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The Lioness's Son

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Chapter Three: Her Son

[17 years later

Devin walked around his room impatiently awaiting his girlfriend to arrive. Honestly, he thought, I should've picked a girl who was more punctual.

He grumpily sat on his bed and began mumbling curses at his tardy girlfriend.

Devin Salyther was a sixteen-year-old young man attending Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His mother was Hermione Salyther, a powerful witch who had helped defeat Lord Voldermort when she was his age. Throughout 8 years of his life he had thought that Harry Potter was his father, but he was greatly mistaken. It was true that the man had been his mother's wife, but not his biological father. He found out the truth on his 11th birthday when he heard his parents fight.

Eleven-year-old Devin walked toward his parents room after coming home from the magical realm of Manhattan. He was just going to start his first year in Salem Junior High Magical School. As he reached the door to his parent's chamber, he began to hear a lot of loud voices. Ever so slowly he pressed his ear against the door and eavesdropped. What he heard altered his life forever.

"Hermione, why didn't you tell me Devin wasn't my son!" Harry bellowed.


"What Hermione? What could have possibly stopped you from telling me that Devin, the boy who I raised for 11 years, wasn't my son?"

"Harry, I could explain…" Devin's mother said.

"They by all means do…"

Just before Devin could hear any further, his parents had put on a silencing charm on the room and Devin was able to hear no more. However that one-minute eavesdropping scared his life forever.

Devin shook his head, an attempt to forget about the truth he had stumbled upon in his innocent youth. After he had learned the truth of his father, his happy view on life changed. Shortly after his 13th birthday, his parents filed a divorce. Ever since then the boy had gotten into a depression and became pessimistic. After he graduated Salem Junior High Magical School (or Salem JHM), his view changed further.

He no longer spent hours thinking about who his real father was or how life would have been if Harry Potter was his real father or at least if he would still be married to his mother. Instead he began hating life and the people in it and became slightly sadistic. He didn't hurt many people, but he would never help anyone in dire need nor would he leave the chance he would get if he was able to hurt or taunt. He read Hogwarts, A History many times when he was younger and he knew for a fact that he would definitely have been sorted into Slytherin if he were to attend there. He had all the qualities that defined a Slytherin, cunning, ambitious and power-hungry.

Sometimes he even doubted he was Hermione Granger's son. Indeed at times it didn't seem that way. Sure they both were extremely smart and talented and their love of books exceeded the bookworm level (A/N: I'll explain that in the end of the chapter.) And their black hair was unmistakable. However their facial features weren't all that similar. He figured that must have been the cause of his father's genes. Maybe his father was a pale as he was. No matter how much time he spent in the sun, the tan would last less than a week and then his skin would return to it's deathly pallor.

However, Devin also knew that his grandmother had been a powerful Death Eater and the long line of Salythers included power-hungry and extremely dangerous witches and wizards. Perhaps that and the fact that his biological father was somehow a powerful and devilish wizard may explain his characteristics.

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After a full ten minutes, there was a gentle tap on the door followed by, "Dev, are you there, it's me."

"Finally," Devin said and headed for the door. At times he wondered why he was dating her in the first place. They didn't have similar interest and she was rather annoying and nagging. In addition to that she was late. Always late.

Devin opened the door and when he caught sight of his girlfriend his breath caught in his throat and he felt his organ start to grow hard.

There clad in a pink summer dress, stood his girlfriend. The dress was rather short, a few inches above her knees and it was supported by spaghetti-stringed straps. She apparently wore no bra and Devin couldn't help but stare at them. His gaze causing her nipples to harden. She walked into the room ignoring his gawking and closed the door behind her. Her wavy blond hair was held up in a messy bun with a few loose stands here and there. Since she was turned around, Devin had her back-side view. As she walked her curvy, welcoming legs moved about in the most perfect, model-like way. When she turned around to face him, her face was truly beautiful and angelic.

He now remembered why he still kept dating her. She was too good to let go.

"Now if you would stop staring at me like a hawk could we please go. I'm getting hungry," she said.

Her voice was a bit annoying and whiny, but Devin didn't care. He gave her one of his famous smirks and walked closer to her. He made her turn around and he held her from behind. One of his hands held both of hers so she wouldn't move and with the other he gripped her hips and grinded her against his aching member. She squeaked when she found out about his state.

"I think we should skip dinner and go straight down for dessert," he whispered in her ear and began licking it with his tongue, teasing her and making her shudder in pleasure. He was about to go further when his stomach growled.

His girlfriend giggled and then said, "Maybe your thing down there wants dessert, but your stomach sure as hell doesn't want to skip dinner. Let's go down and eat and then we could come back and finish what we began."

He released her from his hold and surrendered to his stomach. "All right," he told her, his voice husky, "but I think I have to go to the bathroom first, Kate."

She laughed and sat down on a chair by his bed as he went over to the bathroom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As Devin walked down the halls with his girlfriend, Kate, clinging on to him, he truly felt like he was the King of Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As he walked with his sexy girlfriend, he received envious looks from both boys and girls. He knew all the girls in the school wished they could be in Kate's shoes right now. She was the longest girl ever to stay Devin's girlfriend. They've been dating for over a month; a record considering the many one night stands and less-than-one-week girls he had. He truly was Salem's Sex God and he and everyone else knew it.

