Chapter Fourteen

A Life For A Life

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"You have set me free, and so now I will repay you…" The real Princess' voice echoed around the cave.

"Repay me? Repay me how?" Kagome was hesitant.

"When the hanyou shattered the new Mirror, he destroyed the force keeping him in this world." Kaguya explained, calmly moving toward the couple. "But I have seen the importance of the hanyou to you, so as you gave me what I so long wished for, you in turn will have what you wish."

The priestess stared in shock at the woman. "What? How could you know what I wish for?"

"You shed tears for a fallen hanyou; it does not take much to see."

"So, you can save Inu-Yasha; bring him back?" The teen's voice was full of hope, as she allowed herself to smile slightly.

"A simple task, if that is truly what you wish." Kaguya replied.

Kagome turned to look at the boy behind her. He would want to come back, right? Of course he wouldn't want to die until we've destroyed Naraku. She turned her head back around to the Celestial Being.

"It is."

The woman nodded, kneeling down at the human boy's side. Kagome watched as Kaguya touched his forehead lightly. There was a flash of light, and the human boy had become a silver haired hanyou once again. The priestess stared as the Princess pulled away.

He wasn't breathing.

"Wait, he—" Kagome started.

"Give it time, Miko." Kaguya replied, walking away. The girl watched as the Princess was consumed in another flash of light, disappearing once again. "Your wish has been granted."


She whirled around, her mouth dropping in surprise. "Inu-Yasha?"

The hanyou looked around slowly. He could see and hear again. His ears swiveled on his head as he sat up. Her scent filled his nose. Where was she? "Kagome?" He called, getting to his feet. Her tears overwhelmed him. Now what had he done? He slowly turned toward the scent.

"Inu-Yasha!" She sobbed, running at him.

"Kagome, what—" The hanyou's words were cut off as the priestess pressed her lips against his. She pulled him against her, clumping his silver hair into her fists. It took him about a millionth of a second to come back to reality. Kagome… He wrapped his arms around her waist and back, pulling her up to him. She was safe. He wanted nothing other than to take her right now, make her his. His fangs grazed her lips as she allowed him entrance, licking his lips back. A growl of pleasure echoed deep in his chest.

"Um, are we interrupting?" Miroku's voice broke into both priestess and hanyou's minds. Kagome pulled away almost instantly. She was surprised when Inu-Yasha didn't let go, instead pulling her back to his side. His arm snaked its way around her waist as he spoke to the others.

"You guys are late; we took care of everything already."

"Well, excuse us, some how the Mirror of Stillness locked us in night." Sango sighed, relaxing her arm from Hiraikotsu.

"You wouldn't know anything about that, would you Inu-Yasha?" Miroku asked. The hanyou opened his mouth to reply, but Kagome got there first.

"Kaguya came back, she took over my body. Another youkai, Rousoku, created another Mirror for her, which is how you were put under the power of the Mirror."

"How did you escape, Kagome?" Sango asked, walking up to her best friend. The younger girl smiled.

"That's a long story."

"Let's get out of here. This place gives me the creeps." Inu-Yasha put in before the priestess could begin her tale. Everyone looked at him. "What?"

Kagome smiled softly and nodded. "Alright, Inu-Yasha."

((It Was Only A Kiss))

Kagome sighed softly as she slid into the hot spring. It felt so good to relax her tight muscles. As soon at the story of their encounter with Kaguya had been told to everyone else, Inu-Yasha had started training her.

"Just so you can take care of yourself if the need arose." He had said, watching her take aim at a tree. "Watch around you." Inu-Yasha added.

"I got it." Kagome replied. She focused on hitting the center of the target that had been drawn on the trunk. Just as she was about to release her arrow, the bow was knocked from her hands. The arrow went flying about ten feet to the left of the tree. "What?" The priestess turned to a straight faced hanyou.

"I told you to watch around you. You have to pay attention. Danger can come from anywhere." He replied. Kagome nodded slightly as she bent down to pick up her bow. Inu-Yasha shifted slightly at her side, but she made no move to show that she had noticed. He was going to try to throw off her shot again, but he another thing coming.

She straightened up, slowly pulling another arrow out of the quiver on her back. Just as slowly, the arrow was fitted to the string. Her ears listened to the hanyou beside her, while her chocolate eyes measured the factors for her shot. It took her an instant to pull her arrow back, aim, and release.

