Chapter 15: Waffles

The sound of birds chirping outside woke Ginny the next morning. Sighing, she opened her eyes, the bright light causing her to squeeze them shut again with a groan. Hearing a chuckle next to her, she forced her eyes open again. She had fallen asleep on the couch and was leaning against Harry. He was smiling at her, wide awake. Ginny reluctantly sat up, leaving the warmth of his side to stretch her neck.

"How long have you been awake?" She asked, not seeing anyone else in the room.

"A while. I didn't want to wake you." Harry took her hand and laced his fingers through hers. "You looked comfortable." Ginny looked up and smiled. Her breath caught at the expression on his face; he looked down at her with an intense, contemplative look. Ginny tipped her head in question. Harry opened his mouth to say something, but then looked away in embarrassment.

"What is it?" Ginny asked, nudging him in the side. He ran his hand through his hair, messing it up as usual. Ginny hid a smile as she waited for him to talk.

"It's just, you're beautiful, Gin. And-" Harry's hand found his hair again as he tried to find the right words, "-and I think I've liked you for a long time. I'm sorry it took this game happening for me to realize it." Ginny smiled and leaned back against him.

"Well, I won't pretend I haven't been hoping this would happen since I was like, ten. But I don't think that's much of a surprise." Harry chuckled. He wrapped his hand around hers and absentmindedly started messing with the ring on her finger. They sat in comfortable silence for a while, until Harry looked around, looking for the cursor. When he didn't see it, he relaxed again. "It's hard to figure out this place," he said. Ginny moved so she could face him.

"What do you mean?"

Harry looked around again. It was still fairly early, so not many people were up. But there was a girl in the kitchen area, humming to herself as she went through the fridge, as well as a boy sitting at a computer desk in the other room, typing angrily. He looked as if he had been up all night with dark circles under his eyes.

When he didn't see the cursor anywhere, he looked back at Ginny. "I don't know, it's just, some things are so real, and others are not. Like those birds." He stopped as Ginny looked out the window to see if she could see any. "Did you notice in the classrooms, how quiet it was? But not here. And everyone else." He gestured to the young man and woman. "Some people seem fine, others not. It's just hard to figure out."

Ginny nodded. "It is strange." She put her hand against his cheek. "I know you've been struggling with this place, but you have to admit, after last year, isn't it nice just to sit back and let someone else direct you? Especially in a place like this, a place that's not real."

Harry faintly smiled as he thought about it. "I guess you're right." He leaned forward and kissed Ginny, pulling her back against him.

Hermione woke feeling very warm and comfortable. For a minute, she forgot where she was, choosing not to try to escape the fuzziness sleep brought upon her. She lay there, content, until she heard someone's voice come from outside the room. Suddenly, memories from the night before flooded her mind, and her surroundings quickly came into focus. The empty room stood around her, dark except for a single small window in the corner that must have been placed during the night. As she became aware of everything around her, she realized that part of her warmth was due to the fact that a pair of freckled arms held her. Ron was asleep next to her, surprisingly not snoring. Her momentary panic subsided and she softly smiled. Sighing to herself, she carefully extricated herself from his arms, trying not to wake him. He just rolled over and sprawled out on the other side of the bed. Hermione put her hand to her mouth, stifling a laugh. Sitting up on the side of the bed, she looked around again, her smile fading as she thought about the night before.

She sat there, resting her forehead on her hands as she tried to recall how pregnancies worked in the Muggle game. Was it a week long? Four days? They must be almost finished with their Senior year, at least, so it might not interfere. A couple days left at most. And how would she tell Harry and Ginny? Even if it was just a game, it was still embarrassing that the cursor cheated just to do this to her.

Hermione toyed with the bottom of her sleep shirt. Gingerly, she lifted it up slightly, looking at her still-flat stomach. How in the world would this work out, she wondered. Would the baby be like a real baby? Or some kind of charmed…thing?

Caught up in her thoughts, she didn't notice Ron wake up until his hand brushed her back. "Hey," he said, voice slightly muffled by sleep. He slowly propped himself up on his elbows and scooted over near her. "Are you ok?"

Hermione grabbed his hand and squeezed slightly. "I—I'm not sure."

Groaning slightly, Ron sat up completely and swung his legs over the side of the bed next to her. Looking at her troubled expression, he felt himself at a loss of what to say.

"It's just, this is pretty crazy. I mean, we're only 16. Well, I suppose not technically. Technically, well physically, I guess we are actually in our early 20's if I remember right. But even then, mentally we're still young, though I'm sure there are several books in this game I could read and –" Her ramblings were cut off as Ron tipped her chin up and caught her lips in a soft kiss. Hermione's eyes flew open in surprise, but soon closed them again, yielding to his calming touch.

When Ron pulled back, Hermione saw his ears go slightly red as he looked down. "Sorry, Hermione. I just..." He sheepishly looked back up at her. "I dunno, I just think it's going to be alright." Hermione felt her eyes start to water as she smiled at him.

"Oh, Ron." And she ducked down and threw her arms around him.

"Erm, Hermione? I wanna tell you something." Without even looking, she could tell from his tone that his ears were now bright red, and that made her giggle slightly. She backed up a bit and looked up.

