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Dark Times: Chapter Seven

For Darkness Restores…

(title thanks to Joseph Brodsky's poem "On Love")


It was raining. The deluge falling straight down, the droplets so fast and so numerous that they looked like continuous sheets of water. The noise of the storm was strangely calming; it was a rush of water, a constant hiss in the background. It cascaded onto the roof of his dwelling, pouring off in steady rivulets to fill the pits and dips in the ground outside, creating rippling pools and puddles. Stirring the food in the pot over the warming fire, Yoda glanced up and out of the window opening and smiled at the deluge, thankful that he had been home and dry before the downpour started.

Turning away, mouth watering at the aroma of his meal, he crossed the dirt floor of his home and settled down on his cot to wait for the meat to finish cooking. Still listening to the rain and closing his eyes he tentatively reached out for the Force, drawing it too him, drawing strength from its energy, from the teeming life that had made Dagobah an ideal place of exile for a Jedi Master. It was a placed shrouded in the Force, and shrouded by the Force. It had darkness about it and, near a dank hole of pure malevolence, he had made his home to hide his presence within the Galaxy.

Strangely, despite the lure and the call of the Dark Side, this planet had given him much needed peace and sanctuary for two decades.

He smiled, ears turning upwards, as a familiar presence gradually filtered into his awareness. Without opening his eyes he said, "Feel you I do, Obi-Wan."

"I should hope so, master," there was a smile in Obi-Wan's voice, too. It made him sound younger and not like the elder Jedi he had been when he died. "Or else I would have been concerned that the rain had somehow dampened your abilities."

"Hmmm," Yoda murmured sitting still and keeping his eyes closed. "Refreshing the rain is. Late this season it is." He opened his eyes and quirked an eyebrow in the general direction Obi-Wan's presence. He did not need to see his old friend to know that he was there. "But not here to discuss the rain are you," he admonished.

There was silence from Obi-Wan but Yoda could pick up on the Jedi's unease and his ears turned down as a roll of thunder broke across the sky outside.

"Come about the boy, you have."


"Talked about this we did," Yoda rose from his cot, lifted his cane and walked across to the cooking pot. "Feel it you do, just as I do." He looked up seeing the ceiling of his house, but feeling the galaxy weigh on his shoulders. "Darker still the Force has become."

"Master… we cannot sit this out. We cannot allow Palpatine to corrupt another. Luke is not dead."

Yoda's eyes closed with pain and sorrow. "As well, he might be."

"Master, we failed Anakin, we cannot fail Luke."

Yoda turned around. "And what would you do, Obi-Wan? The boy you knew, gone he is…." The ancient Jedi Master faltered, all too aware that the words he had just spoken were a direct echo from the past. He took in a breath, let out a sigh. "His presence in the Force fractured it is. Whatever he was is no more."

"If we could reach him, if I were to reveal myself to him."

"As you did when death was upon him?"

"He saw me, master, and called my name. If that memory remains within him we may be able to…"

"Reach him?" Yoda finished Obi-Wan's sentence with a question. "Unable to leave Dagobah am I. Old I have become, Obi-Wan. No match am I for Darth Vader and his Emperor. Lost the boy is. Lost we all are."

The rain fell on, hissing in the background and the warming fire cracked and popped under Yoda's cooking pot.

"There is the girl," Obi-Wan stated, quietly.

Yoda thumped his stick on the floor, and turned around. "No!" He said with some finality. "Hidden she must remain."

"Master, Leia has her father's power! She would be a powerful Jedi. More powerful than…"

"No," Yoda said again. "Too dangerous to awaken her now. A target she would become…"

"Master," Obi-Wan implored. "We cannot allow the Dark Side to continue. You are the last of the Jedi and you have said it yourself; you are old. When you die, the Jedi die and then Palpatine has won and the Sith will only grow and spread the darkness further."

Yoda closed his eyes, his ears turning down, his shoulders slumping; he knew Obi-Wan spoke the truth.

"Anakin's children are our only hope."

"More born in the Galaxy than Skywalker's issue," Yoda told him. "Other children strong in the Force."

"And they are either discovered and killed, or remain unknown and ignorant and none are as strong as Anakin's twins. The children of the Chosen One…"

"Umph…." Yoda snorted, "Chosen One. Misread the Prophecy must have been. Failed to bring the promised balance Anakin did."

There was a smile in Obi-Wan's voice, a sad smile, a smile of regret. "Anakin's not dead yet, Master. The Prophecy could still be fulfilled."

"Persistent you are, Obi-Wan," Yoda noted, sighing. "'The negotiator.' Well-earned that title was." He turned around seeing only his hut, his bed and his few belongings, but feeling the presence of the Jedi Master all around him.

Briefly Yoda reached out into the Force skimming through the darkness, looking for the little light that remained in the Galaxy.

The breath caught in his throat and he pulled back as though stung. He shuddered in shock, eyes wide at what he had seen within the Force. He struggled to calm himself, to slow his racing heart, before finally exhaling in defeat. Troubled he looked down at the dirt floor of his home, tracing the grainy surface with his walking stick. "Then go, Obi-Wan, and bring me Skywalker's child."


To Be Continued...