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Chapter 1: Memories

The night was young and the moon was bright. Yet the only thing on her mind was to run as far away as she could. Tea couldn't go back home. Tears streamed down her face. She had nowhere to go. Her friends Yugi, Yami, Joey, and Tristan had all gone their separate ways for summer vacation. And she was left all alone in Domino City. All she could do was run away.

"(It's not fair!)" She thought. "(Why me?)" Tea suddenly collapsed on the ground. Her legs had finally given in on her. She tried to stand up, but couldn't. So with what little strength she had left, she pulled herself next to a big tree. Then, she allowed the cold darkness enveloped her as the day flashed back.


"How many times must I tell you! Respect your mother damn it!" Tea's father yelled.

"B—But dad, I don't see what I've done wrong!" Tea argued. "She's been dead for three years now." With that comment, the angry father struck his daughter.

"Don't talk about her like that! Now pick your ass up and go to your room!" Tea didn't hesitate in obeying her father.

"(He's drunk again isn't he…)" Tea thought. She threw herself onto her bed. "(Ever since mom died, he's always been angry and drunk. He used to be so happy…But he threw his happiness away for kegs of beer.)"

Tea laid on her bed for hours. Finally, she decided to send her closest friend, Yami, an e-mail. To her surprise, her instant messenger had beeped, showing that he was online.

DancingQueen247: Hey Yami!

KingofGames5K: Hello Tea. How are you?

DancingQueen247: I guess I'm alright. How've you been?

KingofGames5K: I'm great. I'm getting pretty good at surfing now.

DancingQueen247: That's so cool!

KingofGames5K: Are you sure you're alright Tea? You're usually a lot more talkative than this…

DancingQueen247: Sigh…Okay. You win. My dad has been acting up again.

KingofGames5K: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. If you don't mind me asking, what happened?

DancingQueen247: My dad was thinking about mom again. He got really angry and hit me.

KingofGames5K: That's horrible Tea! Did you call the cops or anything?

DancingQueen247: No. I can't…My dad would surely kill me. You remember what happened the last time I tried to call the cops, right?

KingofGames5K: But he's a threat to you!

DancingQueen247: I can't.

KingofGames5K: You know how much I care about you. I don't want to see you get hurt.

DancingQueen247: I'll be just fine Yami. Uh-oh…

KingofGames5K: What is it?

DancingQueen247: My dad is yelling again. And…

KingofGames5K: And what Tea?

(Long pause)

KingofGames5K: Tea? Tea! Are you there?

DancingQueen247: Oh my god…

KingofGames5K: What?

DancingQueen247: He's got a baseball bat.

KingofGames5K: WHAT?!

DancingQueen247: Let everyone else know about this conversation Yami!

KingofGames5K: Fine. But Tea…

DancingQueen247: NOOOOOO!

KingofGames5K: Tea? Tea! Answer me!

DancingQueen247has now logged off

KingofGames5K: (offline message) No…Tea…

KingofGames5Khas now logged off

"Dad, please calm down!" Tea pleaded.

"Shut up!" Her dad struck her once more across the face. She collapsed on the floor and appeared to be unconscious. Her dad picked her up and tied her to the bed. He then started undressing the young teen. She awoke as he had completed undressing himself.

"D—Dad? What are you doing?!" Tea screamed. Her dad started beating her with the baseball bat.

"I thought I told you not to scream!" her father yelled. "You should listen to your father!" With that, he put a gag in her mouth and forced himself inside her. Tea screamed as loud as she could with a gag in her mouth. She started to squirm around and break free from the ropes. She had just about given up when she had freed her right hand. Quickly, she grabbed the beer bottle her dad had brought into her room and smashed it on his head. He fell onto the floor unconscious and she seized the opportunity to free herself. She then put back on her clothes, a pair of shoes, and ran downstairs.

She looked around for a pen and some paper. Tea decided to write a note. After frantically searching, she found the tools. She began to write.

Dear Yami,

I am fed up with what my dad has done to me. I am running away from home. You will not hear from me in a while, but don't be alarmed. I will be safe. So do not come looking for me. I promise that I will come find you when the time is right.



She folded up the note and put it next to a picture of her and her friends. Then with a final good-bye, she ran from the house that caused her so much pain and grief.

End Flashback

Meanwhile, a snowy-haired, crimson-eyed teen walked down the sidewalk. Bakura had set off for an evening stroll when he noticed a girl slumped up next to a tree.

"And who might we have here?" he wondered aloud. He walked over to the unconscious girl. He knelt down and checked to see if she was still breathing. In doing so, he realized who the girl really was. "Tea?" he said. "Is that you?"

Slowly, the brown-haired beauty opened her brilliant blue eyes. "Hmm…W—Where am I?"

"You're in the park Tea." Bakura answered. "Are you alright? What happened?" She winced in pain. "M—My head…" Her head rolled over as she fainted once more.

Bakura was confused. The girl seemed just fine. There had to be more that what met the eye.