"Yes?" But just as Ron opened his mouth, it shut again tightly, and he stood up abruptly. Hermione saw him struggle briefly before being forced to walk out of the room without a word. She looked up just to see the cursor leave the room. Disappointment and frustration washed over her. Of course it had to come right then.

She still sat there on the messed up sheets in her night clothes when she heard voices outside the room.

"—you were so right, Tom."

"Yeah, I told you there were so many hot chicks here." The two young men came into view as they walked in front of the door. Just as they almost passed, one of them happened to glance in the room and catch Hermione's eye. He paused, and she saw him look at her ruffled clothing. A grin slowly adorned his face. "Speaking of…" The other guy slapped a hand on his shoulder.

"Have fun, Tom, see you later." Hermione clenched her jaw as the one named Tom sauntered into the room. If only she had her wand, then it would be easy.

"Hey there, what are you doing in this room all by yourself?" Hermione jumped off the bed and faced him.

"Don't touch me." She held her place as he walked to her.

"But you look so lonely." He reached out and let his hand run down her cheek to her shoulder. "I could help you out with that."

A loud slap echoed through the room.

"I said, don't touch me." Slowly moving his head from the side back to her, he reached up and grabbed her arm.

"Why you—"

"Hey you," Ginny Weasley stood at the doorway, "Let go of her." Tom turned around swiftly. Surprisingly, when he saw her, she let go of Hermione's hand. But then, a smirk slowly replaced his glare as he obviously looked Ginny up and down. She crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Whatever," he said lightly, walking to the doorway. Ginny moved aside, and he paused at the door. "See you later," he drawled as he walked out the door and away. Ginny glared at him before coming in and shutting the door. Shaking slightly, Hermione got up and went to the window, pulling up the blinds to let some light into the dark room. Ginny went to her and gave her a tight hug.

"Are you ok? Did he do anything?" Hermione shook her head. Ginny let her go and they both sat on the edge of the bed. "Good. Great slap, by the way, I could hear it out in the hall." Hermione smiled slightly.

"Thanks. I'm just glad you came in."

"Yeah, I saw him walk this way, and then saw him go in the room. He had given me weird looks earlier, so I knew he was no good." She looked around the room, then at the unmade bed. "Why were you in here? Did you sleep here?"

Hermione took a deep breath. "Yeah, the cursor brought me in here last night…and Ron too."

Ginny raised her eyebrow. "Why would it make a bed in an empty room and make you guys…" Her eyes widened in surprise. "Wait, it didn't force you to…" Hermione nodded, looking down and playing with her shirt again. Ginny gasped, bringing her hand to mouth. "Well," Hermione amended, "yes and no."

Confusion appeared on Ginny's face. "You mean you weren't forced?"

Hermione turned pink. "No, no, that's not what I meant. It sort of chose that option, but the game didn't actually make us do anything except kiss."

Relief flooded through Ginny, and she grabbed her hand. "That's good, I'm glad." The sad look remained on Hermione. "What's wrong?" A thought came to Ginny's mind, and she scrunched her nose, trying not to think of Ron as her brother. "Did you…did you want to?"

Hermione's head shot up. "Oh no, no that's not, that's not what's wrong." And to keep Ginny from continuing to guess, she went on. "The cursor, well, it sort of cheated."

"What? Cheated how?"

"Well, normally, the game doesn't let it happen until we get out of college and age up, but there's this tombstone thing, and it's used for spawning characters and changing relationships and things to do with life and death and—"

"Hermione," Ginny's head was spinning, "What did it do?"

Hermione took a breath. "Well…I'm pregnant."

Ginny's mouth fell open in shock. They sat there quietly for a couple minutes until Ginny could form her thoughts. "You're…wow, I was not expecting that." Hermione snorted.

"Yeah, me neither."

"So, wait, how does that work here?"

Hermione got up and started pacing. "I don't know exactly, I think it's something like a week or less long."

"A week? That's it?" Ginny rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on with all of the new information.

"I think so. As for the actual baby?" she shook her head. "I just, I have no idea."

After being forced out of the room, Ron Weasley was led angrily out to the kitchen and told to make waffles.

"Seriously?" He yelled, grabbing random things from the refrigerator. Egg cartons, milk, cheese, hell if he knew how to make bloody waffles. He dumped the milk and cheese into a bowl and attempted to crack the eggs. He threw the now smashed eggs into the bowl, then he grabbed a bag of flour from the counter and dumped the whole thing in the bowl. A bad idea, he discovered when a cloud of white powder exploded up from the bowl and covered him in white. He froze as it snowed down around him. Angrily, he shoved the carton and milk back into the fridge. Turning back to the counter, he paused again. "Where the heck did chocolate milk come from?" he muttered, grabbing the newly appeared jug of chocolate milk and dumping some into the almost-full mixing bowl.

Grabbing a spoon, he mixed up the strange concoction, smashing the egg shells against the side. Opening the strange device marked "waffle maker," he dumped the chunky mixture into the opening. He put the top back on, hit the power button and waited until the timer dinged.

"Teach you to have me make waffles." He muttered again, shoving the device open. And to his shock, sitting there on the black plates of the waffle maker sat two perfectly made waffles.

"Bloody hell."

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