Inu-Yasha made his move; she felt his hand move to hit her bow. She whirled sideways milliseconds after she released the arrow, knocking his hand away with the bow. He retaliated by grabbing the wood with his other hand. He grinned at her gasp as he pulled her toward him. His lips covered hers in a quick kiss.

"Much better." The hanyou whispered.

"Thank you." Kagome leaned against his chest. "Thank you for everything…"

Someone wrapped their arms around Kagome's shoulders. She smiled as the water was moved behind her. "You weren't paying attention." Inu-Yasha's voice growled in her ear. His fangs lightly grazed the side of her neck. The priestess moaned lightly, closing her eyes, and leaning her head back.

"I knew you were there." She breathed.

"Really…" His fangs were replaced with his hands. Kagome had to keep herself from moaning too loudly as the hanyou's strong fingers rubbed the knots out of her shoulders. "Have I been working you too hard?" He breathed. "You're awfully tight." His voice made his question genuine. The girl shook her head slightly.

"I want to get stronger." She whispered. The boy's hands stopped as he undid the last tight spot in the girl's shoulders. She took his right hand in her own, opening her eyes to gaze at him. She smiled as she pulled him around so that he was in front of her, facing her. "I want to get stronger with your help, Inu-Yasha." Her hand rested on his bare chest before she slowly traced one finger down.

"Kagome…" His voice was a growl of pleasure as her light touch sent shivers though his body. His heat settled in one spot as her hand stopped, resting on the waist of his hakamas. He swallowed audibly as her slender fingers began to untie the cloth holding them on. He rested his clawed hand over hers, stopping her advancement.

"Inu-Yasha?" Her eyes widened in surprise.

"I never really thanked you, for saving me." The hanyou whispered, his eyes staring into her.

"Oh," Kagome breathed, her eyes darting away from his as she pulled her hand back. He still doesn't want me… Even now…

"But you know I'm not good at saying what I want to, Kagome." The hanyou continued, not fully acknowledging her response. His claws reached out, lightly taking her hand again. Her head lifted slightly, her eyes glazed with tears she would not let fall. His free hand rose to touch her neck, his thumb stroking her cheek. "Don't cry, Kagome, please don't cry."

"I'm—sorry." The priestess gasped, as Inu-Yasha leaned up, kissing her forehead lightly.

"Would you allow me to show you what I want to say, Kagome?" He asked as he pulled back slightly. The teen swallowed heavily as she slowly nodded. Whatever happened, she wouldn't let it change her understanding of what Inu-Yasha and Kikyo had. Her mind stopped as claws lightly traced circles on her bare stomach.

"In—Inu-Yasha—" She panted, looking up at him fully.

"I want you to be mine, mine to have, mine to hold, mine to love. I want you to be my mate, Kagome." He whispered. "I love you."

"You love me?" Her voice cracked as she fought back her tears.

"More than life itself. I would rather die than see you hurt, in any way." He smiled softly, moving his other hand to her neck, cradling her head carefully.

"But—" He stopped her with a light finger to her lips.

"Will you be my mate, Kagome?" He asked again.

"What about—"

"There is only you and me, right here, right now." He whispered, cutting her off. The priestess stayed silent as he moved his finger. "Kagome…?" His eyes began to hint at worry with her silence.

"I—" She looked back into his molten golden eyes. "I love you too, Inu-Yasha, and I want to be yours, but I want you to be happy. Is mating with me who—what—you want?" She corrected herself. I want him to love me for me, not Kikyo.

"Kikyo is no longer a part of my heart. Naraku killed her, again, and I will get revenge, but that doesn't matter now." His thumbs began to lightly stroke her soft skin. "Only you matter. Now, and forever."

Kagome's eyes finally released their tears, as she jumped forward, into the hanyou's arms. "Inu-Yasha!" She cried, hugging him tightly. "Yes, yes, of course I'll be you mate." He buried his nose in her hair, breathing in her scent deeply. She would be his, and he couldn't be happier.

"So, does this mean we…?" The girl blushed at the idea.

"Rut?" The hanyou put in for her. Her eyes were on fire as she turned back.