"(Uh…Hmm…)" Bakura wondered. "(I can't just leave her here. But if I take her with me, then she'll be constantly on the run…Dammit! What would I—err…Ryou do?)" Think Bakura…)

Bakura was a heavy gambler. He had lost everything except for the clothes on his back. And his fellow gamblers were after him. He remembered what had happened to him three years ago like it was yesterday. He sat down and thought.


Bakura was in a dimly lit room. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. He didn't know what to do. He had sixteen points in his hand and the dealer had an ace and his facedown card.

"Um… Hit me!" Bakura declared. Marik drew a card.

"And four makes twenty," said Marik. "Now what?"

Bakura's eyes were gleaming. He thought he'd won. "I'll stay!"


So far, Bakura was in the lead. Rafael had seventeen, Alister had eighteen, Valon and Seto Kaiba had nineteen, and Bakura had twenty. He was now confident that he wouldn't lose the deed to his house.

"Ha! Fork over the dough Marik!" Bakura yelled.

"My turn isn't over yet." Marik said coolly.

"Grrr…Fine. Finish your turn then," said Bakura. Marik cracked his knuckles, and then turned over a two.

"That makes a three, or a thirteen," Valon said. Marik drew another card.

"And ten makes a definite thirteen," came Rafael's deep baritone voice. Marik reached over and drew another card.

"And six more would be nineteen," declared Alister. Bakura was at the edge of his seat. "(Victory is mine!)" He thought. But his thoughts were soon shattered when Marik pulled his next card. He nearly fainted when he saw the card.

"And two makes twenty-one," Marik grinned. "I believe you owe me the deed to your house Bakura."

"NO!" Bakura spat angrily. "This can't be!"

"Fork over the deed!" Marik yelled.

"I—I can't!" Bakura cried.

"Why the hell not?" Marik asked.

"N—Nevermind…" Bakura had lost the deed to his house in a different game against a neighborhood gang. So the deed he had in his pocket was a fake. Hastily, Bakura reached in his pocket and pulled out the fake deed. Angrily, he shoved the deed into Marik's hands and stormed out of the building.

"Ha! Someone's in a bit of a bad mood, eh?" Valon said laughing.

"You're sharing the deed, right?" asked Alister.

"Sure," Marik said as he opened the deed. He noticed that the ink was fresh and smeared. "I would share the place, if the deed were real…"

Everyone literally fell out of their chairs when they heard what Marik said.

"The deed is a fake!" yelled Rafael.

"Yes…" replied Marik coolly. "Don't worry. He won't make it past my little whore." He picked a small Walkie-talkie. "Bakura's coming your way."

"I can handle this, hun." replied a cool, seductive voice. "Consider him MINE…"

"That's what I like to hear, Mai." Marik replied.

Bakura chuckled as he walked down the street. "(What a bunch of fools. I wonder how long it'll take them to find out.)" His thoughts were interrupted as Mai walked up to him.

"Hey there handsome." Mai started. She ran her fingers through his hair. "D'you mind tellin' me why you're wanderin' 'round here at this time of night, hun?"

"Just a bit of midnight gambling." Bakura replied.

She pulled him closer to her. "Really? Wow. You're a tough guy…How much did ya win?"

"None." Bakura sighed. "Marik and his gang of thugs took it all away from me."

"Mmm…Speak of the devil…" Mai said. "Here he comes right now." To Bakura's horror, he saw Marik and his other friends surround him. Mai leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Sorry hun, but I work for them. It was nice talkin' to ya."

"(Shit…)" Bakura thought. "(They must've found out about the deed.)"

"Well, well, well…" Marik started. "You think you can just give us a fake deed and run off like that?"

"I already lost the deed to some other group." Bakura shouted. "I haven't anything left!"

"You owe us. Let's say, fifty grand."

"W—WHAT? I just told you. I haven't anything left!"

"That does not matter to me. You will pay me the fifty grand. And if you don't, then we'll just have to take you out."

"Damn it! Isn't there another way? C—Can I pay it to you later? I don't have it with me."

"When can you get it?" asked Rafael, who was cracking his knuckles menacingly.

"In about fifteen years." Bakura replied nervously.

"Not good enough…" Marik rolled his eyes. "You have three years. If I don't get the money then, we'll make you wish you were never born!"

End Flashback

Bakura had finally snapped out of his memory and glanced at the girl he was now holding in his arms. He knew what he had to do. So with a big sigh, he picked Tea up bridal style and carried her back to his hideout.

Bakura stopped in front of a rather large bush. He quickly checked to see if anyone was watching. Satisfied that there was no one else around, he bent down and opened a small door. Carefully, he carried Tea down the ladder using one arm. After having successfully gotten to the ground, he gently laid Tea on his blow-up mattress. Then he climbed up the ladder, locked the door, and climbed back down again. He pulled out a watch that he had stolen and yawned after he saw what time it was. He took his shirt off and quietly lay next to Tea. After all…it was HIS bed. The warmth from her body put Bakura at ease. And before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

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