Harry Potter and the Game of Sims 2

SUMMARY: During the summer, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny are cast into a game of The happens when you're forced to do something you've secretly wanted? Pregnancy included. RHr HG

A/N: Hi! I thought of this and thought it would be funny. If you don't already know, The Sims2 is a simulation game in which you lead a 'Sim' through childhood, teens (with the University expansion pack) college, and Adult life. If any of you have read Kidnapped, I have totally lost interest in it. If you would like to complete it for me, let me know! Otherwise, I will probably delete it. Oh! I'm not exactly sure how it works, but I need a beta. Enjoy this!

Chapter one: Where are we?

Harry stretched out on his bed located in Ron's room. He was at The Burrow with the Weasley's. They had come to pick him up from the Dursley's the day before his birthday. His Aunt and Uncle seemed to have vowed not to speak at all to him during his stay.

"RON! HARRY! BREAKFAST!" Ginny called loudly from right between Ron and Harry's bed. The two jumped a foot off their beds and landed with a THUD on the ground.

"OUCH! Ginny!" Ron grumpily stood up and rubbed his backside. Ginny just stood there grinning at them. Harry grinned as he stood up. Ron just scowled. They all headed down to the dinning room, where Fred, George, Mr. Weasley, and Mrs. Weasley all sat eating. Harry took a seat next to Mr. Weasley and Ginny. He glanced at the front page of The Prophet that Mr. Weasley was reading. The front page read " MUGGLE FAMILY FOUND DEAD"

Mr. Weasley saw Harry reading it and said, "Luckily, this is it. The poor family was found all in their yard. By the time the ministry had gotten there, there was no sign of anything except the mark." Mr. Weasley sighed. "I still can't believe they are still opening Hogwarts. Oh!" He put down the paper and turned to Harry. "You know, Rufus Scrimgeour offered himself to be the new Headmaster. But McGonagall refused to let him. Good thing too. He probably just wanted to get close to you, Harry" Harry thought that sounded like something Scrimgeour would do. He wondered whether this was the time to tell Mr. Weasley that he wasn't going to Hogwarts. Before he could, Ginny stood up.

"Hermione will be here today," she said, taking her dish up to the sink. Ron seemed to have brightened at this.

"When?" Harry asked.

"Right now," said a voice behind them. They all turned and saw Hermione leaning against the wall casually before seeing Ginny run up to her. The two hugged and Hermione whispered something to Ginny, who grinned. Hermione then ran to Harry and Ron. She threw her arms around Harry and hugged him before turning to Ron. She hugged him too, but she held on for longer than she had Harry.

"Ahem," Harry coughed, trying to conceal his grin. They sprang apart, each with a small blush on their face.

"Hey Harry, want to play Quidditch?" Ron asked. Harry nodded quickly.

"Yeah that sounds good." He turned to the two girls. "Do you two want to?"

"Sure," Ginny replied. Hermione shook her head, but followed them outside.

Since it was only the three of them, Harry and Ginny took turns throwing the Quaffle at Ron. After an hour, Ron convinced Hermione to try to fly with them. He ran and got Fred's broom and gave it to her. Nervously, she mounted. Glancing at Ron, who was in the air in front of her, she closed her eyes and pushed off. She felt herself leave the ground, but didn't dare open her eyes. She knew she wouldn't like it. She hated flying, starting with Hippogriffs and ending with broomsticks.

"Hermione! Open your eyes! You have to stop going forward! You'll crash if you don't!" Ron yelled. Hermione opened her eyes. She grabbed on tight when she saw she was headed straight for a large tree. She tried to stop, she really did. But for the first time in her life, her body didn't do what her head told her to. She saw the tree come closer, and braced herself for the impact. But Before she hit it, she felt a pair of arms grab her waist and pull her away from it. Looking, she saw Ron holding her and flying downwards. Once they touched ground, Hermione jumped off the broom. Harry and Ginny followed. Hermione seemed to be having an internal battle with herself. It looked as though she was going to thank Ron, but she decided not to.

"Ronald Weasley, you will not force me to fly ever again!" Ron just looked happy that she was all right. Hermione was about to say something else, but a voice interrupted.

"Simulatis mortis!" It was a spell. The four turned around quickly, but before they could see whom it was, they were thrown into a strong wind, twisted around, and disappeared.

Ginny woke up first. She stood up slowly and looked around. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stirred, and opened their eyes. They stood on a sidewalk in front of a two-story house. In the sky, Hermione saw an odd sight. She knew what the shape was that she saw, but couldn't believe that it could be that. It was a computer cursor. They all stood staring at the sky.

"Guys," Ginny said slowly, "where are we?"

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