Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

I do not own any part of Hogan Heroes. Many, many other writers have inspired parts of the story. Italics denote speaking in German.

"Get up now!" The German soldier said as he kicked the unconscious woman lying on the side of the road. With another kick, the woman let out a moan and opened her eyes.

"On your feet now. Who are you? Where are your papers?"

The woman slowly got to her feet and looked at the two men. What in the world is going on? She thought to herself. Am I in the middle of a World War II reenactment? I think I will play dumb until I know what is going on. Of coarse that wont be too hard.

"Who are you and where are your papers?" One of the soldiers demanded.

The woman just gave them a questioning look and said, "I don't understand what you want. Do you by any chance speak English?"

The two Germans looked at each other and edged the woman toward the military truck parked near by. She didn't have to understand German to know what they wanted, especial when they use the universal language of pointing a gun at her.

A few minutes later the truck pulled up in front of Gestapo headquarters. One of the soldiers opened the door and pulled her out of the car and both men escorted her inside. They stopped at the reception deck and asked for who ever was in charge. The corporal picked up the phone and called Major Hochstetter. In a few minutes, Major Hochstetter was at the front desk.

"I am Major Hochstetter, you men wish to speak with me"

"Yes sir. We found this woman on the side of the road with no papers and we believe she might be an American."

At the sound of American, Major Hochstetter's eyebrows went up and an evil smile crossed his face.

"This cant be good." The woman said in a low voice

"You speak English I see. What is your name? Hochstetter asked

Well if I was in the military, I would be required to give my name, rank and serial number. I wonder about civilians? I guess name wouldn't hurt. "Maria Crockett"

"Now we are getting some where. Why were you laying on the side of the road?"

Now that is a question I would liked answered also. "To tell you the truth sir, I don't know."

"Do you take me for a fool Maria? You can either answer the question on your own, or I will make you answer the question. It will be up to you."

Oh dear, now what am I going to do? This cant be happening. How is it that I am in… I'm guessing Germany by the language and uniforms and during World War II. Maria closed her eyes and said to herself. Your are only dreaming. Wake up now. When she opened her eyes, Major Hochstetter was still staring at her with an impatient look on his face.

"Major, I promise you, I do not know how I woke up there."

"Bring Maria with you and fallow me." Major Hochstetter said to the two soldiers.

Major Hochstetter led them down the hall to some stairs. They walked down to the basement. There, Maria saw three hallways with big metal doors. A scream came from down one of the halls. Nervously, Maria looked at the Germans and swallowed hard. I am in some serious trouble, She thought to herself. The major stopped in front of one of the cell doors. He opened the door.

"Put her in her, and then you men may leave. Thank you for bringing her to me. Don't get too comfy, I'll be right back." With that Hochstetter shut the door and locked it. He then left to get another guard to help him.

Maria sat all alone in the dark. Listening to screams from other cells. She could only imagine what was lying in store for her. " Lord please help me. I don't know what is going on, but I know you are in control of everything and you have a reason for this even though I do not know what it is."

It seemed like hours later, Major Hochstetter showed back up with a guard.

"Now are you going to answer my questions or do you need some persuasion?"

"Major I told you the truth, I don't know how I got there."

"There was an explosion last night. Did you have something to do with that? Are you a member of the underground? Answer me!"

SMACK! The guard's hand hit Maria.

"Still no answers?"

Another hit to the face and a punch to the stomach. With that, Maria let out a moan and bent over. This went on for a little while. Thinking fast, with the next hit, Maria dropped to the floor, closed her eyes and laid still. Disappointed, Hochstetter and the guard left. Maria was relieved that they bought her act. It gave her a break.


"Colonel Hogan, Major Hochstetter just showed up." Sergeant Carter yelled

"Great! Wonder what he wants now?"

Four men in barrack 2 followed Colonel Hogan into his office. They were not ordinary POW's. They were an elite group of men assigned by London to stay there and aid any down flyers they come across and do what ever they can to cause trouble for the Germans. They had tunnels going to just about every building and even outside of camp. They also had the Komadant's office bugged. In Colonel Hogan's office, Sergeant Kinchloe, a black American, plugged in the coffee pot and they listened in.

"Klink, I need to barrow Hogan for a little while. And before you start protesting, I assure you that this is some what a social trip."

No one listening liked the sounds of that. Since when is anything that involved Colonel Hogan and Major Hochstetter been social. Colonel Klink gulped at that and tried not to show his fear as he asked, "May I enquire as to what this is all about?"

"Klink this is just between Hogan and I. I want him brought to me immediately!"

"Shultz! Bring Colonel Hogan here immediately!"

Colonel Hogan as well as the rest of the men waited for Sergeant Hans Shultz in the common room. Newkirk, LeBeau and Kinch sat around the table pretending to play a game of cards. Carter sat on his bunk pretending to read a book. Colonel Hogan sat on a bench drinking a cup of coffee and talking with the group playing cards.

