Title: Rock Your Body

Summary: Greg, Sara, and Catherine have fun in the lab. One shot.

Rating: Kplus, for mild language.

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI or the song "Rock Your Body," by Justin Timberlake.

A/N: Anything underlined is Greg's part of the song: bolded is Sara's. This is just a random thing. Kinda stupid…Well, really stupid

Sara walked down the hall to the lab on a slow night. Greg had just paged her, telling her that her DNA results were in. The case was nothing major, just a break-in at a convenience store. Sara walked in the lab, turning down Greg's music. He looked up.

"Ah, how lovely to see you here this evening, my dear," he said smoothly, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Results, Greg," Sara told him, holding out her hand.

"Well, I ran the results through CODIS, and it spat out…" he looked at the paper, "a Jason Greene." Sara grabbed the results and began to walk out the door, turning Greg's stereo back up. Sara stopped, turning to face the lab rat.

"Are you listening to Justin Timberlake?" she asked incredulously. Greg nodded and began to lip-synch to the song:

"Don't be so quick to walk away

I wanna rock your body, please stay

You don't have to admit you, wanna play

Just let me rock you, 'til the break of day"

Sara rolled her eyes. He kept singing, adding in some dance moves.

"Got time, but I don't mind

Just wanna rock you girl

I'll have whatever you have

Come on, let's give it a whirl"

Greg twirled Sara around.

"See, I've been watching you

I like the way you move

So go ahead and girl just do

That ass shaking thing you do"

The kept dancing, oblivious to the fact that Catherine had walked into the lab. When Greg saw her, he grabbed her by the hand and sang:

"So you grab your girls

And you grab a couple more

And you all come meet me

In the middle of the floor.

Said the air is thick, it's smelling right

So you pass to the left then you sail to the right"

He twirled the girls around. Sara looked at her watch. She had time, it was a slow night after all. She began to walk towards Greg in a sexy way, lip-syncing along with him:

"Talk to me boy

No disrespect, I don't mean no harm

Talk to me boy

But I can't wait to have you in my arms

Talk to me boy

Hurry up 'cause you're taking too long

Talk to me boy

Bet I'll have you naked by the end of this song "

Cath began to dance in way that reminded her of her days as a stripper and Greg and Sara shook and shimmied around the room. No one noticed Warrick and Nick looking through the Plexiglas wall. The boys just stared. There was nothing to say. Grissom walked by, glanced in the lab, and stopped dead in his tracks. It was like watching wild animals at a zoo. Finally Sara noticed the men on the outside and stopped. She motioned to Catherine who also stopped. Quietly, the girls exited the laboratory, leaving Greg to his dancing.

"Are you feeling me?

Let's do something

Let's make a bet

Cause I, bet I'll have you naked by the end of this song!" Greg sang out, finishing the song. Turning around, he realized no one was there. "I guess I'm just too hot," he sighed, retuning to his work.

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