"It is the eater of men. From rocks and dust you will know them...

Like an empty cup they will fill you... Sanguijuela¹ choking the throat.

Rocks and arrows they will turn aside for the cattle know not fear,

and seek flesh to hollow... and turn out their neighbors.

The iluminacion² spreads from the darkest corners

to swallow us whole"

-Spanish text fragment found at an excavation near Cordoba, dated to 1511

1. The modern Spanish equivalency of the actual word used. There is some question as to the intent of the author. Sanguijuela, or "leech," is only an approximation. The usage would seem to suggest a parasitical entity: a tick, mite, or possibly an internal parasite such as Schistosoma.

2. This replacement is open to interpretation. "Iluminacion" would seem to be the closest related modern term to "Illuminados." It has been suggested that the most literal translation to current English would be "Illuminati."