"Colonel Hogan, Colonel Hogan!" Shultz called out of breath. "Major Hochstetter wants to see you in Kommandant Klink's office. What have you done this time to get on his bad side? I warned you, all of you, to be good prisoners and not to cause any trouble. Do you listen? No."

"Shultz, I give you my word that we have not caused any trouble this week. Lead on."

As soon as the barracks door was closed, the men went back into Colonel Hogan's office and continued to listen in. They needed to know if they needed to close up shop or just to sit tight.


"You wanted to see me sir?"

"NO Hogan I wanted to see you." Hochstetter said as he tried to remain calm after being ignored.

"Oh, Hi Major. What brings you to our happy little home?"

"You are coming with me. We are going on a nice quiet little trip."

"What time will I be back?"

"No more questions. I will bring you back when I do…if I do."

"Its just that LeBeau was going to make something special for dinner tonight, and I need to know if I will be back in time for dinner."

Kink was afraid. If Colonel Hogan does not learn to keep his mouth shut, Major Hochstetter is going to shoot him… if not worse. Major Hochstetter and Colonel Hogan walked to his car and got in. Every hair on Colonel Hogan's neck stood up. His senses were on high alert. His men could do nothing but watch them leave and wait.


Colonel Hogan got even more of an uneasy feeling and he saw where they were going. As they started to walk down the hall that lead to the cells that Colonel Hogan was all to familiar with, his muscles tightened and sweat started to bead up on his forehead. What is going on? Hogan thought to himself. Than Major Hochstetter did something unexpected. As they were walking down the hall that leads to the interrogation cells, Major Hochstetter put his arm on Hogan's shoulder.

"Colonel Hogan, I know we have had our differences in the past. I also know how lonely it can be for a POW. To show you that there is no hard feelings I am going to do something nice for you." They stopped in front of one of the cell doors and motioned for a guard to open the door. "I am going to let you spend an hour alone with a lovely female." Hogan stared at Hochstetter like he just lost his mind. He could not believe what he was hearing.

When the cell door was opened, Hogan looked inside and could not believe what he saw. There was a young woman, tied to a cot, comply covered with bruises and a stream of blood running down the side of her face. Her clothes were filthy and torn in some places. Hogan looked at Hochstetter "What is this all about!"

Hochstetter smiled evilly as he saw the reaction on Hogan's face. "Like I said, I am going to let you spend an hour alone with a woman. You are allowed to do what you like with her. With in reason of coarse. And if you can remember, maybe you can convince her to cooperate with us. She is a civilian so I already know that there is no military secrets to gain from here."

With anger rising in him, Hogan as calmly as he could manage asked, "Then why do you need her?"

"She has only answered one of my questions and I want her to answer them all. Now I shall leave you two alone. If I was you Colonel Hogan, I would make wise use of the time."

Maria blinked as she looked at the American. Colonel Hogan, Major Hochstetter, Germany, World War II. This cant be. She thought. It is only a TV show, not reality. This is just a coincidence. Colonel Hogan walked over to Maria, took out a handkerchief and knelt down beside her.

"Don't be afraid. I am not going to hurt you. My name is Colonel Robert Hogan, US Air Corps." As he was talking, he wiped some of the blood off of her face.

"I'm Maria Crockett, civilian." I still don't believe it she thought.

Hogan gave a little smile. He couldn't believe that with all he imagined that she had been through, she still had a small since of humor. "Why does Hochstetter want you?

"Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is I woke up on the side of the road, and there was a couple of unfriendly soldiers pointing their guns at me."

"What have you told them so far?"

"Just name. You don't suppose he is upset that I don't have a rank or serial number to give him?"

Colonel Hogan gave a chuckle at that. "Don't know but be careful on what you say around him. He has a little bit of a temper."

"I have already seen his hospitality. I am diffidently not going to recommend this place to any one."

They had small talk for the entire hour. The cell door opened and Major Hochstetter walked in. "Did you enjoy yourself Colonel?"

"Why yes I did. We had a nice conversation."

"Did you convince her to answer my questions?"

"Depends on what you ask her."

"NO IT DOESN'T!" Hochstetter had finally lost his patience. "I tried to be nice and that didn't work. Now I am going to do it my way. More fun for me and more unpleasant for her."

Major Hochstetter walked over to Maria, bent down and asked her "Last chance to tell me why you were found on the side of the road with no papers." After no answer, Hochstetter unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. Hogan's eyes went wide. He couldn't believe this. Was Hochstetter that twisted? "Hochstetter that's enough. This is uncalled for." Hogan tried to keep the panic out of his voice.

"Convince her to talk and I might think about stopping."

"Maria, tell him something!" Hogan could not believe he was actually telling someone to talk. But she is a civilian, and I don't recognize her from the underground, so it should be safe. I hope.

Hochstetter went to unbutton another button when Maria spoke up. Maria had to think fast. She looked into Colonel Hogan's eyes, and swallowed hard. "Ok, I will tell you. I guess there is no reason to keep it a secret any more. I know who Papa Bear is."