Kate wasn't an innocent girl herself. She was slut, in plain terms, but Devin never really considered her until they met a month ago in detention. After detention they ended up spending the night, but it didn't end in just one night. They kept meeting frequently and eventually began dating on a regular basis. She must have slept with half the boys at school, but all the guys craved for more of her. She was easily manipulated but ever since Devin announced they were officially dating, she became off-limits and that drove them nuts.

Devin was a young boy, but still at age sixteen, he was with so many girls, he lost count. It all started when he was 15. He began seeing the changes in the little girls he went to school with and knew instantly that girls went crazy even if he simply smiled.

They walked down to the FirePlace. The fireplace in which all the students were able to use to floo to anyplace they desired. They were only allowed a maximum of 3 hours and had to be returned to school by no later than 11 o' clock. They all had to be in bed by 12 the latest.

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Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizard had two divisions. One was Junior High Magical School, and the other was High Magical School. It was basically like the normal muggle schools. There's Elementary School, Middle School of Junior High School and High School. That was primarily how the wizard schools worked, they didn't change it because the U.S. President of Magic from the beginning of the colonies in North America founded this system. It was many years later that the muggles used it too, after muggle parents of young magical folk began sending their kids to wizard schools. They never said that it was the witches and wizard's idea, but it gradually spread but was essentially the schooling system as present Muggle Americans know it today.

Devin attended Wizard Elementary School in New York where his parent's lived at the time. As soon as he reached 5th grade and his teachers began to see how smart a student he was, they recommended that he apply to Salem Junior High Magical School. It was the best wizard Junior High in America and they since he was a direct decent of the founders of the school, he was accepted. He still was able to floo-ed back home in the weekends so he never really missed his parents. Also since they were constantly fighting anyway, it didn't really matter to him.

He didn't really pay much attention in his classes. Nor did he study much for tests, but he was still the top student of his year. He didn't really care much for his school because he was very much depressed. He soon began venting his anger out on other people, but did so discreetly and he was rarely caught. He was smart and knew just when and where to strike and began to take a liking in hurting people. He knew he was being no better than a bully, but he needed something to do in order to forget his anguish of not knowing who is father was. In the beginning he simply fought people but recently he saw that spending his time with girls was rather a better way to forget his misery. It was from then on that he began seeking girls with his 'Salyther Charm'.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Devin and Kate floo-ed to a rather romantic restaurant at wizard New Jersey. It wasn't well known among people but he began using that for that very reason. He, being the son of the ever-famous Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived and The-Man-Who-Killed-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and his wife Hermione Granger (they didn't know her true identity then), was forever in the eyes of the press. It died down a few years after his birth but now that he grew into a young man, the press couldn't get enough of him and he had to choose the places he traveled carefully.

Kate had came here with him before and led him to her favorite spot near the back to the restaurant by the aquarium that housed sharks and manta rays. He was glad because of her choice. You never know when there are reporters about and he didn't want to go through all that ruckus again. The back ensured that there would be a little chance that anyone would notice him.

Kate and Devin placed their order and their food magically appeared on their table. He instantly began eating as fast as his manners could. He was raised by Roy Salyther. That man was a gentleman to the bone.

"How do you like the lobster?" Kate asked her, trying to strike up a conversation. Her boyfriend kept to himself a lot and the only time he actually opened his mouth was either to seduce her by saying sweet things or to kiss her.

"Great, love." He said, his tone indicating that he didn't want to talk further about food.

They finished shortly after and asked for some Phoenix Champagne.

As he took a sip he saw a red head in the corner of his eye. He took a quick glance at the redhead. She was a pretty girl probably not more than a year older than him. She seemed to sink in her chair trying to melt into it. Her face seemed rather sad and her eyes were puffy as though she had been crying. Her and the large-bulky man who she had come to eat with were sitting at the far back of the restaurant. Even further back then Devin and Kate.

Kate seemed to notice who he was staring at and immediately snapped, "Devin stop ogling her. I'm right here you know."

Although Devin rarely apologized, he thought it would be best if he would say sorry. "Sorry Kate. It's just that I think I know her."

"Oh," was her mere reply.

Just then Devin saw the man slap the redhead hard on her face. Her face red from where he had struck her. Devin immediately got up, his fist slammed the table and made his drink spill. Kate took his hand and urged him to sit down and stop making a fuss, but Devin wouldn't listen. He didn't know why but he walked toward the red-head's table and took out his wand ready to hex the man.

The red head saw Devin approach her table and turned to look at him, tears streaming down her face. Devin didn't look at her, instead his gaze was transfixed on the man, his grey eyes gleaming with hatred.

Devin Salyther never helped anyone, but it seemed his mother's Gryffindor traits did the thinking for him and he shouted a spell at the bulky man before the guy was even able to take his wand out to defend himself. The man was on the floor, stunned. Just then the waiters and the manager came by to check on who made the riot.

Devin turned to look at the red-head and he instantly recognized her.

"Violet?" he whispered, "I thought you were dead."

The red-head burst into more tears and ran into his arms, sobbing into his chest.

She was Violet Weasley, eldest daughter of Ron Weasley and his first wife Lavender Brown. From what Devin knew she was announced dead 2 years ago. He stroked the girl's hair and back and couldn't believe the girl whose funeral he attended and whose coffin he himself buried was alive and crying in his arms.