but it's the truth. We adopted you when you were only a month old. Your father's name is Roy Salyther and your mother was Harriet." Mrs. Granger paused for a while, unable to continue.

Mr. Granger continued for her, "Harriet, Harriet Cobraphillious was your mother."

Hermione's mouth gaped open. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was, not only adopted, but was the daughter of the most wealthy and famous American pureblood wizarding family. Not only that but her mother Harriet Cobraphillious was a Death Eater that died nine years ago by Aurors who had caught her torturing five muggle children under the Unforgivable spells. She immediately attacked the Aurors and even killed 3 until they had no choice but to kill her too. It wasn't a nice easy going death either. It was as painful as death could get. She still couldn't get her mind to contemplate it; it was too awful…

Hermione's mind was all too mixed up. She vigorously shock her head, an attempt to stop thinking about the fact her parents - no, adopted parents - had told her.

She looked up in Mrs. Granger's face, hoping to find her mother's uncontrolled smile - something that would tell her that they were joking.

They weren't.

Instead, Hermione found Mrs. Granger's face full of restrained tears. She wasn't looking directly at her and instead was staring at the wall, unable to meet her adopted child's questioning eyes.

Hermione turned to her father instead, biting her lip to stop herself from crying. She was grown girl. She could handle herself.

Mr. Granger looked into her. His face stern as though he was preparing himself for this for many years. Which he actually was.

Hermione couldn't take it any longer. She got out of her bed, past her parents into the bathroom. Slamming the door shut. She was more mad than sorrowful. Why hadn't they told her long ago? If she would've known before she would had never been called a mudblood. All those taunts of being the child of muggles would never had reached her ears.

Now in the bathroom, she slammed her fists on the wall. She heard her parents banging on the door telling her that they wanted to explain. She would gladly hear the explanation, but she wanted sometime to think alone, to gather her thoughts. She went through the pocket of her jeans and found her wand there. She put a silencing spell around the room to block out her parent's words. She walked over to the toilet, pushed the lid on and sat, pondering her position. For 16 years of her life, she was lied to, raised by muggles and called a mudblood. Now more than ever she wanted to walk over to Draco Malfoy and shout out her true identity.

She pushed those thoughts away. There were more pressing issues. One was why had her parents left her to be raised by muggles. She pondered through her thoughts. She remembered reading about the Salythers in a newspaper. Her biological father, Roy Salyther, was a prominent businessman, in the States and their great ancestors had founded the Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She heard rumors about their tangling in the Dark Arts, but she knew for a fact that Roy was not a follower of Voldermort.

But her mother was.

Again her thought shifted to her mother, Harriet Cobraphillious, and her "awful death" as the Daily Prophet had put it. She remembered reading various articles about her death. One said that the Auror were so enraged that her performed the Unforgivable curses and some other ones. Their combined power had left her in that state. The state was gruesome. Harriet, a grown woman in her late thirties, had a broken neck and spine. Her head, instead of the black hair she once possessed that reached down to her waist, was, just like Medusa, with sprouting snakes! Her eyes were burned so much that when they found her, she had no more eyes at all, but ashes inside her eye sockets. Her hands were longer than usual with her veins sticking out as if it wanted to burst out of the evil women's body.

However Hermione read another article, in which Harriet's fate, it was written, had not happened because of the Aurors, who had died afterward, but by her own self. In that article it was said that Harriet reached into the deepest of her magic and conjured a spell so ancient as it was dangerous, that it took in all her good. The spell was made for the Aurors, but it must have backfired and hit her instead. Thus her eyes burned out and the evil that remained in her, possibly given by Voldermort himself, had turned her hair into slithering snakes upon her corrupted head.

Though, as highly doubtful as it sounded, Hermione had a gut feeling that that was the truth.

She sighed and took off the spell from the bathroom, ready to listen to the explanation her parents had for her.