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Raven sighed. It was going to be a loooong night. Beast Boy and Cyborg were fighting over which movie to watch, and Starfire and Robin were making out very noisily and indiscretely on the couch. Raven yawned. She was really tired after the last fight against Gizmo. She started to nod off, then quickly excused herself.

Later that night, Raven had a dream. Actually, it was more like a nightmare.

She was floating above a huge school hallway. Many, many people were there, rushing through in an enormous crowd. Raven glanced around and saw that there was a gap in the sea of people. In the middle of the gap huddled was a teenage girl with mousy brown hair. She was crying very quietly, and to Raven's surprise none of the people around her gave the girl more than a scornful glance. Then a group of teen girls passed by and whispery voices floated past in their wake.

What a freak...


Get away from me, you creep!

Is she crazy or something?

What's wrong with her?

The girl, hearing this, began to sob. Raven stared in shock as the girl's tears turned crimson.

She was crying blood.

Then the girl suddenly began to writhe in agony as invisible knives sliced her flesh. To Raven's horror, the cuts formed words:




And so on. Then the girl screamed, a terrible, shrieking noise that sounded as if the universe was tearing itself apart. Raven gaped as the girl turned into… Raven. She was looking at a mirror image of herself screeching and twitching on the floor. Then the other Raven rose and, using razor-sharp fingernails, slit the throat of a woman walking by. Raven tried to scream, but nothing would come out as the other Raven slaughtered every single person who had not helped her when she was overcome by pain.

After what felt like hours, the hallway was empty, filled with corpses. Then the other Raven stood up after ripping out the heart of an unfortunate boy. The other Raven looked straight into the real Raven's eyes. The blood-soaked girl gave a horrific smile and said," This is what you are and always will be."

And then the half-demon awoke in her bed, absolutely terrified. Obviously, Raven wouldn't be able to sleep after this, so she got up. Raven reached up to rub her eyes and stopped dead.

Wait. A second. What's this? Oh no.

Her hand was covered in dried blood. It was crusted under her nails. Without pausing to think, Raven ran to her bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her eyes had a lot of still-drying blood underneath them. She frantically washed her hands and face, but there were no wounds.

"Raven! You need to get down here NOW!" Robin yelled from downstairs.

To be continued…

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