"Make love." She growled. He quickly leaned down, pulling her up to meet him halfway, kissing her." His tongue spread her lips before exploring the slightly familiar area. He pulled her closer into him, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"What ever you want to call it." Inu-Yasha breathed hotly against her ear.

((It Was Only A Kiss))

Sango crawled over to Kagome's sleeping bag. She was careful not to wake the sleeping kitsune, who was oddly sleeping outside of the younger girl's bag, as she shook the priestess' shoulder. "Wake up, Kagome." The slayer whispered. It was only a second before chocolate orbs appeared. The younger teen sat up.

"What is it, Sango?" The priestess whispered back.

"I think I made a mistake, a big mistake."

"What? What kind of mistake?"

"I… um… slept with Miroku…" The older girl's eyes lowered. Kagome smiled softly, her worry evaporating quickly.

"That's not a mistake, Sango."

"Of course it is!"

"Do you love him?"

Sango's eyes flashed at the question. "You know I do, Kagome."

"But?" The priestess knew it was coming.

"He's just a lecher, he doesn't love me back."

"Are you sure? Think hard, Sango."

The slayer was silent for a minute, her thoughts going back to when she and Miroku were in Mt. Hijiri, trying to find Naraku. "Yes, I'm sure." She finally whispered. Kagome's mouth dropped open in surprise. "Miroku does love me." Sango added. The priestess let out her breath.

"Phew, you scared me for a second there." Kagome smiled. "See, I told you it wasn't a mistake." Sango smiled back.

"Thank you, Kagome." The two embraced tightly. Once the slayer pulled back, she went back to her sleeping area just as silently as she had come.

"You knew." Kagome stated suddenly.

"Of course I knew, their scents changed." The hanyou dropped out of the tree to her side.

"How long ago?"

"Just last night." His arms snaked their way around her waist as his chin rested on her shoulder. "She's with child already." His added, placing butterfly kisses down her neck. Kagome's eyes snapped to him.

"What?" She breathed.

"There's another soul growing inside Sango. Don't worry; you'll be able to sense it soon." His tongue stroked the small mark left on her shoulder from their mating. The girl melted into him at the touch.

"Inu-Yasha…" Her voice was already rough with pleasure. He grinned slightly as his fangs grazed the mark again. She gasped in surprise.

"Come with me." He growled against her soft flesh. She nodded instantly. He laughed under his breath as he lifted the girl into his arms. "You're too easy." He ran away from the campsite, intent on not coming back until morning.

((It Was Only A Kiss))

"Inu-Yasha SIT!" Kagome shouted. THUD! The hanyou did a face plant. "You're such a pain!" The priestess muttered, walking away, her arms crossed firmly over her chest.

"What was that for!" The boy called after her. Miroku and Shippo sighed, shaking their heads, while Sango laughed behind her hand. Inu-Yasha growled as he got out of his trench. "Kagome!"

"There's a sacred jewel shard! Come on, Inu-Yasha!" Kagome replied with a smile over her shoulder at the boy.

"What? Hurry, let's go!" The hanyou sprinted forward, grabbing his mate by the waist and carefully putting her on his back as he continued to move. She had to laugh, nothing had really changed. Inu-Yasha was still intent on finding all of the jewel shards, and killing Naraku, while being as rude as ever.

The priestess wrapped her arms around her mate's neck, burying her face in his silver hair. He was still Inu-Yasha, even now, and that's how Kagome wanted it always to stay.

"Beautiful Disaster"
Kelly Clarkson

He drowns in his dreams
An exquisite extreme I know
He's as damned as he seems
And more heaven than a heart could hold
And if I tried to save him
My whole world would cave in
It just ain't right
It just ain't right

Oh and I don't know
I don't know what he's after
But he's so beautiful
He's such a beautiful disaster
And if I could hold on
Through the tears and the laughter
Would it be beautiful?
Or just a beautiful disaster

He's magic and myth
As strong as what I believe
A tragedy with
More damage than a soul should see
And do I try to change him
So hard not to blame him
Hold me tight
Baby, hold on tight

Oh cuz I don't know
I don't know what he's after
But he's so beautiful
He's such a beautiful disaster
And if I could hold on
Through the tears and the laughter
Would it be beautiful?
Or just a beautiful disaster

He's beautiful

Lord he's so beautiful.

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