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Chapter One: Two are born…

Shmi Skywalker couldn't be happier.

Lying nestled in warm blankets, were her newborn twins.

A boy and a girl.

She didn't know how she conceived them, for they had no father. She simply thought of it as a blessing. Sure people may look at her funny, but that didn't matter to her. She was now complete.

Yet she was also sad.

She was sad because her children had been born into a life of slavery. But she knew that her master, Pi-Lippa, wouldn't separate them. And for that she was grateful.

Plus Shmi knew that Pi-Lippa was going to release her from slavery someday. Having a kind master unlike some of the other slaves that she knew was a very good thing especially with these two precious babies.

She smiled as she gently kissed each of their foreheads before letting the nurse droid take them away for the night.

"Sleep well my precious Anakin and Audrey," she whispered as her babies left her for a while.

As Shmi fell asleep, she couldn't help but have wonderful dreams about what the future could hold for her precious angels.